Defective Kindle Screen Problem - Horrible

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Sebastian: I've the same problem with an older one but mine dropped.

Holly Carney: i have had my kindle for 5 years and had the same problem it was fine last night and this morning it went like the one in the video i dont drop it or put anything on it and never have i ever spilled water on it.....very sad day as i have had it so long :'(

seppesai: happened to my K3... is there any fix to this?

Michael Andersen-Andrade: That accent....ouch.

Alexis Maria: FML this happened to me this am...have had this kindle for a good 3 years and it was still kicking until now :(

I refuse to give in and buy a newer model because this one is so great! Wondering what I can do now ughh off to try and give amazon a call :(


andalanjawabarat: It happened to my kindle just two days ago. I woke up and found my kindle screen with black lines. Unfortunately I haven't synchronized all my notes and highlights otherwise I would have had no problem to access my collections from other gadgets. But the music player is still working. The speaker is pretty awesome so now I just use it to play my music collections while working or relaxing.

Andras Nagy:

Nora Steel: My screen was frozen..but holding the power button for about 30-40 seconds brought it back to life!  I don't know what your problem is, sounds like Amazon just needs to give you another one..and good luck!

Eric Neel: this happened to my b/w nook

Bec Cole: same here, had mine on charge today had a normal screen go back a few hrs later to see if its fully charged and this happened to my screen when it had been in the same spot untouched during this time makes no sense. Unfortunately its a few years old so out of warranty .

Rosie Andrews: Seems to be a common problem with kindle. This has now just happened me for the 3rd time. I dont drop it and look after it really well thought kindle would have been a better product

Tamara Hilden: My friend dropped it this morning, now I can't see the bottom of my screen

Iris Campos Neves: I stayed a while without using my kindle. as I took it to load it with this full-screen dark stripes. He runs all over the screen is striped, making it impossible to read.

LoLTV: same ehre, mine broke

Jonatas de Faveri: I had the same problem. yesterday i dismounted my wife kindle and the screen are broken inside, imperceptible looking outside. u.u
Im looking for a new screen, but we live in Brazil and don't have this kindle model, my wife bought in Canada 4 years ago.

Mary Beth Fields: My screen didn't do this until one of my cats knocked it off the mantle and onto the stone hearth below.

Toms VEILANDS: Same trouble to me, screen went dead after three years of hard work, love this model, battery life is enormous in comparison to other models =[

Victoria Mundy: I had mine 1yr and 1 day and the thing did the same thing except it shows a little of the screen and the whole pictures shake. They would not honor the warranty as they said it ran out. so I am stuck with a broken kindle and have to throw it away. what a waste .

George Breithaupt: Not much to do if your out of the warrantee period except get a new one. I go to erBay to get some pretty good deals on used Kindles and have had some pretty good luck. My "latest" replacement e-reader, the one that didn't have a touch-screen, crapped out on me and I won an auction for  kindle e-reader touch screen for $30.

Antonia Meier: Same with mine :( mine is pretty old, about 4 years now, so I don't have any guarantee on this kindle left. but today, it just froze. one half shows the empty-battery-sign and the other one the screensaver. what am I supposed to do now?

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Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible 5 out of 5

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Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible
Defective Kindle screen problem - horrible
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