Tactical SKS Part 1: Assembly

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Cann1Bass: you guys cant even take a sks apart .. you guys aint teachers quick acten like it

Blair M: Those scope mounts are a piece of crap. I have all the same parts as you do. I put the stock receiver cover back on. Make 200 hard shots hitting clay discs no problem. NO SCOPE.


Charli Doan: How much is the rifle? How much all the useless toys did u guys buy? And Grand Final +taxes all together?? - In 1986 I buy a SKS Russian made for $69.00 up to today the gun still work good and I never add any after market stuffs to this gun and really not NEED, all the money may save to buy AMMO! (For my SKS only!)

HCDDWarhero: Thre is no waiting period for "longguns" but there is a waiting period for pistols. If I'm wrong then that is the only state because Texas is a rebuplic.

Mack Cornelisse: well the laws are.... lol

HCDDWarhero: The cops are more strict, or the laws are?

Mack Cornelisse: the canadian cops r much more strict, and yet we still have a higher crime rate, maybe their strictness is the reason, it makes ppl want to do illegal things ;)

HCDDWarhero: That's not true. Atleast not in America. In America any 18 year old or older can buy a "none-concealable" firearm such as rifle, shotgun, and an sks, as long as you are not a convicted felon or a few other exceptions. To buy a "concealable firearm" such as pistol, sawed off shotgun, or sub machine gun, you need to be 21 or older. ANYONE without a permit will have to wait atleast 3 days from the time they purchase, to the time they receive a concealable firearm.

BenSTA09: 7.sixtytwo cal laughed my ass off know ur joking i love that wood stock hell id buy it off u or steal it but canadia land is pretty far away

Mack Cornelisse: oh, cool

Mack Cornelisse: what type of license, like a hunting license or a firearms license? or both?

Mack Cornelisse: you mean you have to be like 18 or over to buy them :P or something like that, like at canadian tire

Mack Cornelisse: where did your friend get it, and where did he get all the upgrades from?

Mack Cornelisse: oh, kinda stupid question

Mack Cornelisse: yo, is that a real gun?????

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Tactical SKS Part 1: Assembly 5 out of 5

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