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Cleópatra Fonseca: Hi . I have chuango G5 , and i disarm it, and it keep alarming anyway . I dont know if there is something wrong with the equipment or if i did something wrong with configurations..

Glen Galea: Hi. I have a chuango b11 system with 360 degrees pir sensors and magnetic sensors. Sometimes i have false alarm from pir sensor or magnatic. The sensors from the control panel arent more than 30 metres away. I just installed it on january. Sometimes there wont be any false alarms for 3 days and sometimes two false alarms in two days. Is there a problem with the system ?

celtcfan1967: I have an issue where the SMS feature works for an hour or so then drops out and never responds till i reset the alarm to factory and start again the SMS function works for a time then i get no response could this be the alarm or where i have positioned it ?

celtcfan1967: to clear the number not authorized issue reset alarm by tapping 5 times on the tamper switch within 3 second alarm will beep twice to confirm reset - set your number in the application first then set your comands

David Balažic: How to register or authorize my phone? For each SMS I send I get "Not authorized"

Paulo Chiquito: When I set the SMS number to receive alerts, I can't make any more changes using my phone. I suspect the issue is that the G5 is getting the phone number on the SMS as +1 XXX XXX XXXX. If I try to add the + when doing the SMS setup it returns an error. Is there any way around this?

Karsten Saunte: Hi Darren
This info is how I think it's designed - without any SMS numbers encoded all commands are allowed from all mobile phones. Once you enter the SMS numbers the incoming SMS messages are checked if they are from a phone with a number in the SMS number list. This ensures that only selected phones can control the alarm system. So your phone must reveal it's number and it must match the number programmed in the alarm system.

Darren Toman: i have the Chuango  g5. it excepts all my commands via txt but when i put the number in the sections so it will call/txt me when the alarm is triggered it won't allow this. it comes back to me with( sorry operation failed. phone number is not authorised. weird as it accepts all the other commands using that mble number. please help

duclmibox: Now, we have G5 device.And when i config device has problem, and alarm "Sorry, operation failed.Phone number is not authrized".Could you pls help me now?

Bob Thomas: There is no customer support at Chuango Security, just simply return to vendor.  My unit SMS slot failed first day because of weak construction.  Sent it back for repair but vendor did not accept package so it was returned at my expense.  Contact Chuango, who has no mean to replace/repair for customer.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT BECAUSE THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Nils Älveby: Your phone number must be entered first. The alarm does not recorgnise the number it does not take the comando

djcone: Do you have customer support?

ceandre27: Hi! I've downloaded smartphone SMS app, but I scared with that bad security concept of SMS functions of this alarm system! It just receive ALL SMS messages without any type of authentication! It just send "0" to arm, "2" to stayhome, and "1" to arm! It's ridiculous!! a Thief just need know number of SIM used on alarm system, and he can lock and unlock it at his will!! just ridiculous!!

Response Electronics: Which Chuango Alarm System have you installed? If the G5, then this issue may be due to incompatibility between the version number of the siren and the version number of the control panel. I would suggest that you ascertain the version number of each and then check with your supplier that they are compatible.

TABLE TENNIS: I didn't do the installation. I had it installed for me. But I think it's pretty easy to install. Only when configuring the system, not that great. You have to send a lot of SMS's. There's now an app for Iphone or Android, but I haven't really used it as it's all setup after they released the app.

TABLE TENNIS: The problem has already been rectified. The installer used a different siren (not chuango), that's why I had all sorts of problem. They changed it to the right one, and it all works fine now. And yes, I think it's good, and it's worth the money.

Roger Moser:

Gary Morton: To mute the arm/disarm sound,just press the Left-hand bottom "Home" button before you press Arm or Disarm

Guido Denzler: Looks interesting, any idea where I could source this in Europe?

dimitris E.: hi my friend,it is possible to upload a small video how it looks?i thinking to buy it but i can't see anywhere a real photo!do you believe that worth the money?thank you

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Chuango Security GSM SMS RFID TOUCH ALARM SYSTEM G5 5 out of 5

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Chuango Open Box Video -- G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm System
Chuango Open Box Video -- G5 GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm System
G5 gsm alarm system
G5 gsm alarm system
Chuango G5 PLUS GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm system
Chuango G5 PLUS GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm system

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