Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me!

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Lauren Vargas: this video is stupid! seriously bashing a product because u don't like it! it works for lots of people and people lose weight doing it! There is not only one way to work out and lose weight! 

Sandra Montalvo: Don't be a hater!!! I hate "trainers" that think they know it all and just bash other people or products! don't be dumb... if you're going to discredit something someone said on anything, at least know exactly what is said and have a good solid reason and explanation on why you disagree! 

savgal1211: ANY exercise is better than none and this Fluidity bar is a great idea for older people!! I use Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown, Yoga Inferno, and her Kettlebell DVD!! Now THOSE are Killer!!

Sindy Salcedo: Fluidity is an intense workout, and you admitted in your video you've never tried it. "I'm sure ballet workouts are really hard..." The simplest explanation is the average person moves 200muscles in an hour, with fluidity you move 400 muscles. Also my posture vastly improved too!! 

koalabear07100: Personally, I love the fluidity bar. I am a dancer and I like to use it in between ballet classes to improve my flexibility and strength. I see great results with it. 

Krishna Stacey: Would love to see a review from somebody who has actually tried a fluidity bar and workout, over an opinion from somebody trying to hawk his own weight loss method. First of all, the bar itself is a rather cool feat of engineering. Cantilevering creates stability you cannot get from a chair or "a dowel at Lowes" Good luck with that when you lean back to focus on a specific muscle group and pull the whole thing over. I have had mine since 2008 and it will still support me as if it was bolted into studs in the wall, no matter how much I am hanging off or pulling on it. Second, it is an excellent, and rather ass-kicking full-body workout, IF you put the effort into it. Like anything, you only get what you give. "ooh women on an informercial, I'm he-man, I think it's icky!" Whatever.

Stephany Maurer: I suggest you head back to school and take a kinetics class...or five. Working the bodies majors muscles against gravity and your own body weight is effective. If you can't understand that small bit of physics and body mechanics, there is no way I'm taking your advice on anything else. 

Emily: Good review. I bought a fluidity bar off craigslist for 125 yesterday (better than the 400 new). I haven't used they DVD that came with it. I wanted to use it with my Lotte Berke DVDs and other DVDs that require a chair because my kitchen chairs aren't good enough for that lol. The bar is good but the infomercial is gimmicky like you said. 

Denise Little: I have been using the barre and workout for the past 8 months and I can tell you that I have never in my life been more fit. I recommend this exercise program for people like me who have had a hard time finding an exercise regimen that they can stick with. As an aside, I went on a grueling hike in Hawaii last month, and was delighted that I could keep up without a problem, and my muscles were not even stiff in the days afterward. Thanks to Fluidity.

gr8musicrox: Thanks for the info. I love my fluidity bar but don't like her work outs, myself. I am a dancer and flow artist so i love my bar for stretching out at home. It beats using the handle of my stove and having the oven door pop open. 

Lc Weathersby: I have no idea how I got to this review but Im glad I did. Most people on here are idiots and telling you not to jump to conclusions, which is exactly what they did. Great video your point was heard by those who have common sense, dont worry you cant fix stupid.

shirl schafer: I just took a Fluidity class and it was difficult (I'm a fitness instructor). It is a mixture of ballet and pilates. I don't know who he's talking about but a Fluidity Class will kick your butt. Many gyms offer this class so there's no need to purchase a bar.

Stephanie Brooks: I'm on a weight loss and get fit journey. However I do not like to work. And it sounds as if you know what your actually talking about as far as what items to trust . I've been looking into the new Zumba incredible results system. What are your thoughts on the system? 

C Wells: This is a $400 bar (!!!!). A B-A-R. I can run to Lowe's and grab a dowel and some lacquer for under $20. Also, all the moves I've seen are stolen from Callanetics and Pilates. Save your cash. Build your own bar or attach to the wall and buy a Callanetics book or a Pilates book. $20 for both. I've done both Pilates and Callanetics, btw, for years. They do work! 

L P Reyna: Better to have my hubby build me the barre and do the online workout! I know I will continue to get stronger, since I have already been doing barre using the back of a chair ~ doing the exercises for Barre. I just do my own pushups the old-fashioned way. Already I have dropped from a tight size 4 to a 0. (of course, I eat clean ~ cut out the processed foods and don't eat after 8) But, my progress is real and in 9 months' time. I enjoy barre exercise (cannot pay for the classes) so I will definitely have my husband make me a barre out of pvc. He loves me. He will do it. :-)

Sonya Morgan: I can't seeing paying that much for just that bar, heck I can go to the youtube videos and do the things they show on their and hold onto my chair.........lol

Phil Barille: I've used the fluidity bar for over 7 years and look fabulous at the age of sixty. AND my husband uses it now for his back and swears by it. This guy is full of XXXX!

