Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official)

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Kipper White: TY Hope 2 have one someday does it take a Colt 1911 mag hope so TY

Wayne Smith: I find this video very satisfying. I've watched it at least a dozen times over the last year or so. I guess I'll have to add it to my favorites. If you've ever cleaned your RIA like this after 500 rounds or more, you'll know why I love this video. Lol!

James Sanders: I just put a Rock Island Armory GI 1911 on layaway. I can't wait. It's my Christmas present to me from me. lol. This will also be my first 1911

sunrisesurfbum: You'd end up with a Superfund hazardous waste site in your backyard trying to dispose of all this nuclear juice using this method. Was this video posted on April 1 or something?

bt465: if your throw your gun in a dishwasher it'll be better than this stupid video...shame on you Rock island ... never buy their stupid products.

razorsharpbt: Damn! Hardcore or nothing at all!

deki r: Oh,ok
I will throw away my guns , buy a compressor (that works) , buy new guns and start all over again

NT S: What will mineral spirits do to the synthetic grips that ship with the A1 now ?

thomas lewandowski: Question, how long should I wait until replacing the recoils spring? I
have a RockIsland Armory 1911 A1FS, I have run approx 1000-1200 rounds
thru it since buying the pistol. I find the videos very informative and
well put together. I also love this 1911 model, I have only experienced
2-3 failure to feed jams, this happened only in the last few hundred

SKiTz The Gemini: For everyone saying this method is wrong: This is the manufacturers official channel. I'm pretty sure they know how to clean their guns better than you do.

Pievel C: For those of you who don't know (and after seeing some of the comments, many of you don't) mineral spirits are an ingredient in a number of "gun cleaners" on the market.
Just look at the bottle or if not there look up the MSDS online.

I learned to clean my firearms from a gunsmith back in the 90's, he used gallons the stuff. I've been doing it since then and it will not hurt blued, parkerized or chrome finishes. It's also safe on wood and even the painted on logos on some guns, it just removes the greasy, oily, powdery mess.

You don't need to do it for a field strip like they showed here, a good CLP will do that. This is more for in between a few thousand rounds and maybe even a detail strip but it won't hurt anything if do it more often.

Chromed Colt: I've read at least 1 gunsmith ( name can't remember at this time) maintenance book that recommends this type of cleaning 1-2 times per year to really de-grease the pistol. It does not appear to be the routine field strip cleaning after a range trip and 200 rounds. I would be inclined to use the odorless mineral spirits and remove the grips, just in case.

WnR DarkSideX66: I don't think I like the idea of using mineral spirits to clean a gun... seems to me like it would take the parkorizng off

YouT00ber: Note that this pistol has the kind of finish where it doesn't matter that you're bathing it in a paint stripper.

chelas musica y armas: very wrong in lots of ways

LatinoJackson: is this a troll video, really?

theRomanian1000: You make great guns. Why in the hell can't you make a video that shows the movements SLOWLY, CLEARLY and someone talking you through it? Do you think every customer that buys your gun is part of Seal Team 6 or some badass who went into service? NO!!!! T=Many are fat bastards like me that are learning how to clean the gun for the very first time.

Josue Guzman: after 3000 rounds throught m RIA 1911 i cleaned it like this and the motherfreaker looked new

hawaiianstylin: Ballistol contains medicinal grade mineral oil

champer slimmerthannone: unpost this video ASAP! this is how not to clean anything, but maybe after a nuclear radioactive fallout!

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Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official) 5 out of 5

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