How To Fix, 97 Isuzu Rodeo Engine Noise

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bobby redondo: thanks for sharing. It is ET CETERA and not excedera. like excedrin

batvette: those experimenting with different oils... do not use shell rotella if you live in or plan to live in a pollution control state. according to shell it contains additives that will ruin your cat converters.

tucko11: is it better just to replace the engine? trying to sell a rodeo with lifter noise and mechanics won't give me money I'm offering for it sayings it's cheaper to replace the engine than take apart the engine

Desterii DelQuonomonna: I have same car. It's very loud when I drive, but not when idle. It sounds like something is loose and moving around in there

john smith: How did you mange to get the passenger side valve cover off with those 2 heater hoses that are just fwd. of a large metal bracket? Thanks.

Benjamin Beauvil: Timing belt not chain sorry

mnbickford: Spence, there is sound. There's must be an issue on your end. Maybe refresh the page... Oils not going to fix your tick.

Spence P: OW30 did not work for me! Ticking got worse! Why post this video with no sound!?

Jassica: The OW-30 gets up into the into the lifters easier & the K&N filter is like the nne Isuzu requested owners to use, which was a high flow oil filter. The Lifter ticks were starting as soon as 5000 miles back in the 90's with new Rodeos. I hope this helps those who were frustrated like I was with the ticking. My Rodeo hasn't ticked since and if it does I change the oil and its gone. Here is a list of what you need... Synthetic OW-30 Mobile 1 ( Walmart 5qt ) $25 K&N Oil Filter for Isuzu $10

Jassica: I have a 95 Isuzu Rodeo and had a bad lifter tick, I read around and found Isuzu put out a news letter to owners that they need to use 0w-30 oil. I had a really bad lifter tick and changed my oil to 0W-30 Synthetic and a high flow oil filter like (K&N) and after I changed my oil my tick disappeared in under 30 seconds after I started. I try to tell owners whenever I see them driving around about this fix when I her there Rodeos & passports ticking. .

mnbickford: I have posted up many other videos. This engine was to far gone and froze up as soon as I got it running. The replacement that I found in the salvage yard is from a 97 passport with 115k miles and ticks on both sides. I will be performing these repairs again and post up some better walk troughs as I now have more knowledge then I did going into it the first time.

AWDmaster: This is interesting and informative! I am about to do the same procedure on my Fiance's Rodeo, and it would be greatly appreciated if you would update your progress! Also, I understand these things have a timing 'belt' rather than a 'chain'. Thank you!

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How to fix. 97 isuzu rodeo engine noise
How to fix. 97 isuzu rodeo engine noise
How to fix. 97 Isuzu rodeo engine noise prt7
How to fix. 97 Isuzu rodeo engine noise prt7
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Fix Low Compression and/or Engine Noise for less $10.00
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