2010 Toyota Corolla Type S 1.8 L Oil Canister Change How To

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Nathan Fiser: Thanks this video answered my questions I had. It also didn't look like the homeless people walking by were to interested with your tips! Lol Maybe you need to make a video on the upkeep of shopping carts!

ANIL PATEL: great video

SpiritWalker79: https://youtu.be/z17aSm5nSGo

Small Beginnings Productions: Bro thank you sooooo much for posting what size that freaking wrench is i had a hard time finding it

phantomshTTer: "A thumb of rule."  LMAO what a dumbass.

Bob Papadopoulos: 3:05.. sounds like my high school years!!!

John Tolley: I have changed oil on all my cars all my life, boats, and motorcycles too. This design is absolutely terrible, I just replaced the filter canister do to cracking it while removing it with the tool I bought specifically for this model. Thinking back to the other 6 times I have changed the oil on this car I recall that it has never been easy. One time in particular I was working under a jack (WHICH I NOW KNOW IS COMPLETELY STUPID). I got lucky the car did not fall off the jack and kill me while struggling to remove oil filter canister. Why can't they just put a regular spin on oil filter? While at auto parts store with the tool they sold me for this model, I showed the associate how poorly the special socket fit the brand new filter canister. That is why the canister cracked, it did not fit right, he said I shouldn't have used it. I was under a car (THIS TIME WITH JACK STANDS) I couldn't see all that well. This day and age if you can't make a better tool than that then don't make a cap so hard to get off.

dave houston: who ever put my filter on was way too tight. I broke a strap tool then went to Napa and got the proper one like in the video. will try again tomorrow

Tiny Bunnysneezes: If a manufacturer needs to put a retention tab in place to hold a filter cartridge in place it's a poor design. Thanks for the vid though man!

Red Ignacio: Where did you buy your socket to remove the oil filter sir?

pogged: Hey mate, thanks for this great video! They must have put my oil filter back on last time with a rattle gun. I broke one filter tool and a ratchet trying to get it off again this time, and your video was my saving grace.

Melvin Isidro: Very informative video..

Tony Perez: Great job. You made it very easy to follow through. Thanks a lot my friend.

Ryan Conklin: @fishycomics Hey, thanks for vid! If I overtighten the filter cap, will that cause oil to slowly leak out? I think that may be my problem...

1221Ralph: What is the oil change interval? I've been changing mine every 5000 miles with full synthetic. However, I've read that I can change it at 10000 miles and no damage to the engine should occur. Thoughts? Also maintenance light comes up around 5000 miles

Bridge List: do you really need the oil filter wrench? also i do not have a floor jack... could i use my stock jack to jack the car up one side of a time then place the jack stand under each side?

Jesus Solorzano: hey yo look at me, im a typical new joysei Italian guy . i do my own work you see.

Diana Gutierrez: estoy busy no time for no body

Sadaf Amiri: thanks excellent job

Ethan Jansen: helpful video thank you

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2010 Toyota Corolla type s 1.8 l oil canister change How to 5 out of 5

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