Tantra Chair

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exorcist94: what music is that at the beginning?

The Lanz: @kicesie You REALLY like sex don't you?

kicesie: @samanthapoe Of course.

Bruce Izadi: @goofywilly It's faux leather

JordanHamilton: you're beautiful... thanks for the info and knowledge!

Rayray Washington: kind of like when I heard about fleshlight. Now I must own one. And you look great with dark hair.

sony8331: Can u show us how u use the chair.???

4improv: @kicesie Yeh.. just how I once heard it pronounced, is all. Though I certainly can't claim any expertise, as I'm only slightly proficient at practices like circulating energy in the microcosmic orbit still.. hehhe. :(

toor175: sogood

kicesie: I didn't get paid for this. I have to disclose any financial relationship with videos and venders. I made this video as a favor to the company because they sent me this chair as a wedding gift.

kicesie: @bmwnasher No. And no, I don't think so. The chair is crafted by a artisan, but I don't think they have a wider style.

Daytonaman675: hmm.

Gabthatguyyoukno: @13Wiers I'm 13 and i know more about sex then my sex ed teacher...

sowiseloc: the first 57 seconds kick ass, ive been repeating them for like the whole time

Toeknee Toe: Four thumbs up are possible. 2 from you and 2 from your partner.

besttrickster: that must be the most times cleaned chair in the world...

Mihul Tudor: @13Wiers and what if she was 16? whats your problem you're jealous that at 16 age you didn't know anything about sex?

Peyton Sexton: My parents have one of these...

Rey Archille Balagulan: @goofywilly hahaha wet look

lanatureestbelle: Making an ad? Really, I thougt she was smarter.

Gabriel Alejandro Del Cid Castro: The Tantra Chair is a modern chaise designed to enhance the advanced sexual positions of the Kama Sutra. We have had the great honor of creating this unique chair for countless couples in America and abroad since our inception in 2001

kicesie: @Themarcus1005 Of course I've used it. And you'd have to check out their site for prices. Links are in the description.

Ask a Stoner: @Elkotend Absolutely not! it is even more fun when they are sitting on it all night and THEN you tell them what you do on it!

fsckoff: It's called "M I Ready" by Scott P. Schreer on Trance-Floor Vol 1

fixme14: @goofywilly Silly fool, wrap your tool. :D

kicesie: @dady977 Haha, sorry, I'm priceless. No amount of money in the world could buy me. ;-)

Alex White: Hottttt!!

kicesie: @Dieguilloeltunante I've read a lot about Tantra and never read that. Also there is lots of energy in the man.... and it's by his lack of release that he 'holds on' to that energy and continues to build it up over time. I have no idea where you're getting this information from. Have you viewed the tantric positions? The man's spine is quite certainly not always vertical. Again, no idea WHAT you're talking about.

schymcgee: kicesie, you have got to be the sexiest woman on planet earth!!! Love all your videos!!!

kicesie: @razorramon310 Don't know. I got it off of freeplaymusic(dot)com

Elkotend: It would be so awkward hanging out with friends, sitting in this chair.

01iv3r95: that chair looks good to freak on!!

Lucas Winters: @Gabthatguyyoukno same

Dieguilloeltunante: I think that chair is not apropiate for tantra. The reason is simple, in tantra de energy is the girl, that means that the man adopt the passive part and the woman the active. Also the man´s spine has to be vertical and that chair doesn´t help.

Tim Foat: @bmwnasher : Liberator Sex Pillows does a similar chair and have wider models for most of their products.

kicesie: @KokSquad As I've said, it's amazing. I wouldn't know that if we hadn't tried it.

tytytytytyty6: brand furniture at Sears lol @ the ads

DevilDragonX15: @sony8331 she kinda did... in the beginning.. calm down.. you manwhore

Étoile Éclatante: She looks 16?! I don't think you've met any Asians then.

4improv: love it :) especially the design to get all the angles... if you're in need of any volunteers... ;) (teasing) PS- it's "dantra" methinks... best:) -E

Moobysnax: Suits of armor kick ass

kicesie: @ThierryLouis That's the point of the chair's design!

La Flaka Acabando: @TailmPwi i would honestly love to have sex in those chairs, id look at it as.....an artistic and sexyyy action, lol,

Michael Nagy: lol ; )

Ramon Hurtado: whats the song called?

johncooperjanke: No it doesn't look like another chair... Thats a sex toy lol

kicesie: @TheDarknash1 Yeah but they aren't pieces of art like this chair practically is, nor can they double as a chair when people come over. ;-)

Ask a Stoner: @kicesie Haha, good reply ;-)

kicesie: You would have to contact the manufacturer for dimensions.

freebird1969: nice....

Tantra Chair 3.4 out of 5

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