Update: I'm Selling On Ebay! 2 Month Sales Report

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La beautiful: Did anyone guide you on selling or did u just decided to self test and see how it went?

La beautiful: Hello. What was your total profit for the month after ebay deductions and paypal?

Daniel Green: Nice job!! Where you Limited to only selling 10 items for the first couple months?

Goldstein Rae: How much were your manqueins?

Goldstein Rae: I didnt think those would sell lol

Chris Thieman: OPI nail polish has never been sold at the Dollar Tree. From a professional manicurist with 20 years experience. Never, ever has this product been sold or marketed for a dollar. And certainly not in a Dollar Store.

Shievaanie Senn: How long does it take for the items to start selling ? I just started, have had the items listed for about 5-6 days and nothing is selling ...:(
And inputs or advise ?
Please and thank you !

Ravikant soni: Looking so beautiful
Great video 😍😘😀😊
Love from india

Lisa Walls: Reyn Spooner is a GREAT brand, you could have made a lot more!

Lisa Walls: Just say no to auctions!

Jessee Nixon: hi can you do a how to set up ur eBay page. I am also a reseller and I made 1 sale on eBay.. Now I only have 10 item limit because I wanted to see how well I would do and am not doing well so I am interested to know if I am doing something wrong on my page. I already know I need to vamp up my pictures and am waiting on my background and will get some lights but I am wondering what the heck to do about eBay.

Bene88: Hehe Nice Job Girl :-D This would be impossible to sell in European eBay Ciao Bene

Brandon Lee: Learned more from you in a few minutes then other YouTubers. Thanks!

Hey Huda: Holy cow who knew dolls sell for that much 😳

Stephanie Sagun: Do you need a business license to open a business account on ebay?

HAZZARD: you're attractive

peter mayfair: just had a look at your shop.it looks excellant.your pics and how you present the clothes on manequins really stand out.you would be amazed by the amount of people who would make that effort that you do.your prices are just exactly right.i think you will do very well good luck

peter mayfair: im talkiing about your jigsaw.when you put something in an auction it will always realize its true value if it has one.just because someone is asking for higher in buy it now does not mean it sell.i have had items for ages that didnt sell in buy it now and the minute i reduced the price significantly it sold.dont hold on to stock for more than 6mths, free post will bump your listings up in search.that doesent mean its really free post.it just means your adding the post on the price so its only one price
dont actually give free postage or you will be out of pocket.it takes time to research and learn what sells and is exciting learning.
i have revs of over 1100pound since i started ebay last may.be careful about your dsr ratings .they will affect your visibilty of your listing.i had my first defect against my account today,it was there from a month ago but i hadnt noticed it
it was because i posted an item 2 days later than i normally do.even though this was with arrangement with the customer.
never send to a po box address and only use the paypal address for sending.if you need any help or advice let me now.

peter mayfair: hi gillian welcome to ebay.its another world.you can find me at damiensitemsofcolour.i sell vintage ceramics.just posted my 3rd international package.i have had over 100 sales since i stared a year ago.am also on etsy under damiens vintage. i just wanted to comment on something you mentioned at the beginning of your video.i will continue in next post

migg seeds: you're pretty 8 O

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
Update: I'm Selling on Ebay! 2 Month Sales Report 5 out of 5

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