Minecraft: Piston House V1

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Tre Jones: Tutorial

Alex Henrique: and you use TooManyitems?

Meatwad: @craftbench Your welcome ur an awesome creator

joao manp: you foock

Delta KT: the door can be better ;)

Калин Анастасов: can u make a totorial how to build it please !!

shikimaru ihko: This stuff is really easy to make so right now. i just made my self SEMI AUTO TNT CANNON + 2 LAYERS, AUTO BUILD HOUSE, AUTO REPAIR HOUSE, CLOCK, ELEVATOR "PISTON", AND A CODED DOOR USING REDSTONE PISTON BUTTONS etc. = ) "BUT" Nice work ! i give you a new subscriber + a like :D

Malpiszon PL: 0:50 TooManyItems!!! :O

airskyrevival: The biggest problem is that mobs can come in the doors since you use pressure plates.

PlayMoreNow: cant you just link the god damn video in this video -.-

Exalindor1: search info on minecraft wiki you may learn something (no offence, really MW explains very good)

y8happy: Now I'm gonna make a compact modle

Khalifa KIJ: It's a nice, yet simple home.

bob: i have no idear how pistons work so this was so complex to me

craftbench: 100,000 views wow just wow never thought it would reach that! please take a look at the newer piston house v1.5 which fixes a few problems and is smaller link in related videos -->

craftbench: I fdixed this in V1.5 see related videos for it -->

karst: if someone flips the switch when in the bed, you're trapped.

kasper saldell: HELIUMMANNEN

Jake Malmrose: youve got a few more then that :D

Stuff and things and things and stuff: what I like about this Is that it is both compact and fairly simple. nice job ;)

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Minecraft: Piston House V1 5 out of 5

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