Trout Set Up

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Michael Ramsey: a 10 foot long ultra light rod?

nate 408: I use the sand colored and the white colored trout worms, they work well. You can take a 1/2 inch piece and catch bluegill for catfish bait as well. I have caught 10+ bluegill on the same piece. Thanks for sharing.

J Fike: I use the power nymph...never did cut the tails off though

alTreezy! アル トリージー!!: 10'6" noodle rod? why? do you strictly fish floats?

Trouta Holic:  .Berkley must love you. a regular redworm or a european night crawler will out fish a berkley bait . 

The Northwoods Sportsman: I orderd the power worms yesterday i hope they work

Van Khawlhring: do you put scent to them?

GamingWithBok: Do the trout actually swallow the bait or does it still stay on your hook when youv hooked a fish

Shaun onslaught: younz ever use  red wigglers

Lyndon Peter-Paul: Would you recommend using the jig heads? 

Nicholas Walker: Do you catch native trout or stocked trout with the pink worms? By the way great video.

RedSkinPB: Weird how fish are picky on colors in certain parts of the water hey?. I carry real worms, fake dark red and pink worms. and they all work in the right spot

Michael Thomas: 80 bucks at bass pro. depends what is really expensive for you

stic562: Where do you get your jigs from? I can't find those.

Elijah Rman: Are those the really expensive kinds? Please respond.

DreO182: i gotta try those honey worms. are they made by berkley?

Ben F: just rig them on the jog just like the wiggle or the wax worm is

siwatha meas: How you rig the floating worms?

Ben F: on some of the jig heads they are 8 and on others are 10

Joe Nunez: What size hook do u use?

trout set up 5 out of 5

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