LAR Grizzly .45 Winchester Magnum

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PoliticalSmackdown: Roy Charles Jr yes getting 45 win mag is impossible and expensive however you can buy new cases and load your own if you want to play with exotics this is sadly the price you pay. 45 win mag is a great round and will stop a truck but it is hard as hell to find. oh if you load i suggest starline brass. they will make it for you.

PoliticalSmackdown: BikerBoyCB900C not that i am trying to give you crap but 1911 variants do not use clips.

PoliticalSmackdown: need magazines for this badly

jtaylorb88: My coworker was one of the families that owned that company. They sold it out to Remington who since have done nothing with it hardly. Those guns now go for a ton of cash! I tell him to start making them again.

BikerBoyCB900C: I had one back in the 80's was a Mark I the firearm was great the clips where crap!!! The firearm was totally unreliable because of it. This was the problem the clips, the ears if you kept the firearm loaded the spring pressure would force the ears up and out and then you would get rounds feeding nose up into the top of the barrel and other feeding issues. What needs to be done is take your clips to a gunsmith minus the follower and spring and have them harden the steel of the clip frame, I heard this solves the problem? I never thought of doing this at the time, I ported the pistol, polished the slide ramp everything and could never get it to function I finally traded it for a Desert Eagle in 44 Mag. Oh and I had the conversion kits for 45 ACP and 357 Mag I think was the other one I had and none of them functions worth a damn!!!

Oscar Reyes: In whats Store an i finde ammo 

Roy Charles Jr: I've had mine since 1991. Ammo is getting REAL hard to find. Draws a crowd every time at the indoor range. 

Colin Cutter: I've been wanting to build a 1911 in .45 win mag. The one thing causing me hesitation on doing so is the availability of magazines. I REALLY don't want to pay $150+ per magazines. Does anyone know if there are any magazines that will feed or could easily be modified to feed the cartridge, for example Desert Eagle .44 magnum magazines, or anything like that. If so, any help would be appreciated

LA Keith: Bought the LAR Grizzly .45 Win Mag back in 1984 for under 600.00, very fun to shoot. Excellent on deer, need to hand load due to cost and hard to now find ammo for it. Should have purchased two at the time!!!

DoubleTap 45: I owned one for many years. Very accurate and fun to shoot.

Dhjhgygb S: I have a Contender Barrel chambered in .45 Win Mag

Eusebiu Skurtu: I don't consider the Grizzly and the Coonan to be 1911's since you can't interchange parts with a Colt 1911. Great guns.

George Z.: I love this pistol and caliber but isn't more powerful than the desert eagle. .50 AE shoots up to a 325 grain bullet at velocities I don't currently know but the energy ft lbs is much more.

Z-Boys Gun Channel: im kickin myself for not buying one of these years ago

13thmistral: ownage of desert eages, who are often heard about being unreliable i woud think

DangerousDan762: That is one awesome hand cannon. Reminds me of Charles Bronson's Wildey magnum from one of the Death Wish movies.

hyena429: Very nice gun...I like magnums..hehe...I got a 45 win mag too...Its a AMT..I left a link if you would like to check it out...great vids..and channel you have

Ajay Singh: hey man i just bought .45 win mag rounds instead of .45 acp by mistake ,did you whant to buy them off me i have no need for them.

MrAlucard222: The Desert Eagle is absolutely not unreliable, it's a wonderful semi-auto built like a tank... All the bad stories about the DE are only myths, nothing more, by people that hate the gun for his popularity... The accuracy is amazing, better than any 1911, and is reliable as or even more than a 1911 design, i talk for experience... Don't believe at all the bad stories about the DE... However, the LAR Grizzly is a wonderful semi-auto...

IcabodCrane: @gmanbeavis I'm pretty sure the Grizzly also came in a .50 AE, and I know that AMT/IMI made an Automag that fires it. .45 Winchester Mags aren't quite as potent as the 50 AE but due to the light slugs you can find handloads on various websites that'll drive to velocities that the .50 AE couldn't touch.

tuffnutt34: I thought it was a Grizzly but only knew they made one in 357 mag

James Gu: I am interested. Please let me know if it is available and what you are asking. ~J

godzilla2472: Exactly, that's what what I was also trying to tell him

johnny wadd: Love the gun--I have Mark 4 44mag and love it.

TheWitnesserer: "They went out to buy a washing maching and this is what they both came home with." Hahahahah, awesome. That's similar to how my dad got his .475 Wildey Magnum. Only he was saving up to buy my mom a new oven. xD

Aaron Patchin: I own one, blued. I've managed to stockpile 230 and 260grain rounds. I love this gun, probably my favorite. I take pride in being a pointless jackass and I've invested the time in shooting it one handed and got somewhat decent. I love to shoot a couple of rounds out of it and then hand it to an unaware friend and watch them underestimate the gun's recoil, tons of fun.I always have a second guy watch where the brass goes, I don't want my favorite dinosaur to become extinct.

