Dipping For Beginners

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monty jones: This guy's a real American bad ass

Sharkson77: Dip saved my sanity

mud thrower: I only dipped once my first dip was grizzley

Jennifer Boyd: I'm going to be mean but does he live in the trash can

Valtteri Kovanen: pro tip if you don't wanna spit so much:
1) smack the pouch till it gets flat.
2) fold it
3) squeeze it with fingers
4) (most important) dry your lip.
that's it guys.

Consistency Mayn: I don't think anyone who's ever quit smoking has ever sat holding a pen in their fingers saying "yeah that feels good" LMFAO

Austin Blessing: I am 110 pounds and my first dip was grizzly wintergreen longcut and I could not stand after 2 minutes

Shelby :D: I don't know why I'm watching this 😂😂 I think dipping is gross and I'm definitely not considering smoking or dipping lmao

S Rs: Yee yee

anthony tilley: my first dip was timberwolf LC WTG, it was good but after that first dip i switched straight to Grizzly Straight LC

Brian Robbins: Never had skoal anyone on here recommend anything skoal wise. Every so often I will try the grizz darks. How deos skoal winter green compare to copenhagen since it's the same company. I really like the copenhagen wintergreen.

Brian Robbins: I can't never stick to one flavour. I go from cope wintergreens to cope mints then LC then natural then every so often a straight dip

Sixty-Nine Times Chill: First dip I had was yesterday, and it was longhorn Wintergreen long cut 😂😂😂😂 I took a big pinch and got real dizzy, I didn't know I was supposed to start small but damn I'm stupid 😂😂

Ty Muzz: When I spit out my dip, there's loose tobacco in my mouth. Is that normal and what do people do to have he least amount of loose tobacco in your mouth?

Unparagoned Studios: my first dip was copenhagen southern cut, and i took like 1/4 of the can. I was loving life for about 20 minutes, then i yelled at my buddy to pull the freak over and heaved out the car door. havent been able to dip copenhagen southern cut ever sence. XD

The Rodfather: I gut a lot of the spit. Doesn't bother me

mcastro1355: Am I the only non red neck who watches this crap lmao

mfdanna213: Whats better vaping or dipping

Liam Bradley: I'm actually surprised that he said Grizzly is an okay middle of the row dip, while he considers Skoal a premium dip.

Walker Fulks: Dont do snuff,itll go everywhere.

Dipping for Beginners 5 out of 5

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