Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers

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John Trollston: feels like im watching a high schooler give a nervous speech

Brandon Justes: This guy can not talk at all

James Falvey: The subs are cool, but that guy sucks!!!!!!! Go back to the used car dealership!!!!!! 

Cory Berg: How much does it weigh

Vanthen Nie: How can i buy if i live in korea i really love it hcc

louisiana whipz: I have 2 hcca 12s what amp or Amps do i need ????

Pr0jectSPL: Can you please start including the T/S Parameters for your woofers and speakers in your videos?

Antoine Toppin: i'm buying 2 15's n i wanna know what amps should i run with them?

TOMMY SABALLA: Whats better? im thinking of gitten 2 sa 12s on 2000 watt amp or this thing on a big ported box on 2000 watt amp. 

CHEVY FORD: Where did he buy the kicker sticker and I have the 15 orion in my Chevy silverado reg cab 

twanmontford: im planning on installing one of these hcca 15's in my dodge challenger. what all am I gonna need to make this thing pound

Sonic Electronix: No it will not work with two 10" Orion HCCA woofer. That amplifier is over rated, it does not output the power it specifies. It is not 2400 watts, only look at the RMS wattage.

cordell moore: That makes no sense, I tested the amp on a 4ohm load and it produces a constant 2000w with the gain 1/4 of the way. Are you sure we're talking about the same amp?

J Rod: Can I use two Rockford t4000 for 2 hcca 15" ?

roberto flores: I got two twelves but I don't know what good brand of amp will work with this subs can you help me please

fufuheo: I would say T2's

Reynaldo Martinez: Thank you. :D

Sonic Electronix: Any amplifier that outputs true rated RMS power that matches or slightly exceeds the RMS power of your subs.

TheSnakeJon: you schaut bobo box

DjMadalinOfficial: wooow beautiful spakers what is price?

Jeff DaChef: not even 10 of your planet audio amps would be enough to fully power them because planet audio horribly overrates their amps. From Multimeter checks on my friend's planet audio 4000 amp, it only did 600 watts RMS which is kind of sad. Stick with higher end brands or even CEA compliant brands if your new to amps.

Sonic Electronix: Definitely go ahead and take a look at the ones we have available on our website.

Sonic Electronix: You would honestly be under powering any of the Orion HCCAs with those amps. They require 2000 watts RMS each. We would definitely recommend giving them at least that amount if not a little bit over. The Orion's are competition grade subs that are designed with SPL in-mind. Now, if you are going for SPL then the larger the sub, the higher the SPL. If you are interested in a little better sound quality than the 12" or 10" is a better choice.

Sonic Electronix: Thanks for such an awesome compliment! :D

Kompa Tevez: I'm getting orions 4 sure! What do u recommend for an '87 cutlass? Should I go w/ 3 10" or 2 12"? Also, to push these monsters to the fullest, please recommend the power each setup will need. Thanks!!

David Trombly: My previous system was a 13W7 on a slash 1000/1V2 in a small eclipse hatchback. Just ordered 2 Hcca 12.4 and an mtx elite 4001D for my Cadillac eldorado coupe. You guys think I'll be way louder with the hcca's?

Jeff DaChef: going to be running two 12s with seperate hifonics 2400 rms amps.

Sonic Electronix: Your best bet would be a Hifonics Brutus (like the BRZ2400.1D or BRZ2100.1D). Thats probably going to give you the most/best power for the money. If you can afford more, try out the Kicker ZXS1500.1.

louisiana whipz: I got 4 hcca 12s what's the best amp to used i got a 3000/1 planet audio amp is that good for4 or do i need two of them???

caparzzo: what you think for one orion 10'' to 1 ohm and Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D. is a good match?

Kevin Hosein: NICE!... Thinking of getting a pair of 10's... Can i run 2000rms on 1 10"?... One more question... Does the 12" and 10" carry the same size motor and voice coil (4")?....

travisl420: witch is better l7 kickers or these orions i have these subs but before i got them i was going to get kickers just wanted to know

Sonic Electronix: It's all about the enclosure. However, these are competition subs meant for loudness, they won't be that musical in general.

Mario Flores Espinal: K precioo tieneee Un woffer Orion hcca

Sonic Electronix: Please give our customer service number a call for ETAs on these subs.

Kompa Tevez: Yeah, I think i'm gonna go w/ the 2 12" subs. 2 summers ago the guy @ mickey shorr's told me that a custom enclosure would cost almost as much as the subs so we'll c... Thanks for the feedback guys!

rj3034: I have Orion HCCA 12.2 subs and 2 Orion HCCA D5000... Would one amp be enough power for the both of the subs?

JSC3393: @Bait28, As long as you have good mids and highs then you don't have to worry about nit hearing your music.

Sonic Electronix: We are not directly authorized with Orion, we provide all warranty services. Because we are not authorized, they do not want to support their product purchased from us.

Sonic Electronix: One amp could power one of those woofers, but not to it's potential.

Alex Berry: Bullcrap. If you have the volume turned down, technically it's "not getting enough power". That will not fry an amp. Pushing an amp too hard will fry an amp.

itsVatic: Thanks for your help, great vid

Sonic Electronix: You need 8000W to run all 4 of the Orion HCCA 12" woofers. You need two amplifiers, 4000W each.

Facekicker: 2x 15" HCCA in an '02 Monte Carlo trunk will fit in a sealed box, but to get the Vb required for a ported box, it will take some restructuring and some serious box building skills. My last setup was 2 12.2's in a sealed box built to factory specs, and I was totally happy with it. All the haters said it was a waste of HCCA and that I should have done ported etc etc. I was TL'd at 143dB on test tone before, which I was pleased. What do you think of putting the 15.2's into a sealed enclosure?

Jonathan Mccandless: u could throw 3000 rms on them daily with gains down

cordell moore: I already have the big 3, dual batteries and a capacitor, currently running 2 optidrive 12s on a planet audio 5000.1d, is that enough to power 2 of these 12s

Sonic Electronix: These are competition woofers, it is always best to provide them the maximum amount of power you can give them.

Sonic Electronix: It depends on the size subwoofer you are looking at. These subwoofers require quite a bit of air space for optimal operation.

Victor lopez: I have a llanzar vibe 261 2400 wts 2 channels an I want buy 2 hcca 10 inch you think this amplifier can handling this woofers !!!!

Sonic Electronix: Your 5000.1D at 1 ohm only produces a little over 1000W RMS. While this amp can power two of these 12 woofers, it will only be able to give each woofer a little over 500W RMS. Also, you need to upgrade your alternator.

Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers 4.7 out of 5

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Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers
Orion HCCA Competition Subwoofers
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