Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol .22

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Hoa Nong: I

damien kinchen: Ted I’m jealous of your pcp collection😩

Philippe FRATER: Nice, i like the polymag pellets...

adviertehoy777: what noise supressor youwill recomend for that gun . for a back yard to loud. thanks.

brendan bond: Nice video. I love my  USA made marauder .25 call rifle awesome gun. The pistol had some trigger issues where it became out of adjustment without being touched and the gun would not fire. I called crossman and they helped  me fix the problem in five minutes. excellent customer service

David Barboza: At the beginning he said crossman 😂

gino diquinzio: What do you think is the best suppressor for a crosman 2240? Thanks

Kk Andretti: you seem very knowledgeable on Air Guns -- can You or Anyone tell me what is the size of the Threads and Bolt that screws into the Pressure Regular hole on back the Pistol???? thanks in advance

L C: I noticed that on your 50 Yard shots you didn't zoom in closely. Why? What zoom on your scope did you have it on? Also, if you zoomed passed the 50 yard indicator on your scope, would that change the mildots or run out of mildots? Thanks

Wacey Bridges: I wish I was this smart:/

kota Ani: Ted, please let us know what kind of scope you used???

John Doe: "experiment with lubricants" LOL

LM: Good job! What digital camera (mounted on the gun) is that you are using?

Luis Vazquez: experiment with lube mmmmm

harry swaney: just got my woods walker and pump, pumped it up to 2,700 no problem, and i am 70 years old. Great xcersize!!LOL!

robert love: What scope is this and it doesn't look like a pistol scope. For a pistol do you recommend a Red Dot or regular scope?

OK: Are the Predator Polymags supersonic or subsonic?

Kotipelto: walmart has the best deal on these!

TheRog0322: if it has a longer barrel, say 20 inches, i would be drooling for it

tiểu tặc: ha ha

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol .22 5 out of 5

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