How To Find Free Cccam Server Clines On Internet In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Eniola Motoyosi Olanrewaju: How will I read the cccam line.Thanks

Khalid Momandd: Thanks alot but how to find Nlines in google ? quick answer is greatly appreciated !

Andrew Finn: Don't waste your time with free c-lines. The servers are overloaded with 100's of people on each. More people = lagging, jumping and a poor quality experience

Orangebox Satellites: What a load a crap.. Picture is that small and Blurred and ya going through things like a bat out of hell no one would be able to get any info from this VIDEO useless. 

TheHassanen: raocvr yes its possble if the owner of the servers accepting that Its called reshare. you can also use 1 line in diffrent boxes but it must be same house /same ip adress (Maximum 1 2 boxes) as i said email for info .

Black Dante: hi I have dreambox 800hd i just add 10 Clines but when i select a channel dreambox use only the first one at the top in Ccam.cfg ??How to select which server dreambox have to use ?dreambox use only one server ??

Azureus: You can put as many as you want.

Azureus: You can't select which cline to use. CCcam automatically choose the one that seems more stable.

TheSproutsofevil: hello, can you put more than one cline into cccam.cfg file or do you have to have only one? Thanks for your time.

Megaloman2010: press ok button on dreambox remote control

craig stathers: ok @racocvr thanks the only thing is I have a DM500 v8 (clone) with Pli img on and having trouble finding the ip address the two that i found on a couple of menu screens do not work with root /dreambox as user/password any ideas mate? (im trying to use flashfxp :-)

Azureus: CCcam.cfg in not encrypted but two clients can't connect to a server with the same cline.

Garry Gemmell: Great stuff I have actually learned someting today!!!

Gjergji Castro: @racocvr I have a question. Let's say that my friend bought a dreambox and can watch all the channels for 1 year. If I look in his CCcam.cfg can I put his C lines in my CCcam.cfg or his cfg maybe is encrypted by sellers ?

craig stathers: how do i put these in my CCcam.cfg do i have to ftp them in? sorry for being a newb!

Golden barry: hi im looking free server and cline tester

Karach Azad: sorry but I dont know much about these things. I just want to get payed channels for free on my dreambox! I have found one Green colorod ''code''. now what next? what to do now with that code? thanks for the vid

Jamil Jassin: If anyone needs a server please give me a shout - I also repair and setup all boxes including dreamboxes , openboxes and VU+ boxes... I have tutorials on my channel which you can also check out...

TheSgDave: When i type dyndns 12000 forum into google... the result starting with does not come up ?

Abderrahmen Rezgui: I've been trying to get even one working c-line, but I couldn't, although i was very picky (looking carefully for the latest dates... ) so I think this app is just a bad prank.

Garry Gemmell: There is no such thing as a free c-line. You have to pay for it to get a reliable one that doesnt flake out... Interesting but essentially useless.

Ian Carey: its a load of wankology did any of you actually see this video showing an ACTUAL tv screen showing a picture that this bolloxgy was supposed to have decoded ??

Martin Ashton: you sir are a god! got all my channels back and no paying this time. thanks!

Azureus: @42cdofashion You can check the cccam webinfo (by default is h*ttp://your_dbox_ip:16001/providers) to see which shares are available to you. Keep searching for free clines until you got what you want or if you have a local card on your box you can exchange it on some forums.

Azureus: @42cdofashion yes, you can use a ftp client to edit the /var/etc/CCcam.cfg file.

Ste Bates: can anyone hook me up with a c line?

Azureus: @42cdofashion check this video to see how to get the actual IP of your box /watch?v=-vQZhdQ3qBA The default user/pass is root/dreambox for every dbox image AFAIK, if still not working with the correct IP, may be the root password was changed.

kezmarok100: please can anyone give me astra 19º c line please send it to

Mikey Sky: I have completed your instructions and I now have a list of servers loaded into my spiderbox. I get servers listing 112 cards, 76 cards etc. Is it safe to connect to these servers as I read you have to be careful when connecting to fake cards?

bis alarmes: this is paricy, is youtube promoving it? please remove this

Mohammed Amr: wow great job man

Gjergji Castro: I understood Thanx, & last question , whats the difference betwen free CCcam and paid CCcam ,I meant anyone can use Cline of free CCcam , Thank you :)

MRWHITE3535: I didn't realise it was free one's out there, and I've been paying all this time

clown963: Hello I got an Openbox HD S9 . if i follow your steps and use the available Ccam would I be able to get all sky uk channels e.g sky sports sky movies etc. Also for how long would it last me . please do email me as soon as possible. Many Thanks btw great video :)

2000Reda: Hello, I dont trust this programe

Jaguar Ae: Hi

abdellove: i have an amiko alien 8900, and the amiko works with oscam file...i dont know how to put the c lines on the oscam file? i've been told that the amiko alien dont work wit the cccam.cfg?

bis alarmes: this is an hobby you are puting stolen lines here, dam you and dam all that make this you should be banned from here you SOB

craig stathers: Thanks for your your time @racocvr I now have the ip address and have added a cLine to my CCcam.cfg, and it appears I have a few more channels available :-). So now if i want to watch, say $k¥ $port$ i would need to search a forum to do some sharing? Thanks again for your time mate

TheChronic1976: i have three boxes will i need to input different cline in the boxes or the same cline???

Arif Toheed: great great...... Thanks a Bundle

deedeedeebob17: You cant even see crap the freak is this

Azureus: different.

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
How to find free cccam server clines on internet in less than 2 minutes 4.5 out of 5

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How to find free cccam server clines on internet in less than 2 minutes
How to find free cccam server clines on internet in less than 2 minutes
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