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Woodrow Kenton Jr.: Do you accept PayPal

Malik Mccadden: Looks good Chuka keep doing your thing from an old six grade friend Teneya when I get back to Cali I'm have you fade my son head up

Bourne2lose: I got the outliner, & the t outliner modded blades, best blades money can buy. I cut my own hair, and with these blades, my fade is cleaner, & my lining is sharper, Thanks Chukka!

ZmfKtv: So freaking clean man.!!!

Cutter Man: What's up Chuka I need some contact info on u bro. I need some blades modified I don't know how to contact u or nothing so get at me and let me know something! 

Bourne2lose: My phone has a mind of its own, it spelled your name wrong, sorry! 

Bourne2lose: My phone has a mind of its own, it spelled your name wrong, sorry! 

Bourne2lose: Chuka, you cut like a Samurai with those blades!

BelieveAndFocus: Definately got skill, but def shoulda went with the fade instead of a taper. looked odd behind the ear because it wasnt a normal taper. but props on experimenting.

trwt176: cut was fresh

SSR6464: Eww goddamn...this is constructive freakED his hair up!!!!!

fullstereo: nah theres different type tapers and this one was cool.and it was even.its a tight cut

rudeKiD: yea u went up high on the side but then again the customer probably wanted it that way.....

Justus Kirui: Just a haircut???

emanuscriptgraphics: I digz the taper on the neck, just not the shape up in the front. I think the contours on the sides could have been a little more smooth. Also the taper on the sides went up a little too high. Otherwise good job. Yo I'm not on that hate stuff, just give constructive criticism.

Chuka Torres: Its hard to explain, but you grind them to have a sharper edge.

john zagado: is dat a low fade???

john zagado: ok dat does not answer my question..i said what kind of haircut is dis?? is it taper fade shadow fade or what ...i dont give a fuk bout em blades dats ma barbers job

cutterblk: Thats a fade not a taper

Esoterick77: Good job!! No frills "high taper" without that stupid Beijing Line..To me, the natural the cut, the better!! Cats out here spoiling the barber game, drawing hairlines in to sharpen up the look and making your head look like a mannequin head!! I'M NOT HATING, but save that for the hair shows..

arcanum2009: This taper is a bit high up, but it looks nice on your clients head. Different is good when it fits. Were you trying to go up that high on purpose? Just curious.

immarapist2: @VEERnineone he never said he didnt want a high taper dummy

VaginaIIVIIite: @yungcity228 Stupid bitch you are ignorant. Did you see what you said? "You'd get smoked out here fast for doin that crap" America is better off without freakin douche bags like you and "you're freaking hood".

alexawesomeguy: How did you modify your trimmers?

LaGorda017: that was a good one but how to u gety the bottom all short as hell then lil longer at the top? what sizes too.?

mar123430: yeah on point with that line up clean ass taper on the back foos be hating they aint ever done a cut in their life what do they know thats the cheer leaders for you ass

alizin2008: dude that was niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Are you uusing the Andis T Outliner? If so, how much do they go for?

UnstoppableKause: @718685 itz da samething a fade jus goes ALL the way around tha head

SPAZO6969: @24lakerfam -you just sounded like a crying little bitch, yea i said it, it needed to be said, you sound like a bitch saying, "wtf again thats not me on the chair" lmfao...... bbeeeaaaaaaccchhhhh!!!!!

VaginaIIVIIite: @yungcity228 Stfu. Proves how ignorant you are!

ALVINO559: pushed the taper 2far behind the ear.

Yordano Alvarado: yo the blowout was to high on the sides.. and ned next time dont cut off the whole sideburn. leave a 3 centimeter long at the bottom.. it will look more freash

Isaiah Ambriz: freaking clean :D

salcantar06: no hate at all bro, but in my honest opinion the taper on the sides are WAY too high, makes it look like a fade....but the back it LEGIT and the edge up is OFFICIAL. keep up the good work man and try gettn that taper alil lower and not so wide. barber love.

jerry ceasar: that's was up bro great job

xMakeItRain23x: wat number is the top and wat do i say to get a taper like that

GuttaRichBoy87: @24lakerfam i aint no barber but i do know how to cut hair better that..

SPAZO6969: @24lakerfam...1st of all i hate on this cut cause it truly is wack, that's prob you sitting in the chair; secondly, the best known barbers are in NYC and ATL and Miami....Cali aint cutting it. But lets not get into that whole East Coast, West Coast bullcrap. You clearly don't have a barber's my previous posts and look at what im talking about; he didnt blend out a line in the blend and a line in the faded part. He sucks, well so do you...mad homos!!!

Joel Songco: Should Have Might As Well Give Him A Fade, Since The Taper Is Way Too High

z308e: that craps super clean if u ask me. whats the point of getting a lil ass taper that aint even visable. its a cool high taper.

rubinskio: my dude got a modified mullet

Smarvin0595: hey um does anyone know what number he has on the top?

DREY773: pretty good. tip of the day to my barbers out there. try out the wahl detailers. they hitting a lil harder than andis rite now.

jpistola: i watched this crap twice. the 1st time i was shocked. the 2nd time i was on the floor dying of laughter. i dont know whose higher. Me or The Blowout hahahahahahaha

VEERnineone: @immarapist2 my statement was for those who said the taper was too high... you act as if you were there when the guy told the barber what he wanted... calm your nuts mr professional...

ayoitswobbie: it is a high taper. its not a messup. and it cant be a fade because the taper doesnt go around the whole head.

Veronica Gallegos: the cut was good, the taper had a VERY good fade but it was jus a little too high on the sides in MY opinion but i also cut hair so i kno if thats how a customer wanted then thats how you gotta cut it. but if he didnt want it like that then jus work on keeping it lower but over all very good haircut.

Ruben Ramirez: wenttt a littllee highh on thaa tapperrr...

gadget609: @leapelite yeah the t outliner blade gets hot just like the rest of em.. but if you adjust the tension screw on the motor you can delay the heat up time by a minute or so... also using kool lube helps too.

MasterBarbersMIGGS1: I would agree the taper was high if the vid was title Temp fade. Clients and Barbers work together to create a style. So please do not judge some one on their style or cutting abilities. At one point at the beginning our career as Master Barbers we made and still are making our mistakes. Dont Judge, praise him for a fade well done no matter how high. As long as there was NO LINE OF DEMARKATION. Try different ways to start your fade to find the one you feel most comfertable with. PEACE

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