Tantra Chair

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kicesie: You would have to contact the manufacturer for dimensions.

boar head: I have a relatively small place and was hoping to get some measurements to see if I can fit it in my closet (while not in use of course) as I need the floor space... like max/min height, width, and maybe the height of the smaller bump. Possible?? If I can get it in, this would rock my (and her) world!

gusb00st: could you please tell me the name of the song!

Darth Revan: Unrelated to the subject, but nice Suits of Armor in the back hahaha....

chibiraptor: It's been like 20 minutes and I still don't know what your face looks like...

kicesie: Apparently I did not say it the way it's pronounced in French. I'm sorry, I can't speak French, even though I wish I could.

Étoile Éclatante: She looks 16?! I don't think you've met any Asians then.

Peyton Sexton: My parents have one of these...

mooseasaurusrex: HA! I'm in a wheelchair so I'd like to find one these. Wait. Did she say 'chase lounge' or chaste lounge? 'Cause I thought that meant...

schymcgee: I bet you hear that all the time :P If there were 4 Billion of You the World would be in a perfect place!!! I would mention something else but may not be appropriate here LOL.

kicesie: She was being demeaning. So I threw it back at her. ;-)

kicesie: Ahh, thank you!!!!!!! : )

schymcgee: kicesie, you have got to be the sexiest woman on planet earth!!! Love all your videos!!!

kicesie: I didn't get paid for this. I have to disclose any financial relationship with videos and venders. I made this video as a favor to the company because they sent me this chair as a wedding gift.

mooseasaurusrex: HA! She called you 'hun'. Ya' big dope!

lanatureestbelle: Making an ad? Really, I thougt she was smarter.

diesel54x: beautiful fireplace,

DevilDragonX15: @sony8331 she kinda did... in the beginning.. calm down.. you manwhore

Lilla Badics: Lol the website has some interesting content.

Josh Wyatt: @kicesie Your video is good info. But also very passionate, the positions you show are from experience and that's what gives this topic character! Keep up the good work!

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Tantra Chair 5 out of 5

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