MFJ-9440 QRP Radio

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Josef Ayala: Hello! Can you tell me what kind of battery are you using? Tnx, 73, Joe-k4jga

Olive Solomon: Hi Darryl, I'm a new ham operator and have recently purchased a Kenwood TS440 with a Kenwood MC60 desk mic. So excited! it wrks great! Question? I have been invited to go camping and would like to take my new set up with me and try to make contacts. But I don't how to power it up as there is no electricity at all! I know at home I use a 12v 35 amp power supply that's 110. So can you help me on advice for solar power or a 12v battery. I don't want to hurt my new system. thanks. KK6VMT

Darrell Beard: I just got the MFJ-9440 and I must admit, I'm impressed. I;m using my with an inverted-vee at 40 ft. So far not much trouble making contacts at all. I did replace the microphone with one that drivers the rigs bit harder and I'm seeing 10 watts on peaks. This radio has an unblieveable receiver. This ones a keeper!!!

Frank Gochnour: nice.

BennyCFD: Power at the antenna connecter at the radio is different from effective radiated power, but who cares it works

Mike Eisenzimmer: I love this rig, here I am using mine on the road!!

iz0fys: Pls note you are not running TEN WATTS....but looking at your wattmeter while you are only at 3-4 watts !!!

Austin Read: Will be using this rig for field day !

WX9DX: Hey great video. Try me on Wednesdays 2 to 4 pm central time on 7.268MHz on the 68 group, I'm their List Taker that day. Sure would like to hear that setup on the air! :) 73 Jimmy, ARRL TC, WX9DX

AI4QT: @zappatx Nada. The green fence post serves only to assit in securing the painter's pole in the soft earth. The pole is fiberglass. Glad you like the idea. Best of 73 AI4QT.

zappatx: Does that green fence post provide any grounding or is that part of the scheme to the base mount of the antenna? Just laying out plans for a easy portable setup. Thanks for the great short and clear videos!

NewHampshireBoy: Nice!

AI4QT: @teddereem. Thanks for viewing... The battery lasts several hours to say the least. You should have plenty of fun with a setup like this without too much worry of running low if you're hiking for a day, or at a picnic. Best of 73 AI4QT

AI4QT: @mgolden2 recharge is done by small 12 volt battery charger picked up from Battery Plus.

mgolden2: How do you recharge those batteries? N0ZOJ

Tommyr: I love my 9475! great little rigs!

AI4QT: That's the specs from MFJ. In fact, some folks even report 12 watts out of some of these radios. 73.

Jeffrey petch-harrison: hi i thought these were only 3 watts how are you getting 10 watts..jeff..M6GLH thats why i never got one................

NG9D: Excellent video - and SSB QSO! 73 de NG9D . .

AI4QT: I'm going to be posting a video soon on how I support the painter pole-- My secret though is using those green steel fence posts and "hose clamping" the steel fence post to the painter pole. It's great for a temporary setup! I've had the MFJ-9440 SSB radio only a few days and I already rank it up to one the top three radios I've owned (SERIOUSLY). 73, AI4QT

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MFJ-9440 QRP Radio 5 out of 5

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