Plow Review Boss Vs Western Snow Plow

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Travis Shute: fisher?? you guys out west dont use them?

Travis Shute: fisher?? you guys out west dont use them?

John Steed: Artic snow plow! This is all you see up North in Canada where it really snows.

Oliver Clothesoff: I'd like to know of your (or others) experience with steel vs. fiberglass blades. Steel are heavy (700-800lbs) traveling between plow sites and will wreck a suspension in one season. Do fiberglass plows make a difference in this regard?

Oliver Clothesoff: I've had difficulty back-blading with Boss plow. They float rather drag.

Adam T Vlogs: What about fisher plows

Caleb Bisson: Have you ever run a fisher? Or do they not have them in the West

kevin splittgerber: I have a 9foot2in boss v plow will not buy nothing else boss is the best plow I think

thepasnortherners: I have a boss 6foot 6 inch hydraulic Utv Plow, only problem is it kills the battery in my 07 Polaris ranger 700

Dillan Abney: Hey, hows it going? if you need another solid reliable workaholic to join the team let me know please and thank you. I appreciate all the videos and hard work you guys put in!

6.4 HemiDriver: The Western controller can be setup for one touch float mode.  It's simple to do, check out your manual.

03FORD7.3L: Stanley I know that western is made by Douglas Dynamic just like the Fisher's are but Fishers customer service is excellent never had any issue with asking them questions or getting advice I have personally owned and used Fisher Myers and SnowDogg. SnowDogg's have been getting better and better I currently have a fisher straight blade and 2 snowdogg ex blades. Would highly recommend getting either a fisher or snowdogg expandable 8-10 plow fishers preferred to me cause you can make it just like a V in a sense cause you can expand the wings and angle them individually or together. I think if you try it you wouldn't wanna go back to boss or western or at least the boss. Since the fisher and western are very similar.

Ronald Starr: western for me.
love my wideout

Alan R: Not a fan of Boss.the plow lights when they blow out u have to buy the whole head light.lots of plastic parts broke on it.

spanishcastlemagic: I started years ago with a fisher minute mount 1 which was a piece of crap, it takes two people to mount that thing up unless its perfectly lined up. Then I went with the fisher minute mount 2 which was supposed to be a great system, I still wasn't happy with it. I went and looked at a new fisher again 3 years ago and the v plow looked so flimsy and overpriced. I made the switch to boss and haven't looked back since. The smart hitch system is easy to use and I never have any problems hooking it up. Even if you're off a little bit I just push the plow forward a few inches with the truck and it slides into place. I've put a ton of hours on it and had minimal issues. I would say the cutting edge doesn't seem to last as long as I want but I get about a year out of them.

AndysLawnCare andOutdoorAdventures: Both great plows. If I had to pick, it would be difficult to decide. Great video as well

Tyrrell Roach: I have been running a western pro+ for about 4 years and live the ultra mount stystem. It hooks up fast and it doesn’t hang all the way to the ground like the hook bar for the boss. On a side note back when I lived in Anchorage those guys swore by western, Myers and fisher plows. Not sure what has happened with the Myers plows that they are getting so much hate on here but something must have changed in the last 15 years

MPO: Western cutting edges have all-was sucked that is why you go to the metal fab shop and get thicker & harder steal. I am leaning to SnowDog stainless do to cost and service

Ben Murphy: I prefer fisher plows myself

Jon Seim: One of the things I've heard from other people is that if they have a Western plow, but there is a Fisher Dealer really close to them, they just get their parts from Fisher b/c the plows are identical. Pretty much the mounting frames are the only difference

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
Plow Review Boss Vs Western snow plow 5 out of 5

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Plow Review  Boss Vs Western snow plow
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