Homemade High Pressure Sandblaster

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John Doc.: One other question. Is there a technique for gutting the spark-plug, or a particular order to do it in? I've tried two different ones (NGK and Beru), and had no luck with either, The core in both is too hard to drill, and I've had no joy trying to punch/drift them through. Any suggestions?

MrToolmakerman: @plumcrazzzy i used old spark plug(drilled out) two conical metal peaces , between it is small hole 3mm for sand(just normal playground sand i use) , i will post picture or movie later, that will make everything more clear. problem is the small compressor i have. it works but i have to w8 for comp to built up pressure. it sucks, i have painted garden house this summer and my comp was on fire after 2 hours haha. greetz

plumcrazzzy: @daredan111 Hi I think that the idea of cone shaping the bottom is great ! I've never used corindon where can you buy it. And what type of tip would hold up to it can't imagine only two hours a spark plug tip. Sound like you would need a tip made of diamond. But I'M glad that it seems to be working for you. PS if I get low on sand I give mine a shake to . Thank :)

thinkpad411: So you just need enough pressure to force the sand into the high velocity air stream (low pressure, high velocity).

plumcrazzzy: @gildardo011 Hi there. I bought the hose at Farm&Feet in the Ag department it's 1/2" ID it works fine at 100psi but I wouldn't go over that . Not sure but regular air hose mite work Don't know if the smaller ID would hurt that much. Thanks alot . Had fun making it .

grumbern: Using an old spark plug for ceramic nozzles is a nice idea! :-D

plumcrazzzy: @panos215 Hi there in Australia. I have always used silica sand but any sand should work fine.I have thought some time I would try some aluminum oxide because of how bad sand is on the lungs. One thing is make sure that the sand is dry. Good Luck !

Jessem4681: I know your design is for a sandblaster but can i use this same design for a sodium blaster? Or can i put any kind of medium in it?

panos215: Down Under Australia- Thanks for sharing this information. I have some old Cabinets- Steel offc ourse with Surface Rust that I wish to restore!! Are you using Beach Sand??

MrToolmakerman: @panos215 i used sand that is used in concrete, works fine, big problem is capacity of compressor

plumcrazzzy: Hi. No the psi. is the same on top and bottom of the sand it is gravity that causes the sand to enter the air stream like a hour glass. Thanks for the comment. :)

Panhandleplanetech: Why can i only do one thumbs up! its a 2 thumbs up for being such a smart fellow with that spark plug nozzle..

plumcrazzzy: Hi from the U.S.A. I'm sorry to say if I had plans I'd be happy to send them to you but it was a in the head plan build as you go kind of. Most of it was stuff from the local junkyard. the principle is described in the video and is fairly straight forward but if you have some questions I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for asking and good luck on your build.

Reinis Sproģis: Hi. Thanks for uploading vid. What is the minimum pressure for sandblaster?

zhogazXhupip0p: thanks so much, that´s great idea

aampudia8: hello!! look.. i got some plans to do that, and im gonna need some sandblasting for some stuff at work.. so i was thinking in building something like this.. (we are a plumbing contractor company, so we should have all the needed parts in the warehouse) but i was wondering if you could show me how it works before i build mine... it would be nice if you upload a video showing it working :D thank you!!

plumcrazzzy: @oldpacrat Hi. The spark plug must be a old Champion J-11Y J12-yYJ14Y there the only only ones that I could drive out the electrode. I broke off the J of the plug and drove the electrode out from piston side moving to the plug wire side. Hope this helps :)

oldpacrat: can't figure out how to get sparkplug apart. please help>

Jessem4681: I know you use this for a sandblaster but can i also use this for a sodium blaster?

plumcrazzzy: Hi I'm not sure how low you could go but I think that you could get down to 15 or 20 psi but it wouldn't remove much rust or paint I find that for most jobs that 100 + psi works good. Thanks for watching.

plumcrazzzy: Your very welcome :)

plumcrazzzy: @grumbern Recycle and it was free not sure how much nozzles cost maybe $10.00ea . I wounder if anyone found other plugs that work old champions are all I found sad to say that was all they where good for. I could ruin a set In a afternoon in a 67 barracuda I had in the 70's . They worked fine for most cars but I swapped them out for A/C's never had another problem .

