My Hi-Point 4595 45ACP Unboxing And Assembly

What do you think about this video?

Jeremy Conlee: great video thanks for taking the time to make it

Joe Sommers: that "sling" is a joke. I wouldn't have wasted the time installing that shoe lace.

Jimmy Coleman Jr: got an issue opening my bolt lock. even when I released the empty magazine. any suggestions

DON C: I'm thinking of getting one but they are always sold out. How's the trigger?

Judah Tribe1969: Just got mine last night. Can't wait to shoot it. Thanks for the video.

Travis M.: 2:19 "This is a short barreled license."

Now, what exactly is a short barreled license??

lol Man, just open the box and tell us what you think about the rifle. You don't have to sit there and read everything on the box and every sticker on the rifle. For god's sake...

CyberFaction: Extremely boring, put some life in your reviews.

tbmarq: other than the mag release is there any other issues shooting it left handed? grip comfort, shells coming back at your face, etc?

Dave Davy: I also have .40sw nice pistol haven't had any problems with it either must have shot 700 rounds thru it all the people that like to talk crap about high point are just mad cuz they spent $500/$600 on their firearms and the $150 high point's are just as good and even better in some cases as their over priced ones

Dave Davy: Really enjoy my high point 4595ts great gun super price from texas where we have alot of hogs use 185 grain rounds have no problem dropping em

Joseph G.: I just bought a 4595 today, and there was practically nothing in terms of a manual.  Thanks for mentioning checking online.. 

Terry D Harris: What is that ticking.....that ticking !!

James K.: I see your left handed. Does the mag release button get in your way? I heard some lefties dropped their mag while shooting because of where the release is located.I am also left handed but looking forward to buying one of these.Thanks

MrRAGER170: What size wrech to two is sigh

GBBWSA: yor sniffing drove me nuts can't watch this

Cr Cook: Yes This was my First Rifle I Bought it got me interested Guns I still have this rifle and its the reason I bought the Tisas because it shares the same 45acp ammo Thanks for stopping by - Charles

gittygitty11: Are you Mr Miyagi?

josh hacker: sheww, glad he gave me the warning at the end saying it was a real gun, I thought it was a fake the whole time, lol, thnk u sir

KELSEY ALDER: I put 2000 rds of assorted brands through my 4595 and havent had any problems, people just like to think because they spend $600-$800 on a gun that their gun is "better" when in reality they just paid alot of money for a name that they like. Guns nuts are like car nuts they all have their brand and thats the only one thats any good and really forget that the other guys do the exact same thing. Good video bud!

Cr Cook: Its a Love Hate with Hi-Point you either Love Them or Hate Them - Charles

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My Hi-Point 4595 45ACP Unboxing and Assembly 5 out of 5

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