Barrel Wood Stove Problem Solving - Double Wall Chimney Pipe

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Bill Russell: i was gonna say a secondary air flow pipe welded in the top of the bottom barrel all along the top
of the primary barrel (first lower) and a elbow directing fresh air into the cross over exhaust pipe
into the secondary barrel just barely ------you can also use that wasted air from the blower dump
it will become a rocket stove and not smoke at all. you can drill little bitty holes (like 3/8ths) all alone the nipple upturned into the

the black pipe in the top will be preheating fresh air and the air coming in thru holes is like a backwards stove burner
that brings in fresh air to a combustible atmosphere

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Joseph Sturgis: Verizon sucks..... video is good though.

karl De Pauw: you can do a Little upgrade on the stove to get more heat out of it by putting in a pice of stove pipe in the upper barrel that is cut in half on the bottom +-5 inch connectie it to the exhaust point the opening to exhaust of the bottom barrel then your upper barrel will act as a bell,giving more heat off as only the coldest gasses in the barrel go up the chimney . for more info about Bells i Hope you can have try ad this,make sure the exhaust does not go below 60°c /150°f for condensation reasons ,kind regards karl

Love2boat92: Verizon is a VERY GREEDY company.

tekyMAVERICK: GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER. Thanks for sharing, I cant wait to see your hydroponic setup.

John Watz: Great Video. I have a greenhouse that is 12 X 16. I am trying to find a way to heat it. Your video gives me some ideas. What if you ran the pipe the length of the greenhouse and had the barrel outside the structure. I am aware that most of the heat will be lost, being outside of the structure. I am asking if the heat going the length of the building would keep it warm enough? Your thoughts? I would like to keep the internal temperature around 60-75 degrees.

Jeff Sullivan: Somehow I missed your heater videos for the past 2 years. These are as good as any I've seen, better than most. My greenhouse is only 22' long but my heater is also in a recessed room/closet. I ran the exhaust at a slight angle the length of the greenhouse to dissipate as much heat as possible on the way out. I had a similar drafting problem like yours and was considering adding a second vertical stack to get the fire going and then close the damper to redirect the heat through the horizontal pipe but since you had the same problem even with a vertical stack I may rethink that and try the double wall outside stack first. Any thoughts on this idea? BTW Your original setup was the first horizontal stack setup I have seen on YouTube. I got the idea from my 125 year farmhouse that was heated that way with the pipe running between the rooms through the walls. Henry Ford built the house so I thought maybe it was just one of his ideas.

Michael Kalbow: Howdy everyone.  I was looking for a link to the .pdf file you mentioned in your video but it appears as though that link is no longer accurate.  Is it possible to get an update?

Willows Garden: Brilliant idea on the shade Bobby, kudos my friend. Hope you and Susan have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hugs, love and prayers to y'all!

whiteflight8: Great videos Love your positive attitude Thanks for sharing

Jim Mcdonald: Great videos. Thanks for sharing

DJ Marion: I think I hate Comcast as much as you hate Verizon.

Ron Nelson: it is a really nice stove. I like it, just thought you might want to rethink the forced air thing. Think of  a blacksmith firepit. He pumps air into the fire and the metal gets hot enough to melt.

Ron Nelson: Bad idea running a forced air into your barrel stove. You are increasing the temp of the fire greater than what the steel barrel will withstand. You're going to burn the barrel out faster. Its too thin a metal for that. That's why your wood support grate was warping and breaking.

KINGCOIL1973: Thanks for the good info brother!God bless

Nortekj: Another thing to consider IF you do find that you get better heat with some sort of a grate is to run the 2 inch air supply through to inside of the barrel about 2 inches and then connect a T and then add 2 short nipples (6 to 8 inches long) to an Elbow on each side then add 2 more sections of 2 inch schedule 40 iron pipe to reach to the back of stove that has 3/8th inch holes drilled about every 2 inches apart. after assembling the air supply put sand  in the burning chamber just deep enough so that the entire air supply piping assembly can rest on it. This configuration should allow a more complete burn with a lot less creosote buildup.

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Barrel Wood Stove Problem Solving - Double Wall Chimney Pipe
Barrel Wood Stove Problem Solving - Double Wall Chimney Pipe
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