Dipping For Beginners

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HDPlayPC: I gave my tin to a bud cuz the headrush I got was really bad and I'd have to lie down for an hour, I was dipping skoal wintergreen

Tommy perkins Bikevids: I know how do dip and crap and spit but I don't know how to beat the sthomache bug that comes with it I love dip so much but I just hate it makes me sick

outlaw tv: Kodiak is $5.59 a can in NJ

Douglas the Redneck: Song??

F.uc.k You: I went from a pack of Marlboro red 100s a day, to dip, my first dip was Copenhagen wintergreen, then I switched to cope straight and snuff.

scott mill: Thanks for the video. what is your opinion on the pouch tobacco? never tried and bought a can. Thanks

DanielOlsson: you can also use it as snus , put it in upperlip and just swallow the spit . i am from norway but have a couple of different grizzly cans , works pretty much as løs-snus , just not as good to make into a ball as snus, but works pretty well . and the taste is far better than any snus .

Itz Cloud9: so I'm 19 I started dipping today and I like to dip skol berry pouches or Redman

Outdoors_ Men: Ur a want to be outlaw

Charlie Longley: where I am from Grizzly and Copenhagen cost the same

Charlie Longley: I smoke and I figured out dipping cuts that back. So not only can it save your life but save money

Xexplosionsniperx: i don't smoke cigs i don't dip i have done it i don't need to but i like mint that why i dip i like the mint dips

Taran Moothart: What dip should I begin with

Isak Dahl: i still don't get why you guys spit out the juice. Here in sweden we always swallow the tobacco juice, its the best part haha!
cool channel and greetings from snus land!

Redneck Icy: I feel retarded cuz I'm a beginner and I'm always constantly spitting any help?

Don Don: 16:08 LMAO 😂

Levi Northover: that's what I found when I first started I put little in felt wierd so I added more till it felt good in my lip

Matt Hollandsworth: if you want a good strong dip. Kodiak ice. the more burn, the better the dip! don't dip if your gonna be a kitty lol I've done em alllll go Kodiak ice

Alaric Buckles: how is grizzly a middle of the road dip if it says premium on the can????

Killerr Beemstarr: Dude has a confederate hat but lives in Cali

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Dipping for Beginners 5 out of 5

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