2102Chris: very good idea with the spark plug m8 ;-)

lundinoZ: thank you now i gonna make some :P

fabrygr: hi, I would like to know how to make a hole in the center of the spark plugthank you very much

daredan111: @plumcrazzzy Hi! Here is a photo with a sparkplug that I used for about 7 hours :) imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/06102011090.jpg/

plumcrazzzy: @bubbatron4 Good luck and have fun. I'll be looking forward to the video.

bubba nader: Wow, this is cool. Gonna give it a shot. I will show sum vid.,also. Thanks

owvenus: hey i like ur video and gives me an idea. how much PSI goes into the tank? and what are the diameter of all those inlet hoses and outlet hoses? thanks in advance . cause i'll make one to clean the cylinders of my bike that are impossible to make shiny. more power dude!

Ciobanu George: Greatings from Europe! I want to build something like this, can you help me? If you want to share the plans for your blaster, please, give me an answer.

plumcrazzzy: @oldpacrat Hi again I used a small Allen wench that I cut off the 90 Deg. angel. Any high carbon steel punch should work fine . You could try and start it just with the hammer first but try not to enlarge it or it well crack the porcelain when you drive it the rest of the way. If it flattens out grind it down or you could grind it some first . They are a little had to get started I put mine in a vise to hold it. Sometimes I get a small chip at the J end of the plug but it well still work.

oldpacrat: thanks for the reply. one more question. what did you use to drive out electrode?


bassmandompanter: can i ask how you drove the centre out, because my brother has tried but it just crack ? any help please?

MrToolmakerman: i made my own sandblaster, the sparkplug is a good idea, it works nice.

Tony Vincent: Love the spark plug. That's really thinking outside the box. Thanks for the video.

plumcrazzzy: Thanks Tony. I got a good kick that it worked too save me a buck and thats always nice:)

plumcrazzzy: @shortyjk95 No just as long as the pressure is the same on top as the bottom the sand well flow like a hour glass smooth and steady.

John Doc.: You Sir, are a genius! I just need to remember where I threw all those old plugs now... Is it necessary to have all three of those valves in the set-up? I was planning to just use one lever-ball valve on mine (the main inlet one), and have it foot controlled and sprung closed. I'm building a small cabinet for it, so the pot itself will always be a few feet below the outlet nozzle. I can easily add a valve to the pot outlet pipe, if it's needed to 'fine-tune' the grit flow?

daredan111: @plumcrazzzy from diamond would work because it's the only material harder than corundum :) I bought it from a german company and it costs like 1,5$ a pound. It's grate because you can use it many times (up de 90 cycles according to the producer). Thanks for your video, it was my inspiration in building the sanblaster.

plumcrazzzy: @MrToolmakerman Hi just wondered what brand of plug and number you used. Thanks

fabrygr: I really liked the idea of ​​the candle, can you tell us how to remove the electrode because it is really hard?

evolution2015: maybe it doesn`t work??????

plumcrazzzy: @motorcycleengineer Hi. It sounds like a air supply problem what size is the supply line from the air compressor. If you look at the air hose ends and fitting that is were the most of the restriction is usually. My hose on the air and sand end is 1/2'' ID. or looks about 12.5mm ID. I would think that 14mm would be just fine. My supply line is a littel to small but if you look at the ends of the hose some of the brass ends have a bigger openings than others plus don't use couplings either.Thanks

Dragones99: Hi, Please, you could be more specific and write the kind of material that you used to make this sandblaster. I want make it, but I haven't a lot experienced, Thx ....

gildardo011: hey there... what did you use for the hose? awesome project by the way....

daredan111: Hey, it works great! The only thing that I think about changing on my own is to make the bottom of the tank in a cone shape, otherwise when you get short on sand it will stick to the concave bottom because of the above air pressure. I need to shake my tank in order to get it all out. The spurkplug works great with sand but when I switched to corindon it wear out in a couple of hours. Good that I have a lot off spurkplugs in my shop.

crashchiefwoodcutter: hey everybody, i have the same system. its very very simple. i use 120psi and 1/4 inch tip and valve at bottom of tank about half open. you will go through a 50lbs bag in about 10 minutes and this will cover about 1 square foot of blast area if you work quickly, depends how bad the paint is stuck on the metal. basically this is only good for small jobs. if you need to do a large job its gonna be a little expensive and it will take forever, but its alot better than using a wire brush on a grinder

grimreaperws: @panos215 sup im also down under.... also a sand blaster.... We use grit and garnet for the job.... but your looking in sand grit is idea for you so your job is easy and fine sand that cleans nice... in adelaide air port i did all them steel work ;) Hope that helps you.

Matthew Trello: I like the spark plug idea.

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