Harbor Freight Predator Engines

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nick nellos: FYI , Honda is mfg in china as well

Alex Geller: don't compare a Honda with a freaking Chinese piece of crap 

nick nellos: alex your full of crap. I will put it up against a honda any day of the week, 365 days a year.

Joeak74: I don't know where the negative comments are all coming from. These "Predator" engines are VERY well made. I have four (4) of them on various equipment,and they have all been perfect runners with zero issues. My buddy's girl friend had a Honda CRF 100 dirt bike with a broken piston that we needed to replace. WE ordered the complete top end from the Honda dealership. When the parts (factory OEM) came in (piston , cylinder, etc), they were all marked "Made in Brazil". This tells me that even honda has licensed manufacture's in other countries.

I Sparklez: I don't care what other people I have a 212cc predator on a log splitter and have about 1000hrs on it and it still starts first pull every time. I also have one on a go kart with about 10hrs on it and it has more power than any honda ive ever seen

UhBuddy: AND.... They're better than Tecumseh could've hope to be in the last years of that company's life... I see those things throwing the connecting rod often via a small engine repairman's videos.

UhBuddy: Curious to why there is much hate for these Predator Engines... I have 2 of them... One on a pressure washer and the other is on a Predator generator with at least 100 hours on it. If the motor last you a year or two, you got your money's worth. I believe mine will last me years.. I've punished both motor with hard work, but have not abused them.. I change oil regularly and they run fantastic! Both are the 212cc, 6.5hp motors. Kudos to Chinese for building a great affordable group of motors!

Sundown798: These motors are NOT intended to be used as a long term solution. Its for the guy that wants to get 2 more years out of their chipper/sherdder ect and get a new chipper someday. Or the Kid that wants to buld his first gocart. Ask if they have a replacement plan warranty. They extended warranty's seem cheap there.

Dax Marshall: woud this run 45 roots blower

Dave Sherva: I bought the Predator 212 cc and put it on a mini bike. Started on the first pull out of the box. They line up perfect for the popular baja doodle bug mini bikes.Click my profile to see the mini bike and Predator 212 cc together.

mrpete pete: is the 212 cc model good for a go kart?

Ricky Garrett: @pcblah at least my tecumseh is American made XD

James Garrett: How true! Some of the blame rest with unions and management that is paid on production goals. These managers could care less if the guy putting the lid on gets paid $100 for every bolt he puts in. They pay what ever is asked rather than miss a production bonus. Then they look for you and I to pay 3x the value. It's like they want obummer and his China buds to rule the world.

karmakaze6: pieces of crap, i work there and a lot of them come back. spend the extra money a get a good motor that will last ya. but thats just my opinion.

Gatorsrok: cool story bro.....

Joe's Small Engine Repair: freakin Moron, Even though i am a big fan of U.S. made products, Hondas are probably the best small engines you can find!

Thurman Evelyn Maxwell: It's not the name on a engine or where it's made people want quality that's what you should pay for....

Hank Erchief: my 212 starts on the 5th pull and loves to kick back and rip the cord out of my hand.

spazmoso: @hamateurradio honda is overated,bang 4 buck u can buy 4-5 of these compared to 1 honda,briggs or tecumsah

Ricky Garrett: looks like some nice engines but Briggs and Tecumseh would beat all their asses

ianmccoy1999: They are really comparing it to a Honda ?

stangtrax: They are cheap so use it and when it breaks sell it to me no problem and you go buy another. cheaper in price than others. And mine runs fine on my Kart.

pcblah: @JohnDeere30201 japanese engines are good quality...

willm10: @redneksurvivin yes you can, i used a 212 cc (6.5 hp)engine on my go kart and it goes around 30(maxed out) if i got a 13hp it would go around 50! but my go kart does perfectly fine with a 212cc

bradsengine - Retired Channel, Don't Subscribe!: Thats a great size for a mid size go cart! 212cc will put out about 6.5 horsepower. I still would get a briggs or honda!

Dennis van popering: this looks like the same engine i bought from amazon. its a duromax 16 hp. 299.99. delivered. its not worth buying though. find an old briggs or wisconson or kohler. on these chinese engines. the question is? where do you get parts?

Gatorsrok: yeah ok maggot.....

pcblah: @JohnDeere30201 this is the best bang for the buck though... they start easily... yes cheap electronics but decent engines and since its a clone i can get parts...

karmakaze6: lol. about 10% of the motors we sell at our store come back. i get a employee discount and i still wouldn't waste money one.

Tristan102100: oh my god,this is dumb. they only work for 50 hours. may as well spend the extra hundred on the honda and get an extra thousand hours use! i have a '86 honda. she fires up on the first pull and runs like she is new. and man does she rock and roll! god only knows how many hours...

kctyphoon: for the record - honda ( a Chinese company) sells its engine designs and dies to other manufactures for mass production. the designs of the engines themselves are near identical, which is why you can replace any parts with actual Honda parts. they save money by using cheaper alloys, and cheaper bolt on parts like carbs and gas tanks.

bradsengine - Retired Channel, Don't Subscribe!: at 0:37 , they have the HONDA logo blacked out...

galen frislie: I got a small 79cc predator engine from harbor freight no compression almost no start if I got it started at all. I had to take it back. I must have gotten a lemon.

InflatableTRex: I wish HFT would sell small diesel engines as I would love that!

uticaplay: Can you tell me why the US engine has to be so expensive? Everything in regards to Brigs is over priced.

Ricky Garrett: @pcblah give it 10 years itll wear out

transammike: Because they are not built with child labor in unregulated, dirty, dangerous conditions. I collect old tractors and mowers, and I would NEVER have one on my machine, even though they may run good. I would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. I wish more people thought that way.

bradsengine - Retired Channel, Don't Subscribe!: that is FALSE at 0:37 . Trying to compare it with a honda? My hondas are the BEST starting engines.

bradsengine - Retired Channel, Don't Subscribe!: yeah, sure, go buy your crappy harbor freight engines, i'll stick with my hondas, moron!

spazmoso: @mattdudley13 to me honda is junk,long story really bad expeirence.bang 4 buck well worth the money saved!!

D. J. Tanner: Tecumseh should have never gone out of business. I never thought I'd see the day..

DeepFriedFuzzball: @vaicase yeah I bought a honda gx160 clone. It's pretty well the same in displacement and so on so parts are interchangable and there are lots of non genuine parts designed for the gx160 that will fit my engine too, as it is the same design essentially. The problem with these predator engines is that the displacement is different and the parts are not interchangable, that's why I wouldn't buy one despite the fact they look ok :|

pcblah: @spazmoso no but they are still good

connor farr: still prefer the honda gx engines!

43128lucky4: Honda gx series on back table at :04

Alex's Bikes and Motors: wtf honda engines start and run way better than hf. Not trying to knock hf or anything, their motors are real good.

pcblah: Can ir be controlled with a cable for the.420cc?

karmakaze6: California has much stricter emission laws.

Braden Wuesthoff: 7the switch is off on the honda 0:37

SceneOneVideo: I originally purchased a Predator 212cc Horizontal Shaft engine. The mounting holes were bored such that they were of a shape I can never recall having seen. I then returned it for the 346cc engine which was DOA out of the box. Movement of the throttle resulted in no movement at the carburetor. Springs were missing, so forth and so on. Absolute junk. (On a side note, do not EVER compare your Predator line to that of Honda, Briggs & Stratton, et al).

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Harbor Freight Predator Engines 4.6 out of 5

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