November - Wolfgang Fuchs - Yamaha DGX 640

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Adelber Dimaunahan: BTW, is it true that the legendary/discontinued dgx-620 had a different BUT better sound sampling than the 640? coz that doesn't make sense since the 640 is supposedly an improvement of the 620 and 630. i'm talking about the main grand piano sound. i read a review claiming that on some forum. i hope they're just in denial. or am i? lol. thanks again for sharing your opinions re the 640. i absolutely love mine. is yours still okay? it's already been 2 years ithink. any stuck keys/issues so far?

Adelber Dimaunahan: but it would be awesome if the 640 retains the look of the 630/620 instead of just the side plates don't you think?, AND with the WALNUT accent! tho i think the 640 looks more professional and serious in a manner than the "keyboard-DP hybrid"-look of the 620/630, which to some, looked more like a toy. (does that mean i'm a kid for liking the 630? :) but anyway what i'm REALLY after in the dgx series is the best grand piano feel of the keys and the sound, and based on your review 640 wins!

Adelber Dimaunahan: in terms of the look of the dgx series, which do you think looks better: the old 630/620 or the 640? i know that's purely a matter of aesthetics, but personally i really find the the 630 and the 620 more attractive than the 640, don't you agree? even if it's fake, i liked that wood part across the keyboard. i already have the 640 tho. i originally planned on buying a 2nd hand 630. so thanks for giving me a reassurance on the improved feel and action of keys which i thought are most important :)

Derp Derpia: How did you get the qauilty to be recoreded so good?

I Anubic: @WorldElegance My setup is Grand Piano voice 155 dualed with the Grand Piano voice 156. Canyon reverb (33) with dual reverb set to 15 and main reverb set to 15. It sounds pretty amazing with the onboard sustain on as well as an M-Audio Foot Pedal. Let me know if that helps!

M1tix: @1CAR1freak Yeah, I readed about that problem. I might test buy them ina different shop which is close from my house. So i could also test them

M1tix: @1CAR1freak Its a trusted shop. Link to the site: Go to muziekinstrumenten pianos and then searh for the dgx 640. Its with the lp-7 (I think full pedal board)

M1tix: @1CAR1freak I saw it for 731 Euro, With pedal unit, A headphone And a chair. Is this a nice price?

M1tix: Where did you buy this Piano? And how much was it? Iam also from holland

TheKeyboardSam2: hey, i've got the dgx 640 one week ago. And now I've tried to record a song - with free sound recorder - i've choosen the auto master function but it doesn't sounds good - take a look on it and i hope you could help me.

bibbis: Hey! That. was. beautiful! :) I'm really interested in buying a DGX 640. And you obviously like it! Do the keyes really feel like on a "real" piano?

jmlau01: Hi, I was wondering if u installed the stand for the dgx640?

andresdorondonhotma: hello, i have a doubt i dont if to buy the dgx 530 or the 640. i have the money for the 530 but ive seen so many good reviews about the 640 and i dont know if i should save a little more to buy it.. do you thinks theres a big diference between the sound quality of the two? what would you recomend??

Mat397: @1CAR1freak yes the sound is wonderful, do you like the hammered keys so far?

Mat397: @1CAR1freak did you tried it with headphones?

Mat397: do you like your piano so far?

MrLifeWish: @1CAR1freak and how is the piano sound of the dgx640 when not linked to a pc?

MrLifeWish: @1CAR1freak thanks for quick reply:D how is the sound of the dgx640 when not linked to a pc?

MrLifeWish: how is the weighting of the DGX-640? Does it come close to a real Piano?

u2bdancer: the music is beautiful. wolfgang ..... what ? lol

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November - Wolfgang Fuchs - Yamaha DGX 640 5 out of 5

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