Tony King: Dear santa..........

deathmetal44: i want those:)

Anomalous01: I use 18.4 grains of Blue dot in Starline brass with a Winchester 230 fmj or 25 grains of 2400. Recoil is way beyond my 44 Magnum but less than the 454 Casul Raging Bull. Brutally fun gun to shoot, but you will likely have to make your own ammo. I don't know of any commercial ammo being produced for it.

Hunter White: how much for all of them?

DailyChannel: ? I found one for sale for 1200.00 I can get it its not chrome its blue with a duracoat on the slide. it has the compensator also with 100 rounds ammoin 45 winmag. is this worth the 1200 price I can trade the guy a fn seven even the gun works fine the seller said. Its only minor scuffs and standard wear on slide. what do you think? is it worth it over the fn seven

rlau2007: My grizzly win mag has a 10" barrel and has many custom upgrades 45 win mag

IcabodCrane: @IRishAristocrat OH HELLS TO THE YEAH! What kind of magazine capacity do you get with this conversion?

murpheysmuskets: @IRishAristocrat Again that's awesome. I'm gonna have to look into that! Thanks

johnmanningnavy1983: Got a Mark 1 and it is awesome. Have tocall winchester to get the ammo but when I do, I get alot and my wife is pissed when she finds out how much I spent on it. Great gun. Lar doesn't make them anymore but they still make the parts for them so get some mags for it before you can't anymore.

DoinLifeProductions: @murpheysmuskets Do you think its more powerful then the 44mag ?

Kevin Leathers: @murpheysmuskets The LAR Grizz in .45 Win. Mag. can be loaded similarly to what you would do with your .44 Mag. I use a variety of bullet weights in mine. The most powerful load I have used is 29 gr. of 296 under a 250 gr. bullet. That is total over-kill, and since they don't make these fine weapons anymore, I rarely use heavy loads these days. 39 of the 49 parts in the Grizz will interchange with any mil. spec. 1911, so that is nice. Expect to pay at least $1000 now days.

godzilla2472: @IcabodCrane i never said the 1911 style was not reliable i said that the 50 ae is more powerful than the 45 winmag

ThyAnswerer: Fell in love with it when I saw it! I want to get one of the models for my first pistol but don't know how that's going to end up for me haha!

murpheysmuskets: @Geistgein Loaded to the Max like Ive got it in my shooting video they kick about like a 44 Magnum. Definitely not for someone afraid of recoil.

murpheysmuskets: @theArmedJanitor lol ya i was gonna use a different title...but then i figured nobody would find it in a search. Fail i know

TheFirearmEnthusiast: Saw a blued one at a gun show in Australia. Very nice.

IcabodCrane: @godzilla2472 "Stronger" than the Desert Eagle is relative. the Deagle is little more than a's notorious for stovepiping, it's ridiculously heavy, it's complicated, and it's nowhere near as reliable as a 1911 design. A lot of people will spew the nonsensical "a toy can't kill someone" as if you can't choke someone with a jump rope or stick a toy sword into somebody's brain...but the DE is all but entirely useless for anything but target shooting. Though unlikely, the Grizzly is viable

Mightymoose02: Nice video, but get a tripod...

tuffnutt34: @murpheysmuskets that's cool, learn something new everyday, I first seen one of the 357 ones when I just got out of high school and I wanted one of them bad

Lexo B: great gun! that was cool story about washing machine hahhaha :)... sorry you had to grew up in divorced family because i think thats what happen when your father brought LAR instead of LG washing machine :)

MrVlada011: Nice vid man. thanx

93MANIAC: Nice gun I am really shocked that the Lar Grizzly is not seen that much in movies TV or gun review's hell the only movie I can remember seing a LAR Grizzly playing a major role in was the 1988 movie Shakedown or Blue Jean Cop but you should really try to find a 10 inch LAR Grizzly because they are freaking bad ass

Grimm Day: Just picked up my 45 win mag Grizzly from my FFL/Buddy this Friday! I couldn't wait to get it home to clean and admire this 1911 on roids!---lol---!!! Only thing is I can't find any ammo for the life of me, my buddy did tell me this would be a problem! I've been reloading for many years now and heard from some online blog that if I trim down a 454 cartridge I'll have what I need to reload my own! Ever hear this before???I really can't see why it can't be done!

sailingmanuel: Sweet! I have never heard of that thing.

LAR Grizzly .45 Winchester Magnum 4.8 out of 5

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LAR Grizzly .45 Winchester Magnum
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