Nicer Dicer By Genius Review - Onion Soup

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Bryan Asen Georgiev: You said skin down and put up , hmmmm what's wrong :-) put it right and will work :-)

TECH SPOTedewaz is: Soft side goes up!!!

Janette Lavender: You should slice the onions just a bit.They don't work well on the round sides of onions. I find that the inside of the peppers, tomatoes and onion works better. It has an issue with the skin otherwise it worked fine for me with little force. The tiny cutters didn't work well for me. Forget carrots. They are too hard. Sorry but you seem like sort of a clod in the kitchen. Just sayin. You seemed like you wanted this to fail.....

patton bal: bu amcaya kullanilmis alet mi yolladilar;))

patton bal: kesmiyoki bu ya

0621Linda: You are not doing it right...I love mine!  You are to have nicer dicer horizontal to you, not towards you!

Dean Tripstar Rose: I bought this exact same model from a car boot sale for like £1 and I came on here for an instructional video to see wherer I was going wrong with it. Seems like you are having the esxact same probems lol. It is a poor design and shoddy construction. I can dice an onion by hand in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the physical effort that this thing requires. Verdict: waste of plastic and steel, and time, and money.

Little Asian Penis: cost as much as an electric dicer by russel hobs haha

juggernaut44: thank u so much this was helpful

Prabhu Dilli: If you don't know how to use it or don't have patience to learn it, please don't use the product. He is intentionally created the video and broke the blades by pushing harder and harder, also it is clearly stated that you should have the "SKIN" portion facing down but he didn't for the onions and for the tomatoes and apples he used the rotten ones. Good

DrGeneralkumar82: Thanks for this review man. You saved me from buying this crap. Cheers!

fahid shaikh: its crap
I have one of that and i never use it because how crap it actually is

fromano69: I've had mine for the past 5-6 Years and still works, is true that you have to press really hard, that's why my husband does it for me with no problem at all, he even do extra onions for me to refrigerate and use as I need to when I cook, He's Argentinean so I'm always using this machine to do their Argentinean Empanadas on parties, get together, etc, and to do this empanadas you have to use a lot of onions, if it's a pound of ground beef then you need 2 pounds of onions, it's always doble portion on onions, so for me this really worked 'cause now I don't need to cut pounds and pounds of onions by hand any more.

UseThisOneForYoutubePlaylists: And another things, some friends of mine bought a cheap bad quality version, which also broke quickly. When they saw mine, they told me mine even weighted more, and was a lot more tough and stable, I think you also went for the cheap chinese crappy version....

UseThisOneForYoutubePlaylists: I actually love it and use it every day. You canot just press like that, you have to hit it, if you are unskilled at life its not the products problem.

9malls: People like me save people like you money. This product sticks and should not even be sold to the public. The quality of this product is an insult to everyone who buys it.

Jay G.: that was 3 years ago

Samuel Davis: Just saved me 18 bucks, thanks :)

Riley Banks: Yo im hi as fuuuuuc

Al: Wow that's gay

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Nicer Dicer by Genius Review - Onion Soup 5 out of 5

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