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Kurt Sheppard: I've been in Law Enforcement for a while and I have yet to see anyone carry a shotgun with a pistol grip.

jdirt2019: How can i get one?

Robert Vega: JIC good one pistol foreword grips, flash light, side saddle, and string with extra bullets on it with 000 bucks :-)

docwilkey: Nice discussion on the subject.

Derrick Bray: Forgot to add, out of all the guns my friend owned, this one always went to the range, period. I was once awaken to it going off while camping on a river in the early morning. My buddy saw bass jumping, feeding. He decided he would go fishing with it. LOL

Derrick Bray: Yes, I have shot one setup like it before but it was a Mossberg my friend owned. Talk about a gun that will tear your wrists off if you shot it wrong. It must be held to the side to allow the recoil to flow by you to keep your wrists intact. I stood a sheet of 3/4 in. thick plywood up at the range. I cut it in half with 00 buck in 7 shots. It's a handful.

Travis Myers: I appreciate your review, and shotguns are one of the best choices hands down for HD! But dont waste your money on a pistol grip, they are inaccurate especially in a home defense situation. Pellets typically only spread 1 inch per yard, so at 10 feet you only have a 3 inch spread. You must aim a shotgun, and good luck staying on target and making a followup shot.

sycamorebacker1: I think it's stupid to have pistol grip shotgun. Put it on your shoulder and aim!

lvfalcon: Obviously you have limited experience firing with a pistol grip. I would not go duck hunting, but for tactical & home defense, they are great. But then again, I am not a 100 lb and can handle a 12 gauge with a pistol grip. Maybe for the little guys, it might not be a wise choice.

TravPitt: PGO shotguns are great. I have the Mossberg 500 Road Blocker, I added a Knoxx Breacher's Grip, eliminated virtually all recoil, I can shoot buckshot, slugs, all day long, zero discomfort. Also added a forward grip, making the gun very controllable. At the range I can hit center mass consistently at typical HD ranges. Stocks have their place, though, I also have two shotguns with full stocks that I love.

Steven Brooks: I would say who cares how far it can shoot. This is an up close and personal weapon, for when the attackers have already gotten in your home. A quick, super deadly, light weight, easy corner cutting, and honestly shooting this down an in home hall-way no matter what shot is going to really suck for the intruder. The case... yea cool I can hide it in the swimming pool. When the intruder comes, I know he'll be wondering why did this guy just jump from the roof to the pool...?

Weapons Education: I now frown on pistol grip shotguns, my friend broke his jaw shooting a 12 gauge, in a pinch we tend to :"aim" I do love the Shoulder holsters! Thank you

Arrington Taylor: ook closley mp40

STEVE P: could a shotgun like that be used for home defense/personal protection and/or zombies?

G3175SE: Why? Would you rather be shot? Any gun is loud.

Weapons Education: Thanks for the comment!

sic615: damn tom i like ya buddy but crap your math is bad lol. 1983 was 28 years ago. i would like to have ten years back though lol.

springthing1000: lol good one

Weapons Education: Jump on broad!

miltystu2004: I have lots of range time and actual combat experience. Thats why I know anyone who says they can shoot a pistol grip better than a normal one is not being honest or has no experience. Like I said in a previous post, they're fun but not better than a standard Mossy 500 or Rem 870 for home defense.

I Might Be Wrong: The .36 is actually closer to the 9mm than a .33. 9mm converted to imperial measurement is .355.

miltystu2004: You absolutely, positively, cannot shoot a pistol grip shotgun as well as a regular shotgun because its way harder to control and take followup shots. YES they are extremely fun to shoot and the looks may be intimidating, but that doesn't make it good for actual home defense. Ill take an 18" barrel Mossberg 500 with normal stocks any day. Loaded with 00 of course. Just my 2 cents... Great videos, keep up the good work... 8 )

UnitedStatesOfSpange: its mint for clearing a freaking hallway. thats it thats why i have one

1997SScamaroNOS: Wrong kid

randar357: Good video

TheFirearmEnthusiast: I don't know how they measure things in the US, but in Australia 8.38 is actually 8mm and 9.14 is 9mm lol.

