Mosin Nagant 91 30 Threaded Muzzle Brake

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Apex831: Cool info, very well laid out. Thank you sir

Tim Coryell: The reason I filed down my Mosin to 14x1 LH threads is because I also have an AK which is threaded to 4x1 LH too. This way their muzzle devices can be interchangeable. Another reason might be so you have more accessory options. There are a lot more 14x1 LH muzzle devices on the market than 15x1 RH devices.

David B: I just received the 15x1 kit It took 3 whole days not weeks, good quality took less than 20 minutes after barrel prep, now I am wondering why I or anyone else would want to buy a new break, and kit to change it to 14x1 Left hand thread, what is the advantage?

dhelms4382: Ordered my Muzzle Brake and got it in 4 days! Excellent service!

Andrew Hsieh: If it is that large, you are able to use a standard .308 brake and threads. They are 5/8x24 RH. There is a huge selection of brakes in that thread pitch.

EX22SNIPER: A somewhat related question, as Im interested in using this type of muzzle brake on an m38 in the future: do you know what the threads are on the surplus amd 65 brakes are?

cavtroopermunoz: Updating this comment for anyone thinking about putting this on their Mosin. First, get the die handle at Harbor Freight. Don't waste money on tap magic. Next, I was able to repair the die with gorilla glue. It has cut threads on four Mosins since I fixed it. However, I have had to clean and re-glue every time. The best thing about the CNCW die is that it starts clean. The other die I bought does not. Get the die starter! The CNCW break is excellent and worth what I paid. Have 4 now.

cavtroopermunoz: Before you order this kit there is something you should know. The die handle is made in China and not USA, the die is made in Japan. After cutting five threads the die failed. Yes I had the die starter backed off like in the video. . Yes I had it on a vice and yes I was going 1/4 turn just like the video. First they waited over a week to ship my order and then it was not quality parts. I called and they said no returns. Quality? Not. I will never order from them again.

joe78577: could I just threaded straight to 14x1 Lh with out doing the 15x1 first?

OnlyInhuman666: showing the step-by-step process would be highly adventagous to people new to machining processes. and great vif by the way.

Y.H.: Good work. I also have 14X1 LH brakes on all my Mosins, SKS's & AK's.

Sylasiscoming: My Mosin barrel is cut down to 22" I have a 15.9mm OD. any suggestions on what die to start with

Kirk Steinhoff: Check out: Mosin Nagant Muzzle Break, by combatC80.

CNCWarrior: @Dreemwever Go to the CNCWarrior channel, videos are listed there.

Dreemwever: If available..... I'd like to see a more detailed video.

gunmnrbl: @CNC Warrior, I have a the M44 and a muzzle break is not threaded on, it fits over the muzzle and around the front sight. You can get this muzzle brake from combat hunting

fishreelez: This vid was a big help. Thanks CNC Warrior. I just got done threading my Mosin Nagant with the 14x1. I started with a bolt-on muzzle brake, took a look at it and said, no way would I fire a round thru that, not safe... threw it in the trash. Using CNC Warrior's set up I will feel safe, brake is well secured. I was really impressed with high quality die, very very nice tool, professional grade tooling. The lightning fast shipping was nice too. Thanks again for posting the videos.

fishreelez: @MalteseCross I installed one on my Mosin. I took one look at it and said, there is no way I would fire a round thru it. Take a look at vids of bolt on muzzle brakes failing. Read some forums where guys are talking about their bolt on brakes shooting 50ft down range or even flipping back at the shooter. Why risk a gun failure in your face.

hinder6541: @CNCWarrior oh ok i wasn't sure what it did thanks for the info

CNCWarrior: @BoggleDongMongerFlog They did that for the model 44, but it didn't work very well. Check out the YouTube videos!! Bolt-on, twist-on, or "anything but threaded on" muzzle brakes on high power rifles (Mosin Nagant) are dangerous, they come loose in as little as 1-10 rounds.

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Mosin Nagant 91 30 Threaded Muzzle Brake 5 out of 5

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