My Hi-Point 4595 45ACP Unboxing And Assembly

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Joseph G.: I just bought a 4595 today, and there was practically nothing in terms of a manual. Thanks for mentioning checking online.. 

Dave Davy: I also have .40sw nice pistol haven't had any problems with it either must have shot 700 rounds thru it all the people that like to talk crap about high point are just mad cuz they spent $500/$600 on their firearms and the $150 high point's are just as good and even better in some cases as their over priced ones 

Dave Davy: Really enjoy my high point 4595ts great gun super price from texas where we have alot of hogs use 185 grain rounds have no problem dropping em 

MrRAGER170: What size wrech to two is sigh 

Terry D Harris: What is that ticking.....that ticking !!

James K.: I see your left handed. Does the mag release button get in your way? I heard some lefties dropped their mag while shooting because of where the release is located.I am also left handed but looking forward to buying one of these.Thanks

Cr Cook: @MrNo0nekares 279 at woodbury's - Charles

gittygitty11: Are you Mr Miyagi?

Space SpaceMenDre: how come people bash hi points hand guns but love there carbines ???

Cr Cook: @hambonedodge34 Cool Videos Enjoyed the Peaceful pond - Charles

ldgrey1963: @SoccerBalbus I have the same Carbine, I have shot a couple of hundred rounds with NO jams/FTF etc. It is not made to be pretty (I like the way it looks myself) it is made to function. It can be a challange to field strip and clean, check out youtube like I did to learn the tricks to detail stripping and cleaning.

Cr Cook: @AzNFudgeman I only removed the top half becaust the bottom rail is held on by the front site and it was held on by allen screws - Charles

bigdogbuc: It would be a great video if you could hear it...had all the volumes turned up all the way, kicked out the kids and turned anything that made noise off and could still barely hear it. But a nice looking gun...thinking of one for myself.

catfishredneck88: i agree. he prob never owned one yet is an expert on them. why complain? send it in if it doesnt work. they have lifetime warrenties even to the third owner. i have 3. 2 pistols and a 995 in my gun collection. they arent for home defense. they are to shoot. why does everyone seem to think if a guy buys one its gonna jam and get him killed. i have over 20 guns. i just like to shoot different stuff. and i got all 3 of my hi-points for under $550. try and get just one glock for that.

jacob caudill: lol crcooktube lead doesnt cause cancer thats a proven fact but it is poisonous if you breath it in or eat it thats why they stopped making toys out of lead ( toy soldiers) and they took it out of paint cause it will kill you not cause cancer we arent talking about a pack of pall mall

Cr Cook: It works Great and have not had any Issues Wish I could Find a Higher Cap Mag - Charles

TheResistance607: I have one of these . I like it . a week after i bought is i lost my home in a flood and gun was under 12ft of water for a week . believe it or not it survived ok . scope was ruined . receiver cover was rusty and pitted but the gun worked fine after diss assembly . and cleaning . I must mention the fron pin with plastic clip to hold hand rail on is a horrible design. the ping rusted in and plastic broke . i not have a clamp hold fore end on.

TheHighNDrunk: Nice, American made, inexpensive option for home defense.

Cr Cook: @mrshappy2007 Its a Repeater IDing - Charles

Cr Cook: Believe it or not its got a lifetime guarentee so you can ship it to them and they will fix it free - Charles

Cr Cook: Ok Thanks for the info - Charles

Cr Cook: Thanks for the Input I check Promag out - Charles

ruger338magnum: Bought mine at the Tulsa OK. gun show last november. I love it. It's my home defense weapon.

BluesKlok76: Hi points are crap. They jam easy are bulky and poorly made. Why buy crap to defend your home. A shot gun is the best home defense weapon because it doesn't over penetrate. Who cares about what your weapon does to your house you should care about the people in the next room when your pistol rounds fly through several walls.

SoccerBalbus: Very Good gun, ppl say its junk but this firarm has a purpose; very good for home defense; .45acp very good roun d for take down power.......45acp was made for a hand gun but going throught his fire arm its extremly accurate; only thing i would change is having a high capacity clip availble.....10 rounnds or 9 os okay for home protection but 20-30 rounds would be nice to have the option.

Callmekevo: The fact that the bolt would not go all the way back with a magazine inside worries me, is that just how this model works when a clip is empty?

Cr Cook: I beg to Differ I have no had any trouble with my 4595 I cant say much about the other hipoints and ifyou are having trouble just send it back they will fix it and give you a free mag - Charles

mike b: How much man? Local shop has same one for 300.

bigdogbuc: @crcooktube No need to apologize. I appreciate you taking the time to make the video. Even though I couldn't hear it, I still got a lot of what I was looking for out of it. Thanks again and nice job! Look forward to more...

Cr Cook: Its a Love Hate with Hi-Point you either Love Them or Hate Them - Charles

SoccerBalbus: @crcooktube thanks like a few random ppl say this gun is junk and it jams; then others says its fine.....

NubsWithGuns: Hi-Point looks like the "cover your ass" poster child with all the warnings LOL

Cr Cook: Thanks for the info I'm still very Happy with my 4595 - Charles

MrYoutub59: i have the 995ts and love it/

edgybob1: Sorry, Charles, I am not technically literate when it comes to Youtube.

edgybob1: The video viewing part is very good. However I have my sound turned up all the way and still have a hard time hearing you.

Cr Cook: @bigdogbuc Sorry Next Time I'll Turn Up The Volume using my Video Editing Software - Charles

Cr Cook: @mobb70 279 + the local 20 ffl charge I got it from Woodbury surplus and had it shipped - Charles

johnnye263: pretty sweet i might be getting the 9mm version.

SoccerBalbus: @crcooktube they havent relaesed one yet, idk if they will; but there is a way to modify it i havent tried it and i dont think i will. if it comes out ill let u know

bigdog1291: Just a quick question for you, or anyone else that might know. can the charging handle go on the right side of the gun, or do you need to get a special handle

Cr Cook: @SoccerBalbus I can't say on longivity but mine had been fine so far and its got a lifetime warranity so if i have any problems as long as their in business it will get fix and besides I paid less that half of some of the big guys prices - Charles

drew chan: is there a way to remove the front sight post..... i feel that it sees a little too long/clunky

catfishredneck88: no. threadded only on the right and the handle slides into the left.

GBBWSA: yor sniffing drove me nuts can't watch this

Cr Cook: Yes This was my First Rifle I Bought it got me interested Guns I still have this rifle and its the reason I bought the Tisas because it shares the same 45acp ammo Thanks for stopping by - Charles

AMMW77: How does the gun do far as jamming and have you ran into any problems? thinking about getting one myself .

mrshappy2007: sound like somebody in background tapping moris code? anybody else hear it?

Cr Cook: @SoccerBalbus If you Find a Lager Clip That Works Let Me Know I have not seen one I tried to Modify a 15Rnd 1911 but it kept Jamming - Charles

SoccerBalbus: @hambonedodge34 I am thinking of getting one. What ammo do you recomend for this gun? and just wondering whats the diffrence between .45ACP and .45S&W?

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My Hi-Point 4595 45ACP Unboxing and Assembly 4.5 out of 5

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