Taurus 605 Protector Poly

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James Burgett II: is it still holding up?

curt31tom: John i had to buy this gun back from from aging father he was unable to pull that 18 pound trigger i can pull it but actually find it uncomfortable myself, and does the hump in the back of the grip bother you? I love this little guy and dont regret buying it back because it was on my short list anyway. Also found a holster that you might like not made for this gun but fits perfectly and looks GREAT

Player 1: speedloaders probably woudlnt work too.

sycamorebacker1: If the .357 is "controllable" then the .38 is more controllable.

Joe Zywics: Front sight insert is not durable, mine broke after 4 shots with 357,called taurus in Miami and get are sending me out one. I'm also having an issue loading and unloading rounds, getting caught on the rubber grip, can't use speed loader, ordered a new style grip will put review when I receive it

michealhasspoken: That gun is ugly as sin

oneeyedpatriot: I have had good experience with Taurus.

Michael Neely: Nice review, I have this 605 and I found .357's to become pretty painful. I first time out I got a recoil bite on my thumb. I think I'll continue to use .38 spc +p, just my preference. Nothing wrong with this Taurus

federalwarhawk: I have come close to buying this gun on several occasions, but always change my mind at the last moment, mainly because it's a Taurus, looks cheap, and is kind of ugly, but it sure feels good in my hand.,

Brian Jackson: I would never go diamonback. They seem to all fail at some point. I have shot all of the guns you referenced. The cm9 will take some getting used to. I have only put a 200 rounds through it but I'm still not fully used to it. Same with the LCR. The taurus has the best trigger imo ( in single action ). I am not a fan of double action trigger pulls. Much harder to be accurate with. That's why I like the Taurus the best. You can choose single or double.

Donnie D: Bought a Taurus Protector Poly .38 SP + P thid morning. Very accurate for a snubbie. Feels great in my hand and is a really sharp looking gun I think. By the way, enjoyed your review. Thanks, Donnie D

Steven Grundt: This is my first revolver and I really like it. I like the longer grip better than the shorter one that comes with it. I use mostly 38 specials with it which I find are more manageable than using 357's.

Lacerda George: Hello! This gun is really good? It is sufficient for self defense? Thank you.

Paul Cotto: It looks like Deckard's gun in Blade Runner

Livelifechill: I feel like every compact revolver review is described as having a heavy trigger. Are there any revolvers with a light trigger?

O Sallent: JohnBall, when you draw your revolver, use your thumb to shield the hammer (works the same as a shroud on a revolver) and it will prevent your hammer from ever getting caught on your clothing.

Razbeareeze: Well, I did purchase the Blackhawk Serpa holster for it but, as some may already know, Taurus .85, J frame snubbies work fine but the "Poly Pro" does NOT fit the Serpa and it doesn't look like Serpa makes one for this. Now, I'm curious. Several folks use this as the primary carry. My question (and, please, no flames, it's an honest question) is since this really does "kick like a government mule" it really is hard to bring this back on target & only 5 shots. As a BUG or, for backpacking, yes.

jwentzien: I have the .38 +P version....under one pound!....my main carry....

Sick Fellah III: LRC? LCR?

garageguy879: I finally got mine,I gave it a good cleaning,some oil,then fired 50 rounds of Federal 130 grain target ammo,,then cleaned it again,,didt get some grit out from it,,fired 20 more feds through it,,very smooth operation,,then fired 50 rounds of 125 grain .357 Remington ammo,,still smooth,,,as far as ejecting the spent casings,,same thing as your but no big deal,,great gun

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Taurus 605 Protector Poly 5 out of 5

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