A Guide To Flip In Hair Extensions

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Jasmine Burton: Soon as you comb it, its gonna be around your neck lmfao 

my noir: where do i buy these two tone hair extensions you used

Divisima.ro: VIDEO – Cum se aplica extensiile Flip-in 

tere Ledesma: Sencillas y padres..

Shakislam9: If I want to buy how I can con tuck with u ?

Paul Mack: Could you not smile a bit more?? 

Charly Althouse: How does it not move,?

Purplemetall007: Sounds like this guy got punched in the nuts.

jorge diaz: For those girls who are afraid of how to hold this extensions in place really well let me tell you that you can always use bobby pins to hold the wire in place, one bobby pin on each side and that's it.

Carolyn Lindsay: what keeps the wire from sliding out. ? I have problems with keep headbands on, I would be afraid this would slide out too.

Ann Daggs: Don't care for that technique because it doesn't seem secure enough. I would be afraid its going come off or slip some how.

andry dwi hermawan: yooo

Jayne Raeburn: I love these extensions! Perfect hair colour match and beautiful quality of hair! Highly recommend them!

TomKeifer1: the color matched perfect!

Blondet15: Tgreat until the wind blows it off your freaking head lol

mercedes ponce: Bla bla bla bla

sasha Kavanagh: I can't believe that the majority of you haven't had good experiences with these extensions. If their falling out easily then you either haven't tightened the wire enough to make them secure, or you're wearing them too far back. I use these all the time as they don't damage your hair & are so easy to put in. Can the make of this video please tell me the colour of the weft used on the model? Thanks :)

LoHinrich: Looks like it would fall out.

amazing1998: is this useful? 100g 12inch $45 http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/flip+hair/s130.html

rubi gomez: please can someone tell me on what store do they sell this extensions and the cost 

amazing1998: amazing I can get it from dhgate.com

King For Queen Hair Extensions: 50% off hair extensions, http://www.aliexpress.com/store/732348

Vanessa Spencer: I have one and am very happy. It does look like it will fall out, however, it doesn't. You wouldn't want to go to bed in it or swing in it though!

Ashley Williams: I would love to try these, but my hair color is rare. Im a redhead but also have medium to dark brown hair and my color is really hard to match. Ive tried. with my luck, they wont have the color I need to look right in my hair. can you use hair color on these extensions?

Queen Hair: thanks your sharing, it will help many people . um, to help people use high quality hair, you can view my youTube channel , i had put the AAAAA Grade hair products link in my personal information, you can view and click it ! people who want more beauty , hope it can help you ! If you have any puzzle or some hair care question you can email me, I will pleasure to help you ! aliexpressqueenhair@gmail.com

Fara Marie Justin: Not my thing, tried it and didn't feel too good on... prefer the clips can place it on my head anywhere. 

Juliana Bekham: Thank you for the great info. If you want any suggestion for hair extension dial: 954-924-9688

King For Queen Hair Extensions: 50% off hair extensions, http://www.aliexpress.com/store/732348

janet leigh: like this hair piece for your hair

Elizabeth Maldonado: I bet these could easily be made at home.

Cassie Stevens: I would rather get A $2 WIG... I wouldn't want my hair to fall onto my plate on a first date or anything...

paris rain: Please tell me where to get the 'wire' for the piece or what it's made of--thank you! I LOVE this!!

suzan1235: nice ♥

Sabaah R.: Ik kwam hier door Gino Pietermaai ....

Hannah Galpin: Everyone saying how "it will fall off" etc etc Have you actually tried it? Everyone i know who has worn them thinks they are brilliant.

Aydensgrace: Notice they always pull out when the extensions are done...

maraki tay tay: really smart technique,those extensions dont cumber the hair and dont hurt the head..

MionTheLion: You could easily secure this wire with bobby pins here and there. I quite like the idea of these, much quicker and easier than any others and no clips visible!

Candice Godbout: In theory it's a good idea, it reality probably not that great.

Karen Diaz: Wow, they dont sell stuff like this in the US

vanessa brasi: lmao so dam true !!!

Alejandro Gallardo: omg ugly way

Deborah Wollard: used the clips and make head itch and ache when the end day my hair is crying out for me to take them off its just like taking pair of high heels off that ooh effect in the heat made my hair itch and kept puffing hair up as conscious you could see clips, in the wind clips are a joke you can see them all round head they broke my hair and made me feel uncomfy ,all people used to say whats that bump in your hair , few times man would run his hands through say oh hair extension, I am getting these

Nicole Jordan: Where can u buy these in stores, in the USA?

143unique143: I knew white people wore weave. She owes me $20

Anne van den Hof: This is brilliant o.O

Jacquelyn Powell: I wear a 16" Heavenly Halo com daily, it does not fall off, and I tip my head over daily, the "Wire" is fishing line and does not cut into your head or get caught and if you did catch your hair it will gently pull right off your head. it is amazing new way to wear hair and not damage your own hair. Heavenly Halo Hair . com

James Pottinger: wow!

A Guide To Flip In Hair Extensions 4.5 out of 5

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