Murray's Firing Pin Installation For The SKS Rifle

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THOMAS EDISON: I made a hole in my reloading table. it makes it quite easy to remove this pin.

samerickson89: Do you think using a bench vise to push the retaining pin back into place would be a little easier/less likely to bend the pin? Works like a charm for removing the taper pins on an AR15 front sight base.

Don VW: Just curious, would a brass mallet be safer, as well as less harmful to the metal pin? As a former and happily retired mechanic/machinist, I always found the brass mallet to be one of the most valuable tools in the tool chest. Haven't done much gunsmithing yet so I thought I'd ask. Thanks

jonnymaritime: 39.00$ shipping included to canada. direct from Murreys. You've been jipped if you paid more.

steven cates: The customer reviews I read had a few of those where the pin broke of the spring lost it's tension. It seems to be within a couple hundred rounds usually. I suppose it's a crap shoot (pardon the pun).

MrTotez: @brownboyinthe928 Well the simple answer to that is break it, however to leave it broken would be a felony. =) The NFA registry is closed and so any attempt to make a fully automatic would likely result in either a felony charge and jail time and/ or a destroyed firearm. Likely both. I don't think any new fully automatic firearms can be made from modified semi-automatics under the current NFA laws. If you try and make a fully automatic sks you would be in deep deep doo-doo.

CJ Grisham: thanks for the video. my firing pin retaini.

slutlord666: Sorry no mark on shells. My email is

TheBeaver Eh: When installing the firing pin, you have to hold it in all the way while you hammer in the retaining pin - there are ridges in the pin that block the hole if it isn't pushed all the way in past those ridges. Otherwise, you will not be able to hammer in the retaining pin as you do - bending the retaining pin and probably the firing pin too. "Hammer Hammer Clang Clang well you get the point" is not a very good how to video. Should delete this video and try again so you don't screw-up peoples' SKS.

bullgumbo: Excellent videos. Clearly video'd, clearly and thoroughly explained. Thank you!

OnlyInhuman666: sent an email to the place i bought it about 5 mins ago, if they can't/ won't fix the issue, i will then email the company directly.

gixxerlouis: You should also use brass tools ...punch...hammer...keeps from damaging the parts...

MrTotez: @FearTheGremlin I highly recommend doing either the physical or visual check in conjunction with the sound check because like I said the pin may not be stuck forward. If the pin is indeed stuck back and you fire it it may fire once and then become lodged forward and slamfire or simply not function. Have fun and keep shooting!

MarvelousSeven: Clean the firing pin channel of all the cosomline and slam fire isn't a problem. Lile the SKS, the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M14, M16, M4 as well as most AK pattern rifles have free floating firing pins. None are known for slam fire issues. Save your money, clean your shat.

chrismc410: or some gun scrubber does a very good job getting it out too, especially the small straw

davev982: @Buriedmybrokenbones in some cases you do need to replace the firing pin, like when it seats forward after being completely cleaned and dry after so much use in some cases a light riring can form around the tip of the pin where it seats into the front of the bolt assembly and you can buy another original pin or buy a murrays and not have to worry about it ever again, just sayin

gixxerlouis: As long as you keep the firing pin and bolt clean you won't need this mod...

spencer payne: thanks for the video i had to buy a murray's firing pin for my Yugo SKS M59/66 A1 and it works perfectly but also before the new firing pin my rounds wouldn't cycle right but when i put that new pin in there they cycle beautifully

FearTheGremlin: How do you know if the firing pin is pushed forward and could cause a slamfire when you're using a regular, free-floating firing pin?

cloud819: Thanks for making this video, could I suggest investing in a dead blow hammer. It took me years to buy one and now it is one of my most used tools.

MrTotez: @567WORMBOY123 I would not know. Can you normally ship firing pins or other firearms parts from the US to Canada? I know you folks up there have some pretty awful laws pertaining to guns up there. I could only speculate that because its just a stick of metal and a spring that you could but I would contact the folks and Murraysguns and ask them.

chrismc410: Don't most Russian designed weapons in general have free floating firing pins? The SKS has one, most AKs as you state, the Makarov does, I dont know about the Tokarev, I think it does, not sure on that one.

MrTotez: @runhorun $37.00 shipped to your door, according to the website.

Marty Phillips: Going to have to have one of these. I have had slam fire before and it is not fun! Thanx for posting!

