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Spy Spyboy: Can you put a mossberg pistol grip on a Remington 870

klstrat996: I was looking at putting a pistol grip on my shotgun so I came to You Tube and viewed a ton of videos. About half pro and half con. The con's talked about recoil (losing teeth) and perceived diminished aim-ability. So I took my Mossberg 88, put a pistol grip on it and took it to the range. Having read all the negative comments I was just a bit apprehensive. At 7 yards I put 9 out 10 shots on target (Missed the first shot). The recoil was manageable and I didn't feel beat up. So I fall firmly in the pro camp .

Leonard Wong: better... I find pistol grips help with the accuracy and control during targeting.

Paul Garcia: I have a 500 that I bought in 1989. It has a 7 rd. Mag and a dull metal 18 1/4. Barrel. What is this finish?

Gregg Wonder: Howdy. Pistol grip sg's have been around a long x. I have one in 12 n one in 20. Avail in 410 also. They used to call them cruisers in police cars locked in between front seats for quick riot control,way back in the 50's n 60's. Fun to shoot but u must practice.

Johnny Fuller: my moosbreg maverick 88 12ga is a pistol grip

Just Someguy: A stock is infinitely better. No matter how quickly and accurately you shoot a pistol grip shotgun, you'll shoot significantly better with a proper stock.

Frank Griegorian: Yes they are the best !!!!

Jake Lee: pistol grip > rifle grip
pistol grip with stock > pistol grip

Ray Thompson: Agreed a stock is better. That said, the recoil is entirely manageable, even with slugs. You just cant shoot as accurately, fast, with one of these. Really not the demon it is made out to be. Mostly technique.

kenneth wise: Richard don't worry about me or my family we're good thanks

bruce don: Pistol grip shoot gun are they legal in NY????

kenneth wise: I have no problems with my pistol grip shotgun, the ones who do.....Well.

Bladez: Does anyone know if these shot guns are legal in New York

myrin pankey: I got a winchester defender from the late 80s and mines has a little surface rust and it is also proof steel, but it isn't stainless like yours most likely oxidized

Trenton Jordan: My name is Trenton and I am interested in a shotgun for home defense. I watched a few of your videos and really enjoyed the content and the delivery. When you have time, can you please steer me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.

Pistol grip pump shotgun
-Remington 870?
-Mossberg 500?

connie moats: I love it , I got short arms and I can,'t, shoot it with a stock, soooo it fits me perfect.

bigart1993: Pistol grip is inaccurate for a shotgun?
Simple: Slap a laser sight on it.

Religion LOL: A pistol grip shotgun is the worst idea you can have. They work well in Hollywood. All of you warriors that claim you can shoot well with one, you could shoot much better with a stock and 3 points of contact.

Bill Cash: I'd like to purchase one. Please email me with details. Thanks.


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