MP40 Schmeisser German Submachine Replica Gun Non-firing Denix

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Walter Dilworth: Hello usa and russia iam from indonesian

Abc Defg: Crap sling,buy a repro or genuine one

Pancho Villa: I want one

MAXIMO: Where did u buy it?

Brennan Dunn: Does denix make seperate mp40 bolts?mine broke and i can't afford another whole gun.

Brennan Dunn: does denix make seperate mp40 bolts? Mine broke and I don't have the money to get another whole replica.

Silberdistel 1: Da gehört der schwarze geriffelte Tragriemen dazu

Wolf Williamson: I it worth buying

flexer games: Quick disclaimer! This comment is long and the only parts someone actually would consider too read is to the end of the top and from the start of the bottom ,On the real deal I think (and I might be wrong I'm not an expert) the grips are made of Bakelite And also a tip for you out there wanting to make a move with these guns, (and again I'm not a complete expert but...)the mp 40 was given to officers, high rank people and tank/artillery crew the infantry used the Mauser karabiner 98 kurz aka "kar98k" aka "k98k" and different weapons later in the war. They might also sometimes use the mp 40 but again, not an expert.

Great and informative video I want to buy a denix gun but I'm sort of trying to find out which one and in your videos you show it close up and show the functions.

Good video from here in the mysterious mountains in Norway. And I might go for a sten gun since that was the go to weapon for the Norwegian resistance during World War Two

Chanel TimMagik. 921 - ВЫ ВСЕ ГОВНО !!!!: I live in Russia! Hello USA!;) Я русский привет!!

Chanel TimMagik. 921 - ВЫ ВСЕ ГОВНО !!!!: MP-40 made is steel?

Don Luchino: in italy i buy It for 119 € s the lower price i ever found in internet for denix brand! the highest price average in 200!!!!.....

Brennan Ishinaga: how much are these? on amazon it says 30$ us but is that the mag or the actual gun it self I'm so confused

JCPRODUCTIONS 506: It would be better if you called it German instead of nazi German, it offends a lot of German reenactors.

Tommy Stone: The MP40 wasn't made by Schmeisser, they made the magazines for it...

DrCrazyAzz:  Schmeisser mace the magazines , Erma made the actual MP40

Bella B: MP40 is not Schmeisser !

xX777FEAR777Xx: why is there that ugly orange tip inside the barrel 

LegionaryWithAGladius: That is honestly not worth anything unless you are in to some high quality filming or reenacting. 

bettyboop65340: how much did you pay for that???

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MP40 Schmeisser German submachine replica gun non-firing Denix 5 out of 5

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