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Dr PennsylvaPia: how the heck did you get a 3.2 ohm coil in an rda even for way back then? I remember this video when it was first posted as id with all of you videos from 2012 on as well as going back to video 1 up to current videos

Anthony Courchaine: I am a network admin, have been for 15 years, so my computer skills are quite high....can't get MVR to recognize it on ANY PC I own. Can't even get the PC to to see a new device in device manager.  I have tried it on 5 computers, 3 different OS's, 4 different USB cables, uninstall / reinstall, reset, factory reset, running as administrator, everything.  Vaping on it is great, but as far as upgrading or even connecting to a PC this thing is GARBAGE.

33bigggman: i have one but when i plug it into the computer the screen is scrambled when i unplug it shows the temp on top and the bottom is scrambled

Michael Cribari: Dude no reason to ever have a resistance of 3.2 ohms... The device is probably saving your batt from catching fire or some crap because it really doesn't have the power to heat up a coil with that resistance. .. hell I'd bet somewhere in that book you got it tells you that between 1.5 and 2.5 is optimal.. not talking crap just saying... what the hell ate you building with 36 gauge lol

Andy M.: Grimm, I usually really Ike your videos but this one had me almost yelling at the screen. I just found my Evic after having lost it for about 6 months. It was like finding an old friend. After building a UD Igo w3 to 1.3 ohms - I'm now sitting here vaping very satisfying clouds at 11 watts on the Evic. I just don't get the same results you do in your review. Hardware not found? Wavy profiles? Re-install, what? You do not even need to ever plug the device into a computer - unless you really want to. It works just fine as a stand alone mod. You might want to have a friend update the firmware and fix your computer's usb problems for you.

After losing the Evic I bought an Innokin VTR - I love it. It's powerful and can sub ohm. But unlike with the Evic, I also had to buy a battery and a charger. And the VTR has no charging circuit and can't do passthrough. That meant actually buying 2 batteries so I could charge one while vaping with the other. Before that I went about 6 months on the Evic with one 2600 mah battery, using passthrough at home while the battery was charging in the device.

I also recently bought a 18650 mech mod.and I love it too. But vaoing with the Evic right now I realize what a bargain it was and what great a great little device it really is. 

It's very trendy right now to bash Joyetech and the Evic. I just wish you could have talked to some other experienced Evic users before posting this review... and maybe that's the real problem with the Evic - that it presents itself as an over complicated device. It can be that - it'll get almost as geeky, fiddly, and nerdy as you want to get with it. But it can also be a very economical, simple, safe, and very satisfying mod to use too..
Thanks for allowing comments and keep up the (usually) great reviews!

Happy Jordan: Nuke the whales? Roblox?

Mikel Reborn: So is this fixed ? I had a MVP 2.0 and two MVP 1.0 in the past 3 years , I bought these because  I liked the big battery I liked the VV/VW, pass though and puff counter . But none of these lasted long, my 2nd 1.0 I had before I got the 2.0 lasted a year ,the longest of all 3 MVP's I had . Most of them broke from crapty china components . This eVic looks like an updated version of the MVP, so how does it fare compared to the MVP 2.0 ? I am thinking of getting one .

Alice Ou: Thans for the review.

Doris Ou: It's fabulous that we could upgrade the firmware for the life time. Hope they could quickly fix the sleeping option. By the way, my friend told me a reputable website that could offer cheap price for almost every products. You could google for it. That is Angelcigs.

Pasquale Van Wijk: i love the evic i really diggin it 

Brandin Roark: I have the evic with the iclear30b and i see people all the time vaping around a 9w with this tank but i cant vape above 7w without it having a dry/burnt hit?

videoman223: Know if this will fit an EVOD tank?

stranger808: You really should try an updated eVic and post another followup. For the users in the community who are looking for your guidance, this review is good but it is not really all that helpful or relevant to users in the community considering the move to this device from an eGo or lesser device but not yet ready for a full on MOD that requires a lot of battery and device knowledge or maintenance. As a previous comment indicates the 1.4 firmware fixes a lot of previous bugs and makes the device a great entry to mid level mod. While I cannot speak for the software on a Mac I have never had the issues you discuss on any other PC and have several eVics that my multiple PC's have never had any issue with. Plus as a all in one device (variable voltage mod, battery charger, ohm meter) the device is one of the best I have found for the all day user looking for connivance in a very flexible package.

Training4all: Does the latest firmware allow vaping @ 6 watts?

HerdoRalden: It seems like you and everyone else vapes at WAY higher watts than I do.  "Seriously, who vapes at 5.2 watts?"  I don't, it's usually less than that.  I have a ProVari and I can't really set it past 3.7 volts without burning my lungs, even on 3.0 ohm cartos.

For instance, right now I am using a 3.0 ohm carto (checked on ProVari), and I have it at 3.4 volts which is 3.85 watts.  That is almost too harsh.  If I set it to even 3.6 volts it is way too much and it tastes burnt and I am coughing.  It's so weird to me that everyone else is vaping at 8+ watts and not dying.  If I cracked 5 watts I would probably have to be hospitalized.

nik12937: Did you ever find a solution to the "not found" glitch? To me that almost sounds like usb driver issues.You could also try running the program in admin mode, since it will forces admin rights on install it could be why it only works the first time.

Bryan Kerr: It's an awesome mod if you know how to use it correctly. Works good in VV mode but it seems like it is designed to work in VW mode, seems to work better that way. The current firmware is 1.4.

PaladinO: Have they upgraded the firmware since? Is it better now than it was?

brocksdaddy081910: I really thought about getting one with the first video you did but now im not going to waste the time.

John Follis: First kudos, I appreciate that your at least on par with pbusareo guy that does many videos but your more tech savvy and you do it all at home and not a studio.
My question is their a video out that shows the differences between different guage wire's and their use, pro's and cons, etc.,  or if you would be kind enough to direct me to one.  I've searched youtube, google etc and can't really find a definitive 101 on gauge wire and their specific uses according to size and equipment for example.  Gracias amigo.

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JOYETECH eVic FOLLOWUP 2-17-2013 5 out of 5

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