How To Reload High Accuracy 223 Remington (5.56mm) Varmint And Target Shooting Ammunition.

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MyREDTAIL: If you seat the Bullet to far out it will increase the Pressure, in your Rifle, You must be careful of that also.

MyREDTAIL: I find that Either Sierra or Speer 50-55 GR. JHP Bullets, do an Explosive results on Groundhogs, Their JHP's are so large, As they open up great upon impact etc.

MyREDTAIL: Does anyone know,? The Name & Make of that other Powder, That he mentioned, That can also be used to replace the Varget Powder , If you want to etc. Thanks.

grantoyamaha: Excellent video, thanks

Prairie Falcon: Good info but curious about your rifle. Do you know your rifles twist rate?

Alexander Ostapowicz: Gun Nut, Do you actually measure case length? If you use these for match shooting, you should measure your powder charge. There are other things which we do when we shoot match, but it can get quite anal ! Good job!

MrDrofinnah: Gunnut357mag... enjoyed your video very much... thanks... you are very meticulous which always pays the greatest dividends...made me want to get back into reloading... there is a certain pleasure one gets from shooting ones own reloads... also a confidence...
i also noticed your use of the word "humane" when talking about shooting prey... seems not many have an awareness of what the animal may have to endure... it's all about shot placement... accuracy... to always strive for an instant kill thus not allowing the animal to suffer... should be the ideal motive of every hunter...
again... thanks for the video...

Luvta Handload: During the resizing stage, your primers are sticking to the tip of the decap pin. Then when you lower the case, it wants to be pulled back up into the pocket and gets stuck there which is why you cant remove the case from the shellholder.  Try reshaping the tip of the pin with a file.

Greg Stewart: Fit all 5 rounds within a dime? I like how he didn't show one target with that group. I don't doubt its more accurate but all 5 consistently within a dime sounds like a bit of an embellishment.

Richard Alexander: Thanks for sharing your video. Using an OAL length gauge in a 700 Remington bolt action .223 I find an OAL of 2.255" at the point where the 55 gr. V-Max begins to engage the rifling, while my Mossberg bolt action, .223/.556 comes up with an OAL of 2.353" using the same projectile. Not surprising the 1 in 12 twist Remington shoots 55 gr. factory ammunition so well, and the MPV, with it's faster 1 in 10 twist likes heavier longer bullets. Nosler 77 gr. HPBT's have an OAL of 2.412" as the bullet starts to engage the rifling. Interesting how different each rifle can be regarding OAL. I'm no expert, but I'm told that it's good to have a very slight amount of bullet travel before contacting the rifling.

Jason B: dont you just love how there are guys out there who think they know it all it makes almost no difference what primer you use instead of just tring to help people they tell them what they need to use cci and winchester are perfect and plentyfull nice video

bucsfan116: What is the difference between CCI #400 primers and CCI #41? Don't know if it's true but I was told #41 has a harder primer an makes it less likely to slam fire.

Ken Tyner: Am new to reloading and absorbing a plethera of info. Notice that your OAL far exceeds the standard 2.260 and wondering what the impact of your 2.480 might have on pressure and velocity. How do you know what the maximum length can be and do you have any problem extracting unfired rounds from the chamber?

Ron Indran: This guy has the hands of a 12 year old boy.   Cmon you were thinking it!

Tom Faigle: I'm fairly new to reloading so I enjoy videos like this.
You had nothing earth shattering in it, but I still learned about bullet seating and why it affects accuracy. So it was with it.

M Tr: Don't believe everything you hear or see on You Tube, people. My reloading for .223 is: 1/2" group @ 100 yds. , 1" @ 200 yds., and 1 1/2" @ 300 yds. Do you believe my deceptions and BS?
If what he stated is true base on the accuracy of his reloads, he would have won every shooting match in this country and world wide!!
Be real base on your videos and words, show us your shootings with your reloads @ 100 yds., 200 yds., and 300 yds. I DO DARE YOU! Shame!!!!

Doug Davis: If you set a primer upside down, wet the primer and you can remove it safely.

Norman Fraser: Hodgen Varget is a Australian made powder, we call it ADI 2208 here.

patton guy: whats your barrel length and twist???

Leo Lion: Excuse me,  you said that 5.56 is slight smaller than a 223, well if I am not mistaken and I am pretty dam sure you're turn around. 5.56 is a bit bigger than a 223. Being in the military and worked with weapons, if your weapon is chambered 5.56, you can shoot 223 with no problem and if chambered in 223 you could very well have problems shooting 5.56.

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How to reload high accuracy 223 Remington (5.56mm) varmint and target shooting ammunition. 5 out of 5

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