Outboard Fuel Pump Rebuild

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Jody Tomlinson: Nice video man , very informative.

Averageskill: use the plastic diaphragms and line up all the arrows on the castings with the arrows on the gaskets..cant miss

Qatari Man: You should have used colored markers to identify the proper fitting our head and eyes are turning ...
They are just a couple of diaphragm to assymble together
I want to scream

Whitetail Woody: Great video ,good job

Rick D: Swick... but can YOU do the hotdog dance

Hammond Miers: Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think.

Stephen: First off the gaskets go to the plastic side, read here some debate . Also when "HE" put the top gasket in he put it on upside down. Look at 14:14 in the video .The notched arrows should always line up with the pump body. Have rebuilt at least 100 or more of these easily . They always work. Yes you can rebuilt these. TIP ,break the tip off the white plugs ,that hold the check valves then stick them back in . Then take a big punch tap them in . For this guys first time , great effort.

Tyler Smith: For the plastic and rubber check valves....I noticed that my pump only had the plastic full coverage check valves installed. I replaced the check valves as per your video with both the rubber and plastic but I'm not sure this is correct. I believe it's one or the other, based on usage of blended fuels vs straight non ethanol. I didn't see any other comments and it may work just fine. I'll follow up once everything is put back together.

R Reichel: Update, I did the kit and now my fuel line is getting air in it. Took it apart used gasket sealer but still getting air I'm the gas even replaced my fuel lines still the same DRATS

R Reichel: Forget my comment. Pumped the fuel bulb and is working fine now.

R Reichel: Did it workout for you? i rebuilt mine put it back on and its not getting fuel now.

1o4o3o2: I would use something besides the needlenose pliers to push the valve pins in because if you slip and crease the plastic it will be junk.

Norman Conklin: Thank you, works the same for my 96 Mercury XRI 175 EFI. I appreciate the post!

Ellsworth Speedball: I purchased the very same rebuild kit for my 1996 Force 90HP outboard. ...and that was the start of my problems! To cut a long story short, after the rebuild, the pump only delivered fuel when the engine ran above idle. At idle, no fuel would pass thru to keep the motor running. I took it to a marine mechanic, who informed me that these rebuild kits are very problematic and the best solution is to spend a little extra and buy a complete new fuel pump.   ...that's what I ended up doing!

jamie asmus: Thank for doing the video..I have a 97 120 hp force and this helped me out a bunch. Now hoping it runs better next time at the lake.

James Drew: Just want to point out the diaphagms go on the plastic part and the gaskets go on the auluminum outer parts i just rebuilt one and had to grab a shop manual cause it had just been rebuilt, wrong. Thanks for sharing anyway

Aaron C: Awesome destined video man. thanks for breaking it down like that. I need to do the same repair on my motor this weekend and this video just helped me out a lot!

The Peace Project: The tax collector/sheriff sounds like Pat Buttram (16:25).

Earl Beilhart: The sheriff of nottingham sounds like Mr Haney from Green Acres

David Richards: Hotdog hotdog hotdiggity dog!

Outboard fuel pump rebuild 5 out of 5

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