MrTotez: @leesherman100 Its an SKS, it can handle it haha.

circuitprotector: Anybody else out there have a Murray's firing pin snapping off like onlyinhuman did?

slutlord666: My gun just stopped working halfway through a clip. Is the problem most likely my fireing pin ? Still makes sound like a dry fire but mark on shells afterwords

shovster67: You can bring any part or parts into Canada that are not restricted like a high capacity mag ,but you can't spend any more than $100.00. If you happen to exceed the amount you will have to fill out a pile of paperwork for the feds. How fricken stupid is that I ask?

jtzgt40: hammer hammer, clang clang, and if that doesn't work, get a bigger hammer right????

Betrayed Vet: I learned a trick in the Army that I sware by. Take a gallon sized ziplock bag and put all of your small parts in, and then spray shaving cream into the bag. kneed the bag to push the shaving cream into all the cracks and spaces. Let it sit for an hours and clean with a tooth bruch while running it under hot water, dry the parts the best you can with a towel and let then air dry and apply a light coating of oil and you will have the cleanest parts ever. Sounds crazy but works.

Tardisius: Thanks for the info, I just installed mine. Remember to hold the extractor while re-installing the firing pin retaining pin , my extractor popped out and the extractor spring went flying. Luckily I found. Now it works great.

MrTotez: Mine did not have to do this, however it may be that possibly the firing pin channel is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. I'm not an expert on this and don't know if it is the case.

rusty keller: I think the cause of slam fires is probably one of three things. Dirty pin (cosmoline), rusted pin, or dry firing, which drives the firing pin forward with no cartridge primer to stop it, so it jams in the front of the bolt. Next cartridge chambered slam fires. For firing pin removal/installation. Use two wooden blocks to rest bolt on, and protect bolt. Don't use a carpenters hammer (ball peen). Don't install retaining pin with a hammer. Use a brass mallet, punch or drift to avoid damage to pin.

Doc Tari: No problem bringing in parts like this into Canada. shovster67 mentions that you can't spend more than $100.00 or there is a lot of paperwork to fill out. However, this is classic duty and excise tax information that is now automated if you ship using any large courier company like UPS or FedEx. They do all the paperwork and then you pay the taxes and duty when they deliver it to you. It's much easier these days.

Pat m: This thing is a piece of garbage. I put roughly 300 rounds through it and the spring completely came apart within the bolt. Now the firing pin no longer free floats because of the damage done to the bolt. I thoroughly cleaned the rifle after every shoot.

jonnymaritime: I've heard of people ,wedging stuff in the bolt to keep the firing pin out all the time. This is soooo dangerous.

zoeteman1996: What year is your rifle?

MrTotez: @TheSuperspudnik Glad to hear my video helped you out! Keep on shooting and enjoying firearms!

MarvelousSeven: Also taking a hammer to your bolt isn't wise. Use a rubber or wooden mallet. At the very least use a punch.

OnlyInhuman666: this is a good video however the murray's sks firing pin is garbage. in the first 30 rounds after the installation, the "nub" on the back of the firing pin, sheared clean off and fell into my trigger group, causing a serious jam. i recommend you do not buy this product.

squirrell7226: dont do it.. the bolt assembly is not designed to put up with the stresses of full auto nor is the overall design.. if you want to break the law do it w/a platform that is actually available in full auto (AK for example...) but its a waste of ammo and the cool factor isn't worth the prison time if you get caught...

deathproof187: I'm a machinist by trade, Murray's firing pin is not garbage.

Kitos117: i wonder if the fireing pin counts as a 922 compliance part

CJ Grisham: @chcknhawk retaining pin was difficult to get out and i thoughr i was doing something wrong. i didnt want to beat on it too much, but it looks like thats how some are.

runhorun: How much is the murrays firepin?

567WORMBOY123: are these firing pins available in canada?

Buriedmybrokenbones: 75 bucks to ship to canada is horse crap the guns go for less than 200. CLEAN YOUR RIFLE and quit being a bunch of pussies. This is a bad ass russian tank of a rifle and does not require a sissy spring.

Guns are who i am: To be honest if you take care of your rifle and clean it properly you will not have slam fire issues

brownboyinthe928: how do i make my sks a full automatic ?

squirrell7226: get permission from you spouse if married!! (trust me) and run the metal parts (all of them) thru the dishwasher... it'll get rid of all traces of cosmoline.. worked for me and never had a problem... put a murray's pin in anyway tho...

Shrimps: Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. The reason I was able to get sales is because I offer rare shrimps for sale. Not many other online place is willing to take the risk at shipping high priced shrimps. That is my way of earning online.
Murray's firing pin installation for the SKS rifle 4.6 out of 5

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