Defective Kindle Screen Problem - Horrible

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Alison Burgess: I had the same thing happen to my Kindle Keyboard after 6 1/2 years of use - a sad day! It was not dropped just worked one minute and then didn't the next. Amazon has advised that it is irreparable and offered me a 15% discount on the purchase of a new kindle. Maybe they only have a life of 5-6 years.... I was able to backup my content and hope I have no problem transferring content and downloading previously purchased content to my new kindle once it arrives.

Winner Booker: Dont worry, be happy for the amazon owner Jeff Bezos, the richest man of the planet

blue orange: Tjis happened to mine in January 2018, 4th gen which i got in 2013, its screen got damaged on its own, i called amazon to ask if it can be sent to service center, they surprisingly said its still in warranty, they sent me a new 7th gen kindle, & haven't still. Picked up the defective kindle. ­čśé

Technical Support: To resolve your all Kindle Technical issues.This is a new Kindle Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881

Stephen Perry: Was hoping the video might offer a solution, but all we get is a tour of the scrambled screen and a whingeing voiceover. Not much help - is it? And though you certainly have my sympathy, it's no solution to this common problem.

So the question STILL remains:
Is REPLACEMENT the only solution to a SCRAMBLED SCREEN on a KINDLE...?

Sebastian: I've the same problem with an older one but mine dropped.

Holly Carney: i have had my kindle for 5 years and had the same problem it was fine last night and this morning it went like the one in the video i dont drop it or put anything on it and never have i ever spilled water on it.....very sad day as i have had it so long :'(

seppesai: happened to my K3... is there any fix to this?

Michael Andersen-Andrade: That accent....ouch.

Alexis Maria: FML this happened to me this am...have had this kindle for a good 3 years and it was still kicking until now :(

I refuse to give in and buy a newer model because this one is so great! Wondering what I can do now ughh off to try and give amazon a call :(


andalanjawabarat: It happened to my kindle just two days ago. I woke up and found my kindle screen with black lines. Unfortunately I haven't synchronized all my notes and highlights otherwise I would have had no problem to access my collections from other gadgets. But the music player is still working. The speaker is pretty awesome so now I just use it to play my music collections while working or relaxing.

Andras Nagy:

Nora Steel: My screen was frozen..but holding the power button for about 30-40 seconds brought it back to life!  I don't know what your problem is, sounds like Amazon just needs to give you another one..and good luck!

Eric Neel: this happened to my b/w nook

Bec Cole: same here, had mine on charge today had a normal screen go back a few hrs later to see if its fully charged and this happened to my screen when it had been in the same spot untouched during this time makes no sense. Unfortunately its a few years old so out of warranty .

Rosie Andrews: Seems to be a common problem with kindle. This has now just happened me for the 3rd time. I dont drop it and look after it really well thought kindle would have been a better product

Tamara Hilden: My friend dropped it this morning, now I can't see the bottom of my screen

Iris Campos Neves: I stayed a while without using my kindle. as I took it to load it with this full-screen dark stripes. He runs all over the screen is striped, making it impossible to read.

LoLTV: same ehre, mine broke

Jonatas de Faveri: I had the same problem. yesterday i dismounted my wife kindle and the screen are broken inside, imperceptible looking outside. u.u
Im looking for a new screen, but we live in Brazil and don't have this kindle model, my wife bought in Canada 4 years ago.

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Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible 5 out of 5

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Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible
Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible
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