Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official)

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Scruffy Charms: My flat black paint on the gun scratches really easily, What do i do? does this gun have a different paint coat?

sid203: I don't do any of this - Nitro solvent - oil and a couple of old cotton T Shirts gun runs like a Swiss watch

Albin Hovde: This guy is changing direction with the bore brush without completely exiting the bbl length. And no you don'd have to use a bath of mineral spirits to do a good job. What exactly is this?

originalname7890: The mid size I recently got as a first firearm came with lubricant. I was told to just disassemble and wipe the lube off and then use some CLP for first cleaning. Did that and then put 100 rounds through it, no problems at all. Should I just continue cleaning regularly or should I use mineral spirits like in this video? or is this how you should clean it regularly, and if so how often?

Ariel TUKLAWMANILA: wait what is a mineral spirits ?????

pyrewyrm: A quick help tip: For the first step, switch the safety on... it locks the slide and makes it easier to depress the spring plug.

Grant Page: How do you dispose of the mineral spirits? Aren't they flammable?

WoodPilePrepper: Yea i was confused by that too,I just use clp to clean mine with. mineral spirits is for getting cosmoline off in my book

jabbamagnus: Take it easy on them, they are probably use to the new polymer guns that don't normally get much oil.

josueguzman602: Any new gun has to be cleaned right out the box because of all the oil n crap

Mayhemsr1: does this need to be done when the gun is new and comes in the bag of oil. or is there a easier way to clean it as it hasn't been fired yet?

karma661: This RI was my first gun. I love 1911's. They are My favorite handguns but I'm starting to get curious about glocks now.

matt115k: that was not a co2 sprayer lol it was an air compressor attachment that was not hooked up to the compressor

Whyme Whywhytellmewhy: did anyone else think he was using too much oil?

Manny Rodrigues: But you got the idea.

SpykeZ0129: ....Submerging it like this is soooo unnecessary especially with the slide, I sure as hell wouldn't want all that oil getting in my firing pin hosing in the slide.

XXX: Just like those AK-47s from China or those Russian SKS that come wrapped in that brown oily paper.


jabbamagnus: And all that cosmoline. :)

jabbamagnus: Because it comes from the factory with a bunch of oil. Too much for normal use. I believe they do this to protect the finish while the gun is in storage/transport. Though Mineral Spirits seems a bit overkill to me.

xcesarxramosx: My 1911 tactical in on the way

practicalshooter913: @IndiaEight5 I generally wipe it down thoroughly with hoppes #9 then I spray it down with remoil and wipe of the excess until the lint free rags come off clean. Mineral spirits are perfectly fine for blued, dura coated, cerakoted, nickel, and stainless finishes. As a matter of fact I find nothing cleans my stainless s&w 686 better than mineral spirits and a stiff brush. It just dries parkerization out too much.

bakdrft2009: I see alot grumbling on how NOT to clean a gun, Maybe you peeps ought to make a gun cleaning Video then..!

HellaFlushEvo: RIA 1911 finishes just suck, get durracoat! :)

Bryan Pate: has anyone noticed that the air nozzle is not connected to anything

MarbleDemo: Try one before you buy you'll either love it or hate it.

Ryan Bateman: Please tell me where to get that co2 sprayer

hugstorm: Id take off the grips before soaking

Russell Overly: 50/50 naptha kerosene mix works great for getting serious cleaning done. works better than mineral spirits and won't dry out metal or parkerized guns.

MrSabotSlug: Great video. You explained this process very well.

JR1911: Can I wear cool gloves too??

XXX: wHY does this gun need to be cleaned in this fashion wheras other guns you can shoot right out of the box?

Isaac La Vina: @practicalshooter913 What do you recommend on using?

elMeroMero475: The air wasn't even hooked up

ELSIE BASTIAN: The solvent is for bore scrubbing, carbon buildup etc.

zi0matrlx: @45jaffa I have a satin nickel tactical too. My front strap got discolored just from having a rubber wrap-around grip left on it for a few months. I've removed the rubber grips and put the original plastics back on. The discolored front strap bugged me so I covered it with grip/deck tape.

Rage Winter: dude? u know liquid gun blue? works perfect!

Hickok22: Clean a dirty gun next time. :D

1stMarineCapt: Mineral spirits will sure trash the pistol.

airframer1981: Great how to film. While I was in the Navy we used PD680 to clean the M2 and M60D. works great. Please continue to make these how to films.

Emily Ann: Are you offended that I am right and you are wrong? Go cry bitch. CRY. Hahahaha.

bhutz angeles: nice video. thanks.

45jaffa: My nickel tactical has developed some sort of dark colored residue on the grip handle part of my gun, nothing I've used is getting it off. I've only had this gun for three months, anyone have suggestions or similar issues with the RIA brushed nickel?

Tyler Klutchens: cant wait to get this for my first handgun

Ryan Faulk: Just purchased a Tactical 1911 and now i know the proper way to clean per the manufacturer. Thank you for the video. Also this is my first hand gun. Cant wait to take it to the range.

practicalshooter913: You really shouldn't use mineral spirits on a park'ed gun...parkerization gets its rust resistance from the fact that it absorbs and holds oil in its porous surface over time much like how you season a cast iron skillet.

mryellows44: Why's this african american sound like john red corn?

SpykeZ0129: He's also using way too much oil on everything when lubing it back up. This is a terrible freakin video.

josueguzman602: i just sanded n polished it kuz the finished looked like rattle can

Emily Ann: I don't think I've heard of a more stupid question. This is a cleaning video for when the gun gets dirty. Come back when you're smart.

Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official) 4.6 out of 5

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Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official)
Rock Island Armory Basic 1911 Cleaning (Official)
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