How To Make An Exploding Air Rifle Pellet With Matches

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MGK End: next video dont talk

Arthur Stpiere: Nice

Un-Moist Me: um Dahm Danial

zosophoto1: try this, when you apply the glue lightly press a BB onto it. This will give it more weight and more velocity and more impact.

Bahman Jazuie: Shut up!!!!!

l8tr597: Nice job kid, ok tell me what you think about doing it with hollow points in the front vs skirt, that skirt in rear expands and makes the seal, you need that.
Now, here comes what nobody else has thought of, you read it here first!
I'm gonna try their later tonight, I have that matches, but instead of water, I'm going to make a paste out of that UV curing glue they use on cellphones, then after paste is made put in front of hollow point, cure it with my UV light, and Bobs your uncle!? What u guys think?

theRPGmaster: And maybe mix it with a tiny bit of flash powder..?

Ian Widdicombe: Brings back memories of childhood... Nice to kids doing something creative than glued to an Xbollox gaming.

Steve Tee: Or, if you want even more fun, load the back of the pellets with match powder but don't seal it with superglue. Now, load it into a roostered rifle and squirt a tiny amount (it's difficult to get the right amount - so trial and error) of butane lighter gas into the rifle towards the piston. Have fun, but don't blame me if it somehow explodes in your face or ruins your air rifle!

frostie45: I'd just put the match power on the target

paul may: can you use these pellets in a pcp or only a sringer ...cus i made some and used them in my cp88 and nothing exploded on in packed

The Airgun Channel: Great minds think alike!! We're starting a new air gun and pellet testing channel where we'll be doing .177 ballistics gel testing, pellet grouping, and pellet shooting contests with our viewers, hope to see you there!!

B. Pyromane: Instead of water you should use alcohol or roach spray because they are more flamable and u will get a larger bang than with water or u can use propane or gasoline u would probably destroy a wall with that lol im gonna try ur method with my vigilante pellet/bb revolver havent got it yet though just ordered it today

Stomping Spuds: I've been making these for over 20 years.  Here's another idea...try red plastic caps and put the "charge" in the back of lets say Daisy Quicksilver pellets (they're hollow)  then several grains of powdered aluminum, a drop of crazy glue and let it dry.  When the pellet hits the charge is in the back and compliments the kinetic energy with a bang and it also expands the round.  Putting the charge in the front is albeit cool, actually takes away from the overall punch..  Try the method I explained you'll love it...oh and make sure to keep any charge clear of where the "pinch point" is (the area where the skirt starts) this will cause a premature firing when the pellet grips the barrel rifling.  With the advent of suppressed air rifles these rounds will be the life of the party.

pop per: Seems like alcohol would be better than water.
Unless that causes a chemical reaction and causes it to explode.

Joe King: This looks interesting, I'll have to try it. Always looking for something different to do, just found your channel.  Greetings from Colorado

ZombieTex: Nice, kid.  Good job.

Rekt M8: Dude you are smart

thuy tran: I love moto

Gun Jew: I'm going to put this mixture into the hollow point of a actual bullet and see what happens

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