Defective Kindle Screen Problem - Horrible

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Antonia Meier: Same with mine :( mine is pretty old, about 4 years now, so I don't have any guarantee on this kindle left. but today, it just froze. one half shows the empty-battery-sign and the other one the screensaver. what am I supposed to do now?

Andrus Lahe: Same with mine after 2 years.

Achille Broggi: it happened to mine, just a couple of month after the warranty expired

Stephane Rolland: Same with mine last week. It was 2 or 3 years old.

kayla karim: Same with me, except it was a kindle touch, I really wish I could fix this problem because my sister accidentally kicked it so I think maybe the screen is cracked, if anyone can help, I'm begging please reply to this comment

xela joy: Happened with my 1st one, they replaced it with another. 2nd one arrived, used once and place it back in the original box away from heat, light, and moisture in the home office. Took it out one day and I found the screen scrambled again; Amazon wouldn't replace as they said the warranty was expired. Their loss, never will buy their products again. I buy a lot of books so yeah, back to paper. Thanks for the video.

jay Em: Same with mine this morning. It's maybe 2 years old. 

bill nye: i just took one out of the library and now this happens like why...i dont even know what to do

Tommy Bäckström: Same here. I contacted support and they offer me $6.70 off a secondhand refurbished one, but I have to ship back my old one (costing me $17 to ship from Norway). So I end up paying at least $10 more for getting a secondhand one versus buying a new one. Ridiculous.

daycoder: This has happened to every kindle we've owned. Officially bought only 2, but we've had about 7 or 8 by now. They're broken more than they work. We're more careful with them then they are in the ads, where they're just tossed naked into a bag. If they screen can't cope with the stress of normal use (people say the glass underneath may be cracked), then they're really not fit for purpose.

Gerald Davis: It must be a common kindle problem. Mine went bad.

byzantian: I discovered the same problem today with mine when i switiched it on; like the others, part of the screen-saver would not disappear, making reading the thing impossible. But it has not been dropped or subjected to extreme temperatures; the glass screen surface is actually in pristine condition. Contacted Amazon and with their usual superb customer service efficiency told me that as the device was out of warranty I'd have to purchase a new Kindle. Very disappointing given I have had this for around three years but it has seen very light use (not more than 10 hrs). Holding the power button does not do the trick. Clearly the Kindle Keyboard model must have some serious design faults. I will now buy a new reader but it will not be a Kindle.

Keser Hussain: damn just happened to mine couple of days ago

Vincent Nesci: same with mine - nearly 3 years old. Think the issue may be in the power source

Brixham0Bird: This has happened with both my Kindles. On my first one (Kindle Keyboard) it froze after about a year, my second one (Kindle Touch) Froze after about 4 months, it's really not good enough and I've now ordered a Kobo, I don't trust Kindle anymore.

mdeschain: why would you want to replace your screen? i just looked at the cost of replacement screens and they are the same as a brand new kindle!

Rebecca Katashi: Mine, the screen is mostly blank, except for a few lines on the far left and very bottom.... And the corner where they meet looks cracked. This happened AGES ago. My family said they would do something about it (since the kindle was in my father's name and all that) but they never did. I just gave up and put it away. Hoping they will just buy me a new one soon..

michael lester: i put a little bit of pressure on mine and it did this.

thepeteroz: This happened to me last night (2 Feb) - Kindle unit was a Xmas present so is about 5-6 weeks old (and wasn't even set up for first 3 of those as I was away on holiday). SO, unit has failed for no apparent reason after 3 weeks.

lleit1964: Same problem - and just out of warranty by 60 days.

Barbara Nicholson: my kindle is just like that but i have a kindle touch its a little less than 13 months old i don't know what to do... if you have any ideas please respond!

Andrei Niță: same problem here..few hours ago i switch the power button and saw only a half of the screen working...the other half is blank :((...i don t know exactly the reason why, but it could be due to a crash ( accidently i dropped the rucksack on the floor- but is wasn t so bad, my laptop is working without problems, but my kindle not)..i hope that everything will be fine, luckily i m still under the warranty...

Kat Lily-Rose: this happened to me to, It's grand new, didn't drop it didn't do anything, it SUCKS!!!