Khristine White: I see that you originally posted this video in 2009. As you hadn't really reviewed the actual product at that time and reviewed the infomercial instead. I was wondering if you have taken the time to try the Fluidity Bar, and if yes, what were your results and how long did you use it?

Sonya Morgan: HECK you can just do the exercise 

Peculiar Pulchritudes: I am 37 and my body has never looked better using this bar for 4 months. It DOES make you use muscles you didnt know you had. And as you increase intensity with the videos you start working out new muscles. My ass has lifted at least 3 inches and doesnt jiggle as much. Love love love this workout! You have to combine with cardio and a good diet or your results will not be as good. At a recent party a friend thought I looked so much better than before that she ran out and bought the bar to get the same results. Try it!! It is life changing. I think this guy is more hung up on the semantics rather than the actual results. Whatever. I only car about the results!

Kristen Schultz: If you listened to him, he says Michele has no idea what she's talking about. He didn't say that working out on a barre didn't give results. 

Mindy Thompson: Clearly this guy has never done a fluidity or pure barre workout. Both of these workouts do work the entire body. Yes, the movements do appear as though they are isolated movements but what he fails to realize is that you may be working your leg in the movement you are also using your abs, butt, and arms. This guy is an idiot. I burn more calories (average 650) for an hour of fluidity or pure barre. He is just trying to sale his program. 

Zeke0112: Matt…. try a dance class and then you'd understand what she means by dormant muscles. If anyone has any further questions I suggest you look into a ballet class, yes, enroll into an adult dance class in your area. 

DiemondRush: Insomnia + T.V. = Informercials. Sadly, I had not heard of the fluidity bar before now. It caught my attention. I am an impulse buyer in rehab (6 months sober), so before checking out the website with my cc in hand, I pull up Youtube and clicked on you. Great info dude! Dont know how much Fluidity costs. Dont care. I'm sure my sturdy chairs and stools at home plus a bar style dvd from Amazon or Ebay or some free stuff off of YT will work just fine. Gonna tone this junk in my trunk! THANKS LOVE!

Jennifer Quinn: My physical therapist said this looked like a great workout. Why the disparity?

Deborah Muscatello: Thank you

Julieannasworld: Thanks for making the informative video, I also thought the fluidity bar looked good...in theory. But rethought everything she was saying in her infomercial too. All I have to say to some of these responses....WOW! Some people sound very angry! Life is toooo short to be so negative and confrontational! So this guy made a video...his opinion...if you don't like it turn it off! Geez it is no reason to go on a tangent! Thanks again guy...for the info video.

Cecily Jamelia: Honestly, you could use a chair and a mat to do most of these movements. Any exercise is going to yield results so I wouldn't pay for this product. I've participated in several infomercials over the years and most products in infomercials aren't providing the results you see. The participants are trained (cardio, weights whatever it takes in addition to the product being used) and put on nutrition plans to lose weight in a short amount of time usually 1 to 3 months.

Asta Mbacke: I think YOU are the idiot. This is about women finding a non traditional feminine work out. Period. And the fact that you attack this woman and then refer people to YOUR videos should speak volumes to the thinking person. this just might work for some women who do not feel comfortable in a gym.

gigiontube: In the infomercial, all they are talking about is $14.95 for a month to try and everything else for free. I called to see how much this really cost and finally, after insisting, I found out that... if I want to keep the bar I will be charge $39.95 for 10 months. So... YES... this is NOT the way to advertise by misleading people. The infomercial does not disclose the total price and that is wrong !

TheSUPERVANQUISH: i kinda agree that Fluidity shouldnt cost as much as it is. I am certain it almost does what it claims, the afterburn effect. It is using the same principle as swimming, which both use upper, lower and core muscles. michael phelps burns 6,000 a day because of swimming. so if you can do an exercise the works out the entire body in one session then that would be most effective at burning calories. and daily, bootcamp you exercise daily and dont take rest days.

Denise Johnson: Try it you'll love it! I saved for months to get this bar after injuring my hip and back so I can no longer run; it has given me my body back without any strain on my hip, back and knees! I am 56 and people think I am 25 or 30 and cannot believe I don't lift weights or do hardcore cardio! Awesome!

