Darth Vader Helmet

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TOLSTOI: irc anonymous send me here

sixarmspiderman: i'm getting ready to mod mine, how did you get your to look like this? Did you sand, did you use filler, primer and paint...whats the process?

KalleMalle: ACDC Back in Black !!! i lovE ThiS SonG <3

dlsms: Can u make me a set of lenses and how much u charge thanks.

SG_DEVIL: @eldictator1 because the dome wall is thin it looks much more large than normal but actually it is a little bit large than normal.

El Dictator: The rubies helmet seems a tad too large, or is it just me

Sofi A: wow! i wont one. where you get it?

SG_DEVIL: @sixarmspiderman I've used a heat gun and cold water to heat up, mold and cool down. The time you gonna take to finished is up to you. I've spent about 7 months working on it.

sixarmspiderman: how did you get the neck so strait, how long did it take, and what did you use? Thanks for Your Time

SG_DEVIL: @Jennigirlts yep, I know but it is has alot of things to be fixed and it is too much asymmetrical. The fixes I've done keeped the helmet just a little bit asymmetrical.

ZoDDyXXX: Luke, I´m your father! :)

Ruddy Shelduck: Nice Helmet!!! Love it!!! P.S. AC/DC Rock!!!!

WELSH GAMER 15: Nice modding,how did you solve the kneck flare?iv heated mine up loads of times and it never stays, even if i have pressure on the mask it just always bends back,im modding mine into a ROTS version which is going to be hard,what type of speaker did you use?i have a speaker hooked up to my mp3 player but the sound isnt as loud as yours,cheers:)))))))

mikungfu: Excellent job there, SGDevil666!!.. I can see you are a true craftsman when it comes to Vader Props!!.. Parabéns, rapaz!!

brando92711: very nice! I have a Rubies I plan to mod.. I want to fix the way the dome sits on the mask.. It just doesnt seem right and it wobbles.. I can't seem to find any pointers on getting that right. I want to fix the bridge of the nose too and maybe fiberglass the inside to stiffen it up. Already cut the eyes out and working on thermoforming my own lenses.. :) how is your "bucket" attached? stock velcro? You're seem to sit lower than mine..

SG_DEVIL: It was to be based on a ESB but the dark grey parts looks more like silver. Maybe I will fix it or make another one. I'm thinking about.

SG_DEVIL: to fix a little bit the neck I used a heat gun and the neck seal I bought from PORTUMAC

sixarmspiderman: What paint scheme did you base this helmet on, a ROTS ANH ESB or ROTJ. or is it a custom

sixarmspiderman: I have a Vader Rubies like this, what do you do to the neck to make it strait, also how do you make a Darth Vader Neck Seal...Thanks Enjoyed your Helmet Vid

SG_DEVIL: Thats why I've decided to make my own. Being honest I was about to keep this knowhow but after saw many ppl exploiting others just to make some money I think it´s time show how to make them. Just give me some time to make the slide video and you will see. Cheers Wilson

Darth Vader helmet 5 out of 5

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