Burst Nibbler: Same here, multiple kindles, each with the same spontaneous problem after just a few weeks. Never abused or dropped, kept in the leather case each time. Now warranty expired, Amazon basically told me to buy another one or piss off. Funny how the screen corruption section is now gone from the Wikipedia page for kindle. I should really take this up with trading standards as this is a clearly defective product and I'd expect the FIRST ONE to last at least a bit longer than the warranty period!

vdtogt: Same thing happened with mine, around 13 months after purchase. Kindle was handled with care, never dropped. Anyone know of a good e-reader with reliable e-ink screen? This one CLEARLY has a production-error.

zansocap: This image display issue is caused when the screen, which is actually made of glass, is cracked. This can happen from dropping, bending the Kindle, or even too much pressure being applied to or accross the screen. When the glass cracks, the electrons cannot flow evenly accross the glass whihc prevents the electric ink from displaying properly. You can replace the screen which can be purchased used for about 50$. Videos on how to swap the two screens are available on You Tube.

Missy MT: Same thing happened to my Kindle Keyboard 3G. I had it for 7 months and Amazon replaced it free of charge. I'm glad I've read the other blogs on the defects of Kindle. I've been staring at my unit and I thought that I caused it. I am very careful with this since it's not easy not able to read my fave books. :)

Barry Turner: Mine has just blown outside of the warrenty and kindle have washed their hands of ot. Only managed to read 10 books on it.

allsorter: Funk killed, yes i did contact amazon through their customer service section. It was the one where you but your phone number in and they ring you back. It was nearly midnight on a Saturday when I rout my number in the website and they tang back immediately, I told the chap the problem, he took my details and said no problem we will send you a new one. They sent me an email straight away with the shipping details and a link to track the delivery and it came three days later. Excellent customer

jenpenn22: that happened to mine well after a year of having it (past warranty) and they gave me almost half off a replacement and an extra warranty. i was bummed, but thats some great costumer service.

l snoop: 3 months warranty you have on replacements.

vomitum: @cebukid70 most probably

jensfritz63: happened to me too, all of a sudden. Kindle is a piece of ... well, finish the sentence.

Decha C: I have just switched my kindle on and have this same problem. I was using it only an hour ago and it was fine. Am currently researching the problem online and unfortunately it looks like a very common problem. Totally gutted! Like other people, I haven't dropped it, sat on it, dropped it in water, drove over it or had an elephant trample it - I simply switched it on. A while ago a national shop was selling KOBO e-readers for £30 - highly reduced. Wish I'd bought one of those now!

monkeyman0830: My screen just messed up for the third time

allsorter: Mine 18 month old kindle went the same way so I rang them up and they sent me a new one at no cost and didn't even want the old one back. Excellent customer service but there does seem to be an inherent fault on them. There are loads of other forums and message boards all telling the same story including Amazons own support forum! BTW I live in the UK and it was shipped free as well!

EricaVee: @vomitum i would make sure you do not have to return the broken one! i am getting a replacement but they told me if i do not send back the broken kindle within 30 days i will be charged the full cost of the replacement.

Robert Thornton: I experienced the same problem with two kinles. Neither was dropped or subject to anything other than normal use. Amazon refuses to provide a replacement.

anannya baruah: Yep, just happened to my six-month old replacement Kindle. (The first one wouldn't detect USB connections on any computer and conked off just within a year). Any idea if I can get it replaced?

Carson Morton: My third Kindle just had the same problem. Less than a month old. The third Kindle to have this problem. Ugh!

Randeelynn60: The same thing keeps happening to me and Amazon keeps sending me replacements. I just got my 5th kindle sent me and within a day the same thing occurred. I've pretty much given up but now I'm beginning to think it has to do with putting it near a power strip near my bed. You would think that amazon would have some clue about this. I'm just guessing.


Kenneth Abela: By the way as with this person posting this video, my kindle was NOT dropped, NOT exposed to cold/hot temperatures/ just got tired

dhenniga: This just happened to mine too. Same deal, never dropped or damaged in any way (was kept inside a leather case). Good while it worked but not impressed with this.

jonathan frodsham: Mine freaked up too. Pissed off I am. But I bought a new one "paperwhite wifi" they gave me $40 off, big deal.

allsorter: Funkbilled sorry about the spelling below, iPad auto spelling!, but I am sure you get the drift.

James Robertson: Ive had three in the space of a year. Mine has a leather cover and does not get any abuse. Returned my third one 2 weeks ago and had a new one for 8 days, and now its broken. Why are they selling an obviously defective product?!

FanOfThePhantom: Yea my kindle is like that. But I'm worried that I will have to buy all my books again if I get a replacement.

Ziky Ababiya: how did you contact Amazon to get a replacement?

Fire0770: Has anyone else had a problem where when you flip onto the next page, then go back, it occasionally shows two strange looking bar codes and a message saying to return to home to continue? It's getting really annoying. Is it a rendering glitch?

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Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible 4.2 out of 5

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