Nancy Ann Salmon: YOUR WRONG!!! ITs a Great Workout!!! And you feel it working every muscle in your body!!!!

samantha davis: Clearly he has not tried this himself, or taken any bar classes. Otherwise he'd know that the "isolated pulses" are working more than just that one body part moving...it's a full body constant workout no matter what part is pulsing. I would say unless you've tried it you can't judge what she's saying as dishonest, rather you being naive. Also, everyone knows that "speed" weight loss is never a healthy thing. Maybe your marketing needs a revamp?

Chris Wells: How ignorant....

oolala53: Actually, I just saw a promotion for this on a shopping channel and she definitely gave a lot of attention to the few who made changes in 12 weeks. I call that a quick-fix approach. Ironically, the fine print admitted that these were extraordinary claims; results came from diet and exercise, not necessarily from the workout. This doesn't mean there wouldn't be value in using the device and program. It's just that it's not that superior to anything else, and certainly not for the money.

Harmonlisa: My wife and 2 of her friends strength train. Their work outs put mine to shame but they will never become bulky. Neither will you.

MGVP: As someone with knowledge on human anatomy what he says about isolation movements and yoga and Pilates comments made on the infomercial, is accurate . Anecdotal evidence is never scientifically valid. Infomercials have so much inaccurate information because they try to be attractive to the least common denominator. Which isn't bad. We need to sell to the masses. But it does make experts cringe to hear inaccurate info. And no I don't think he is selling his products either. Peace.

atruekiss: Apparently YOU'VE NEVER taken ballet? 19 years of it...and 30 years later, still doing a mixture of yoga/pilates with ballet. You really have NO idea what you're talking about! And you're little laugh about ballet "exercises" being hard...again, YOU REALLY HAVE NO IDEA. None. And it's kinda sad that you felt the urge to make this video. :/

Mamiz2angelz: I've read these comments and people are hilarious. Because you read the title your focus was already on the fact that you thought he was downing everything. Ballet is and always will be a total body workout and I believe fluidity is a wonderful concept as he said but the facts used to market the product were not factual at all. Also I would much rather build and attach a bar to my wall and then purchase the dvd's off a less pricey website then to spend the absurd amount they are asking.

Sunny11Luv: Also just like Weight Watchers, The Slim Fast plans, P90X, Insanity, Hip-Hop Abs etc, etc, etc...testimonials/anecdotal evidence can only get you so far. These people COULD HAVE been paid to say they lost 50 pounds after having a baby, or lost 5 inches around their waist using Fluidity. Doesn't mean these people actually did it using the program. All he's saying is, be well-informed about what you're watching, and don't believe that kind of evidence all the time. ROAR!!

SPEEDWeightLoss: Gay men hate women? On what planet?

shakticharel: Yoga works the whole body, if she said that, she really doesnt know what she is talking about !

blewis9505: Hi! Can't find your website. Tried twice. Wound up somewhere it says "This domain is for sale." BTW: Thanks so much for your Fluidity review. Just saw infomercial for "A trial" @ $14.95 and was skeptical about price and effectiveness. Appreciate the OP's comments as well. Thanks all.

TheSUPERVANQUISH: this is day 5 of my total gym swimmer routine, started last sunday, most fitness experts say you gain weight when starting a routine, but ive lost 4 pounds in 5 days. 0.8 pounds per day. i know my metab is high because when i do fall asleep, i am knocked out in a deep sleep for 8 - 10 hours. which before this routine id get poor sleep and wake up off and on during the night. things like drinking room temp water, lemon juice before meals, tomatoes, spinach are a must. cold water shocks ur body

Mssharondaful: I was going to buy one today but after watching this and checking the website out Im not going to now. It cost $414.00. Not worth it.

Bridgette Cherie: I think people are stupid to trust an ad rather than a professional.

RedManGinger: Wow Tom it seems like you're speaking to a brick biased walls lol

ReflexPoint: Sometimes, what works for one person doesn't work for another. But no exercise routine or equipment will work if you don't use it, and you don't control your diet. I tried jogging, running, sprinting, interval running, but I liked Insanity the best. That alone was not enough. I had to eat balanced meals, and control my calorie intake. 1. Be your own person and find the best workout or product for you. 2. You don't have to look a certain way to be fit.

SPEEDWeightLoss: @Tomwfl33 It is an absolute fact that yoga does not work only the front of the body. It is an absolute fact that the fluidity workout uses isolation movements. My use of the product would not change these facts. I have no problem with someone promoting their product by saying it's fun, efficient, or effective, but telling lies about other forms of exercise to make fluidity seem better is just plain wrong.

Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me! 3.4 out of 5

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