Google's Penguin Update & You

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Spook SEO: You've made a very strong point here, Michelle. You've made things clear that many people are confused about or don't understand at all. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos because clearly, I can learn a lot from you and people should watch more of you as well. Great job!

Duygu D.: It is unfair not because some people lost pagerank but because spam sites or unrelated sites are indexed more on top after this update. It hit a lot of good sites which never evolved in black hat seo.

ANTIHERO MIXES: My video was at 150 views a day and then it went down to zero views per day and has been stuck like that since. I can't find out why this has happened. Anyone know? Could this be an effect of Penguin? On a side can see penguin poo from space. 

Trey Hocker: Totally right! Like someone should expect to always be in the Top 10 first page of Google for their money-making terms. Nobody should ever live paycheck to paycheck on internet marketing income... And that goes for people working a job or running their own business.. it's crazy and full of risk. You could be fired and not find another job, as well... same thing as if Google swung their sword your way... Be prepared and know it can happen to you.

Sydney Yamane: hmm i was drinking the same thing! THe meaning of all this is that We know the Google is way to Fat and we need to see more innovation in affiliate marketing that can rebuild around the Google platform.

anil seo: You are beautiful 

vergel lagasca: Are you just sucking up to Google so that when they see this video they might somehow , Maybe, perhaps, god willing etc might spare your online marketing business? Just wondering? I say go back to Yahoo and Bing and target the 35% of the market right? Let's see, Yahoo and Bing users are old timers search engine who has money to spend? It's all about Money and the people who has them.

Tony Radford: Hmmm ... I'm not sure about one of the points you made. When a company reaches a certain size or market share it does reach a place where it has responsibilities towards the market. This has been the case with other large multi-nationals. Sure, we shouldn't adopt a victim complex, but let's not let Google off the hook: Google has created a micro-economy around its services and this update was awful for everyone concerned.

stafany mendoza: hi Michelle above all things i loved the style of making video. Its nice. You are beautiful 


tlrflava: well said so you have to think wider

Steve Ligon: Kudo's Michelle , nice to see someone that does not buy into being a victim , or entitlement ... :-) 

Jasper Eliot: Michelle...very well said. You've quite adeptly (and respectfully) pointed out that there is a grandiose sense of entitlement held by Internet marketers towards Google. Google's responsibility is toward its employees, customers and investors...not to those who merely sponge off their free services and falsely believe that that alone entitles them to a static algorithm that never changes but always favor their sites in the rankings.

Dr. Mohammed Zatari: great video michelle, but what is the solution for ranking loose after penguin update?

Thomas Northrop: Well said Michelle.

Google's Penguin Update & You 5 out of 5

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