SoundOfSilenceWolf: FN FNP? some type of high powered glock? 1911? (yes i know 8 rounds) ect. there are so many good pistols out there besides the Mark23 (not saying it is bad, it seems amazing. have not had the chance to shoot one yet) but there are some great offensive pistols out there besides the good ol' MK23.

Roger Hudson: I though it was the Marshal's service that started to use them when escorting witnesses.

Kurt X: I'll take the speed and control of the pistol over the pistolgrip shotgun.The speed of an assault combined with the timing of the attack make the PGSG too slow and unwieldly.Unless youre being attacked by a bunch of amputees,youre going to get out gunned very quickly. A pistol may not have the power of a shotgun,but hits count.Good intentions do not stop opponents.A pistol in close confines,is easier to control and engage multiple targets. Read Suarez or Ayoob.Both give better advice.

John Hamm: I have a feeling you don't have an SBS

TravPitt: How much actual range experience do you have with a PG shotgun? From your comments I'd guess zero or close to it. No offense, but you are arguing from ignorance. I respect your opinion but, on this we will disagree. By the way, I also have an 18" Mossberg 500 with normal stock, loaded with 00 buck. Awesome firearm.

aficionado74: Honey Badger don't give a crap!

SACTICAL BAG: I'm novice , so what does the Pistol Grip have to do w.../" Effective Range" ?

Bill Coffin: Fun video! Did you ever do a separate video about steel? The proof steel comments you had were really interesting, and I'd love to know more.

timmytyphoon: Pistol grips are great if you have very limited space for storage but you lose the control of the shoulder stock while still taking up just as much room in your hands. The barrel is just as far out in front of you when you fire the weapon. They are great for storage but less than useless for control when firing. You are better off with a shorter barrel instead.

filoIII: Isn't a pistol only designed to give you time to get to your shotgun?

12vietnow: My only issue with using shotguns for home defense, is the noise. Shooting a 00 buck or even a 000 buck in a house regardless of size, your ears will be ringing! Granted, I use a 9mm and if i ever have to shoot it in the house, my ears will be ringing as well, but no where near as if i had fired a 00 buck shell. So, i'm still on the fence about loading my 870 as home protection.

Weapons Education: I agree with you I did a new video called pistol grip shotguns, be carefull

Weapons Education: I would not get a pistol grip shot gun, to dangerous

MrToadMiester: Only a fag would find any shotgun too intimidating to own. Big scary shotguns! OMG!

EXQD2: that's the whole point of a home defense shotgun, load buck shot and you don't need stability. You want a stable and accurate get a rifle. Not to mention in high stress situations fine motor skills decrease and you can't stay steady anyway

ParanoidPixel: Nothing... it has no stock so its harder to aim effectively... however you can always buy a stock.

XGC Scrappy: A lady years ago told me a 20g is fine for pistol grip, but for the 12 only full rifle stock. She explained about your wrist being a fulcrum point and the wrist bearing the brunt of the recoil, told me alot about physics of recoil on the difference between a pistol grip and full stock, even from the hip. She was dead on. My 20g with low brass I have shot one handed like a pistol and it is loaded quit squirrel shot.

buffalobills91: well, with a stock your shoulder takes the recoil--with a pistol grip its only your hands--- think about it... it all depends on the reason for the weapon- pistol grip is the only way to go for home defense imo because because its not exactly easy to maneuver around a house with a shouldered full length stock shotgun... anyway, good luck with the maverick--I would recommend getting hogue tamer grips if you want a pistol grip setup (if they make them 4yours) because they are by far the best.

Weapons Education: Thanks for your comment

ryan d: bird shot is used on birds not a human...

tagteamer001: i have a sxp from Winchester and its amazimg

FixWithFirepower: @TheNopedawg I just uploaded a video of me shooting my new pistol grip Mossberg 500 for the first time using slugs. My wrist still hurts LOL

8MetalMike8: Don't take my ten yard comment too literally, but a stock on your shotgun makes it much easier to shoot accurately. Maybe you should get out and do some actual shooting and you would realize what I am talking about.

Plastic Beach Comic: I do


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