Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me!

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Jennee Loflin: I disagree with his comments, because he didn' t say he knew the information was not true based on knowledge gained from using the bar and her work out tape. I think he does not understand barre work or ballet. He may not have agreed with the infomercial content, but he didn't have first hand knowledge to be able evaluate the bar equipment. Regardless of which bar you own, attached to a wall or Michelle Austin's barre, bar exercises use many muscles in coordination, which is why it is so beneficial. He critiqued her informercial, not the equipment.

jmpfjoy9858: You don’t even have one... you lose credibility with mean girl posts.

PookieBaby54: Absolutely false, misleading statement from someone selling a book. I was extremely overweight, didn't change habits, used the bar and streamlined my body and made it sleak and toned. It works.

Jason Hitch: Had a neighbor give me his Fluidity bar thing. I'll use it. I'll be the judge on whether it works or not.

anthroariel: this stupid man has no clue what it means to be unable to do aerobic activities because of physical limitations. He assumed that EVERYONE is able to do the type and amount of workouts that HE is able to do. The fluidity barre was the only exercise that I was able to do because of respiratory impairments (COPD), arthritis and fibromyalgia. It took months of painful work (supervised by a licensed physical therapist) to be able to do the lowest level workout on the DVD. The whole point of the Fluidity work outs is that they are a way for the physically challenged to begin moving, stretching and strengthening the core of the body. For the greater part of our population, there is MORE value in THAT GOAL than in desperately trying to be THIN. This very stupid, myopic child needs to get a more rounded education: THIN is not the goal, steady increase in health is the goal. To paraphrase his message: I had hoped that the worship of THIN had finally gone away, maybe now he and it WILL. Folks, do yourself a favor and research this type of exercise. and remember, Pilates was invented by an ex ballet dancer whose illness had forced him to stop dancing. HEALTH can be improved, and there are many ways to do this. you should not believe that there is only one correct way to get healthy. The fluidity barre saved my life. It stopped my freefall into obesity and reversed most of my limitations...and that was accomplished with gentle, consistent stretching, strengthening movements. Don't listen to this ignorant putz. make up your own mind, and don't give up on being in better health than you are now!

Michele Ortiz: I love the Fluidity Bar. It's versatile and I have used it for other pilates/yoga/barre type routines. It's helped me maintain my overall flexibility and muscle tone and I would absolutely recommend it if you like barre type workouts.

Jessica Rochac: exactly Lauren. There are different workouts for different people. I think all exercise works in keeping in shape and aiding weight loss when done regularly. Have you seen dancer's bodies? they are toned every where and have both strength and flexibility.

BalletFit Body Video X: I am completely agreeing with him. Thank you!!

ThePhysio1234: When you bend forward at the waist you engage the abdominals quite a bit. Especially when you hold it and move the extremities. I recommend you take a barre class. During the infomercial she isn't going through all the cuing necessary to get the core contracted but when you take a class you'll see from head to toe you contract MANY more muscles than you would doing a typical gym routine with machines. My problem with it is the barre is over priced.

Gar Laa: Don't knock it , till you actually tried it.

Cheers !

StarrTrekn: Said by a person who has obviously never tried the Fluidity Barre Workout. Blah blah blah is all I hear.

Erin Fahey: ave you tried this work out?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Julia Lindsay: He unfortunately has no idea about dance or the true concepts of it.. Its irrelevant of her words.. a dancer works on the barr.. This cute  guy is probably a gym rat has no idea about ballet.. He needs to go to ballet class and then see what he says

Sandra Montalvo: Don't be a hater!!! I hate "trainers" that think they know it all and just bash other people or products! don't be dumb... if you're going to discredit something someone said on anything, at least know exactly what is said and have a good solid reason and explanation on why you disagree! 

Sindy Salcedo: Fluidity is an intense workout, and you admitted in your video you've never tried it. "I'm sure ballet workouts are really hard..."
The simplest explanation is the average person moves 200muscles in an hour, with fluidity you move 400 muscles. Also my posture vastly improved too!!

Lala V: this video is stupid! seriously bashing a product because u don't like it! it works for lots of people and people lose weight doing it! There is not only one way to work out and lose weight!

Krishna Stacey: Would love to see a review from somebody who has actually tried a fluidity bar and workout, over an opinion from somebody trying to hawk his own weight loss method. First of all, the bar itself is a rather cool feat of engineering. Cantilevering creates stability you cannot get from a chair or "a dowel at Lowes" Good luck with that when you lean back to focus on a specific muscle group and pull the whole thing over. I have had mine since 2008 and it will still support me as if it was bolted into studs in the wall, no matter how much I am hanging off or pulling on it. Second, it is an excellent, and rather ass-kicking full-body workout, IF you put the effort into it. Like anything, you only get what you give. "ooh women on an informercial, I'm he-man, I think it's icky!" Whatever.

Stephany Maurer: I suggest you head back to school and take a kinetics class...or five. Working the bodies majors muscles against gravity and your own body weight is effective. If you can't understand that small bit of physics and body mechanics, there is no way I'm taking your advice on anything else. 

Denise Little: I have been using the barre and workout for the past 8 months and I can tell you that I have never in my life been more fit.  I recommend this exercise program for people like me who have had a hard time finding an exercise regimen that they can stick with.  As an aside, I went on a grueling hike in Hawaii last month, and was delighted that I could keep up without a problem, and my muscles were not even stiff in the days afterward.  Thanks to Fluidity.

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Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me! 5 out of 5

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Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me!
Fluidity Bar - You Must Be Kidding Me!
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