Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers

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Stephen Sanchez: Can the 2ohm dual voice coil be wired to one ohm ?

DANTE SO SMOOTH: He needs to smoke a blunt and relax

John Cooper: ya ok out of stock for like a mouth now........wtf!:(

Bill Goldberg: I'm going to order the 15 5000 rms 2 ohm one.. with the 5000.1d orion amp... I'm about to be disturbing the peace.

LETHAL/F33D3RZ MUSIC: Ted? Moseby??

Kc n Jessica Mullins: I'm surprised that table didn't fall down lol... I got 4 12" hcca subs that are the old silver cones and two 12" 2009 models the 4 silver ones are in my jeep the two black ones are in my.wifes car

rob h: freak that POS

Bri an: What year is it again??

PigIron BigIron: freak this guy... Must be the owners freaktard son.

Gerardo Cisneros: Got 2 of those

lkjyuiop: I would not buy that sub

lkjyuiop: Looking at a pic of them or what not don't do crap show the damn sub in action let's see you throw 5000 wats on it

Tammy Forbes: 8 years later and nothing has changed they say they have a new line but honestly it looks just like the old crap to me.

Ale Wu: Is it true that they are designed for sealed enclosures only?

AMBASSSIDOR: 4" excursion???? Nice. Has anyone heard these subs. I'm more of a SQ guy rather than an SPL guy. I want a deep low bass. I've always heard excursion & low frequency was the key to very low bass. Just curious if it hits as low as the JL 13w7

Geo M: can i use a JL Audio A Series A1800 on a one orion hcca122 12

Buck Raleigh: A TEAM series would beat the pants off these things

Nga Tione: The 15's heavy as freak

YAGO323: kicker logos in the background look real good while reviewing some orion subwoofers

Best Braai: didnt realize they are this old.

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Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers 5 out of 5

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Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers
Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers
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Orion hcca subs over powered
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