Moroccan And Macadamia Oil For Hair

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Dinahhs3: Thanks

DeathtotheAshes: The 100% oils alone would weigh down and GREASE your hair. Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil have a silicone based (for hair styling usage) and are infused with nutrient oils and fatty acids.

Roxyluv1515: Try the Kerastase oil you will love it way more!!!

Jasmine McAlister: @nimaicupel OMG I feel the EXACT same way, they both work SO well, especially together -- Moroccan oil down the middle of the shafts, and Macadamia oil at the ends, OMG you can even wear your hair natural with it (no blowdrying or anything), and it's still loveable !

nimaicupel: My hair was LITERALLY Destroyed and I bough the Macadamia treatment and it is AMAZING!! I never though the day would come where I would actually feel in love with my hair but now I am! Thanks to this! My hair was very dry, brittle and it is curly and thin plus I used to color it, so u get the idea how BAD it was. Now it is SOFT and full of life! Its so shiny without looking greasy. And now it NEVER tangles!!! <3 I'm so happy I wanna cry! xD

lunabake: @GlitterieGlamGal74 Try pure Argan Oil which usually has 99% argan oil. It is amazing on dry damaged hair. The brand Moroccan Oil has only a tiny amount of oil in it and is vastly made up of silicones. Same with the brand Macadamia Oil - it is full of silicones too with only a small amount of oils.

lunabake: The Moroccan Oil brand is full of synthetic silicones. Then comes perfume and only then comes Argan Oil as it's fifth ingredient. Not good at all. This Moroccan Oil is almost all unnatural. Best to buy Pure Argan Oil. Many have 99.5% Argain Oil. All natural and all good.

MKDISGREEK: macadamia is better!!!

Isabel B.: @leeland0123 you can order it online, or you can get it at ulta (:

Emily Bee: LOL @ "What in the hell am I talking about??" Btw, I've been using the Moroccan Oil for years and it's amazing. Gonna try out the Macadamia Oil one too and see if I like it better. Great review!

celebskin22: Thanks for the review!

tammimarie: @iluvpenguins007 I've been using the macadamia one for a month now and it doesn't leave my baby fine hair oily at all. I am prone to greasy scalp, and you just use it on the ends and it is fabulous. Ulta has a $6 little bottle that lasted me 3 weeks so I didn't have to shell out the big bucks to see if I liked it.

iluvpenguins007: are both of them heavy or feel very oily on hair? can you review the rest of the rpoducts? Thank You

DSKNguyen: I just picked up the Macadamia oil today. Can't wait to try, glad to find your review : ) -Steph

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Moroccan and Macadamia Oil for Hair 5 out of 5

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Moroccan and Macadamia Oil for Hair
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