Dipping For Beginners

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Liam Bradley: I'm actually surprised that he said Grizzly is an okay middle of the row dip, while he considers Skoal a premium dip.

Walker Fulks: Dont do snuff,itll go everywhere.

Walker Fulks: Stokers good begginer dip

Walker Fulks: For begginers dont try grizz green,but if ya wanna do its the best wintergreen in my opionion.

THEgamingKING: do people that dip not realize that not only does your breathe stink like crap, but girls find you freakin disgusting

Roy F: I've been dipping for awhile but haven't mastered a lot of the finer points, like good packing, not spitting sloppy and making a mess. Got my new Lone Star Mud Jug today, checked this out and learned some stuff. Thanks man.

Autumn Rayn: Wondering if you can answer my question. I've been dipping for a few months an I have a sore from it. What does that mean? I dip grizzly wintergreen.

GETTIM A BODY BAG: Hell's bell's i'm happy as a dip in a lip about starting up once my 10 can shipment comes in to Australia in a week give or take. I'm already addicted to nicotine so it don't bother me none. I just wanna switch from cigs to dip. Ordered of the northerner. I'm used to tobacco & nicotine as a heavy smoker. I ordered nothing but Copenhagen coz that's what i wanna start with. You & Outlaw are now my dippin guru's. Been watching you're vids for 3 weeks straight. Both y'all are friggin funny as hell. Me & some boys are gonna be chasing some merch next week. We love you guys ( Yourself & outlaw ) we gonna need one of them sweet ass confederate camo mudjugs. Love what you do & wanna support you guys by buying & importing you're sweet merch. Big respect for ya big fella.

Greg Gammago: Best video for beginners on YouTube. Fly that rebel flag proud brother. N!gger m0nkey tears are delicious!

Phil Atencio: PBR the best. freak Heineken!

HDPlayPC: I gave my tin to a bud cuz the headrush I got was really bad and I'd have to lie down for an hour, I was dipping skoal wintergreen

Tommy perkins Bikevids: I know how do dip and crap and spit but I don't know how to beat the sthomache bug that comes with it I love dip so much but I just hate it makes me sick

outlaw tv: Kodiak is $5.59 a can in NJ

Douglas the Redneck: Song??

F.uc.k You: I went from a pack of Marlboro red 100s a day, to dip, my first dip was Copenhagen wintergreen, then I switched to cope straight and snuff.

scott mill: Thanks for the video. what is your opinion on the pouch tobacco? never tried and bought a can. Thanks

DanielOlsson: you can also use it as snus , put it in upperlip and just swallow the spit . i am from norway but have a couple of different grizzly cans , works pretty much as løs-snus , just not as good to make into a ball as snus, but works pretty well . and the taste is far better than any snus .

Itz Cloud9: so I'm 19 I started dipping today and I like to dip skol berry pouches or Redman

Outdoors_ Men: Ur a want to be outlaw

Charlie Longley: where I am from Grizzly and Copenhagen cost the same

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Dipping for Beginners 5 out of 5

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