Cut Your Hair At Home With CreaClip On HSN- Angled Bob, Layers

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Angie Drainer: Don’t listen to these reviews this thing sucks! It cut my hair so uneven. I have been cutting my own hair & bangs for many years & this creaclip is awful! Go to the salon & save your hair because you’ll end up there if you use this!

Frances Wright: They barely cut the hair. I want to see a hair cut, not millimeters. There is no difference in the hair.

VenusAB: It´s about a Line-Bob without Layers: How do you do that when you just want to have straight pages - not longer at front of the head? Also, there is the difficulty that I can not even see if the air bubble is in the middle if I want to cut this bob myself.

Maheen Angel: I didn't see any difference

Jennifer Hagan: This HSN lady wouldn't even let Ms. Pu talk. IRITATING! 😬

George Smith: Argh goddamn you creaclip. Not even this cam make me cut a side fringe properly. My hair!!!!!!!!!! 😢

D Diaz: I have a creaclip and I love it.

Brenda Torres: Her customer service skills were amazing! Great to do business with her! Many blessings and success.

Gregory Sullivan: Wow. As a hairstylist at a high end salon that does quality work I need to inform you all that this is totally taking advantage of you! Have you watched the how to videos? The hair is so choppy and uneven and this product is a scam. I guess the only thing I like about it is that I will get to see some of the people who try this in the salon to FIX the mistakes!

Dana Al406: Where i find it pleas

Jenny Tronci: belloooo, dove si può acquistare? grazie a coloro che risponderanno

tina sheppard: this isnt a very good demonstration for this product, they should have had a model who would let them go the whole hog,cuz its fab, ive not been to the hair dressers in nearly two years.this it totally fab  ;o)

Kate Laurie: darn good deal @ 19.99. You Girl. Love mine. 

Trinh Tu: i bought this clip. for real though, in one year i saved enough money to go on a Vegas vacation. i love this thing

Trudy Schwartz-Burrill: I am a cosmetologist,  I got my license when I was 17,  I am 57,  this is a great product.   The head is shaped to be able to use angles and the shape of the head at the area and angle you need for the hair to fall properly.   If you don't  truly understand how the head is your gyide and assists. Using angles such as 45 or 90 degrees from the curvature of your scalp, it may take more practice.  May I suggest that you watch professional haircut terms cut the style you want. You scroll instructors or hairdressers here on YouTube .   That will teach you those ALL important angles.   Then it will make sense why you comb hair in the various angles to get your look.  
Think about this.   The hair at the back (nape)  if you turn your head upside down and pull it to say bang length using G the scalp so close to scalp let go you will see how your entire hair is layered when you flip back up.   Now surely at that point unless you want it spiked  you will need to texture the layers. Use scissors and tip cut out bluntness to allow to fall and lay better. When you tip cut it helps to blend you layers.  This. Can be achieved by parting diagonal sections to then go back a D shape the tips and point cut to lay property.  Your ends will blends and lays flatter.   If you pull your hair straight up at the top (crown) when let your hair down your bangs will be longer as will the entire cut depending on how far away from the head that you secure your clip.   If you really think about it your head is your guide,  think about all the curves and how long or far away from scalp you will cut and how much length you keep depends on how far from scalp you position your clip.

Here is a tip or so... . Use the smaller clip to use for your verticle cuts in back on sides.   With the angle level that rotates you can't screw up if you want h and listen to the videos the schools put up.   Watch a professional do the cut you want.   Then use your clips.  

Cut your hair. More than once until you get understand.   Longer the first to. E incase you need to make adjustments.  You will then see what you are doing.   Should it not dork you still have the length to go to someone.   Watch them closely get there early watch others be cut.   Talk to your hair dresser.  Tell them you used this product and what looks wrong to you.   Most hairdressers will try to show you how you went wrong.   H easy is you are cutting say a graduated Bob you still may depending on you hair and such you will need someone to help you clean up the neck line,  unless you have a mirror behind you and you know how to work in a mirror,  what YOUR hair will do.    Then cut to the length you truly are  after,  practice makes perfect.  Very true for this.

I always cut my own hair.   I stated cutting my dolls air.   Friends by 5th grade.   That was a mess.   But in high school I was doing no all my friends and families hair aunts cousins etc that I decided to go to school to always have it to fall back on.   My husband and kids had not gone to a salon ever.   When we retired and moved away my kids were forced to go to a salon and called me after you are the only one I trust, they take too much off.   Or whatever.   This is going to allow me to teach them to use this if I am traveling to teach or whatever.  They can trim their hair themselves.  

Professional opinion,  I would not change my hair style with this get it cut first professionally and then use this tool to follow your base haircut.   That hopefully will be your last appointment for a trim up.   This product absolutely. Is NOT ONLY FOR THIS.   It does take practice and basic understanding of how your hair will react and of how the scalp is designed and YOUR HAIR FALLS.

I have had long hair most of my life.   I recently cut about 11 inches off a few months later another six.   I am going to a graduated Bob.   I have done it all myself and finally found D the perfect products t to cut my own hair short.  

Thank you... Great invention.  

purplestarfish: I bought this product and it's great, easy to use and more important saved me a fortune in hair cuts at a salon. x

TheRawBabe: trimming is enough for long hair

Tasha Jones: Where can i order

Julie Shin: Hmmm they talk too much kinda annoying ( perhaps I know they have to CUS it's a home shopping program)

SpatzieLover: My hair cuts cost about $50 & 2 hours out of the home. $110+ for cut, dye & style and up to 4hours. I just bought a creaclip. I'll let you know how it goes ;)

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Cut your hair at home with CreaClip on HSN- Angled Bob, layers 5 out of 5

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Cut your hair at home with CreaClip on HSN- Angled Bob. layers
Cut your hair at home with CreaClip on HSN- Angled Bob. layers
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