November - Wolfgang Fuchs - Yamaha DGX 640

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1CAR1freak: @waterfisk39 its not thát much better, but there are some things improved, like (also in my case, with my old 630) the keys of a 630. they were making noices, get stuck etc. and many people had problems with them. there are some voices, songs and styles added. usb works better and quicker the keys feel better, more dsp, reverb and style settings. improved bank-save system (see my next video what that is) the sound quality isn't improved and almost all instruments are the same, but overall: 640

1CAR1freak: @denissturmovik yep, you can record a song while you play it, put it on a usb device or directly put it to your pc trough a wire

1CAR1freak: @Mat397 erm... thats what im using in the video, so i think... yes, i tried? i know video quality is poor, but that should be clearly vissible ...

jmlau01: Hi, I was wondering if u installed the stand for the dgx640?

1CAR1freak: @MrLifeWish its quite close to the real a piano feel. the keys go slightly deeper after pressing them, but its something where i got used of reel quickly. the lower keys are heavier than the higher keys like the keys at the base have to pushed harder due to the heavier strings. the only downside is that the keys are noisy, but not worth bottering in general its good and i like it very much

1CAR1freak: @elopezca thanks! the keys are good, the keys of my old 630 broke down, but i think that was coincidence or a bad mounted keyboard or something. with the 640 the keys feel strong and i dont think they'll break down that easily. its made for all kinds of (classical) piano pieces so...

1CAR1freak: @bibbisbibbis well, the keys are made of plastic, but nevertheless i think they feel quite good! okay, thery are a bit noisy, but by cranking up the volume you can hardly hear them.

1CAR1freak: @sethland thanks, good luck with learning to play piano!

TheKeyboardSam2: hey, i've got the dgx 640 one week ago. And now I've tried to record a song - with free sound recorder - i've choosen the auto master function but it doesn't sounds good - take a look on it and i hope you could help me.

1CAR1freak: @Runetheelf of course, the score (=notes) of any midifile placed on usb or internal memory can be viewed. that's possible on almost any new yamaha keyboard or EP with full-monochrome or full-color display.

1CAR1freak: @Runetheelf i think mean the mini-keys you can see at the bottom of the screen? every yamaha keyboard and EP with a normal monochrome screen, low-end to high-spec, got that feature.

1CAR1freak: @jmlau01 offcourse i used the stand. standard with the 640 comes a wooden stand in the same color as the EP's side plates. in my case its the color rosewood. if i didnt used this awful camara to record this, you'd be able to see the color on the sides of the EP and the stand. (in other videos i used a better camara, so you can see the color in those). the 640 cant be placed in other stands then this one

bibbisbibbis: Hey! That. was. beautiful! :) I'm really interested in buying a DGX 640. And you obviously like it! Do the keyes really feel like on a "real" piano?

M1tix: @1CAR1freak Its a trusted shop. Link to the site: Go to muziekinstrumenten pianos and then searh for the dgx 640. Its with the lp-7 (I think full pedal board)

1CAR1freak: @TheKeyboardSam2 the auto master function option means that the program filters volume changes out, so everything is at the same volume level. i still use the 2010 version (v 8.2.1), so i dont have that option. i can only manually select volume strength (which should normally be set around 4%) to not "overload" the mic entrance and make sound get blurry and crunchy. if you try it manually, it should be good. i dont know what cable you use. normally even a cheap cable and splitter should be good

M1tix: @1CAR1freak Yeah, I readed about that problem. I might test buy them ina different shop which is close from my house. So i could also test them

I Anubic: @WorldElegance My setup is Grand Piano voice 155 dualed with the Grand Piano voice 156. Canyon reverb (33) with dual reverb set to 15 and main reverb set to 15. It sounds pretty amazing with the onboard sustain on as well as an M-Audio Foot Pedal. Let me know if that helps!

u2bdancer: the music is beautiful. wolfgang ..... what ? lol

1CAR1freak: @taskmaster83 thanks! and off course i will answer your questions! before this 640 i had an 6 year old yamaha psr 225 GM, it also was quite a big step for me, but i got used of it in just a couple of days. i hope you´ll enjoy it too!

MrLifeWish: @1CAR1freak thanks for quick reply:D how is the sound of the dgx640 when not linked to a pc?

1CAR1freak: @Coolbas11 It does look trusted, and it does look like a bargain. I first bought a dgx 630 at, that seemed a trusted site as well. Unfortunately, from the beginning the 630 (which was bought as brand-new) gave trouble with it's keys. Therefore we returned it within a week, but because it's an internet store, you get difficulties with sending back e.a. That's why my 640 comes from a local music store, giving extra convenience But eventually, it is up to you to decide what you'll do!

elopezca: VERY VERY NICE. I'm expecting this piano to arrive in a few weeks Man, I'm concerned about the keys. Do they really get stuck easily? Do I need to strike the keys very cautiously? I have no problem with them making noises, but other than that, I don't know if I will need to leave out some classical piano pieces...

1CAR1freak: @Coolbas11 wow, that's allot cheaper then one year back. Back then it would be well over a thousand Euros for a package like that. Are you sure you are looking at a dgx 640, and not a dgx 630? Even on Amazon it's not near as cheap! But if the shop you can get it for that price is trusted, then it sounds like a bargain! Btw, do you mean with pedal unit, it got a single, tiny pedal with it, or the full pedal board?

1CAR1freak: @Mat397 i still really like it. except for onboard speakers, but thats the only small downside

sethland: Nice video. Wish I know how to play a piano. Been a dream of mine since I was a little boy but it's just too expensive to buy a real piano and take the lessons at the same time. But this dream of mine is bugging the hell out of me lately and I've decided to settle for a cheaper but good quality digital piano. So i'm on the hunt for a dp and interested in buying the Yamaha DGX640. Since you just got it, is it worth the price and quality? It's $799 here in the U.S. Btw, going to AMS on 9/21!!

1CAR1freak: @andresdorondonhotma nope, there's no difference. They both got the same 12 watt speakers, who aren't that good. the grandpiano sound will also be the same, because they sort of share the instrument sounds. the biggest difference is the graded hammer system on the 640, the 530 feels more like a normal keyboard.

andresdorondonhotma: hello, i have a doubt i dont if to buy the dgx 530 or the 640. i have the money for the 530 but ive seen so many good reviews about the 640 and i dont know if i should save a little more to buy it.. do you thinks theres a big diference between the sound quality of the two? what would you recomend??

sethland: @1CAR1freak Thanks for the valuable feedback. I think I'm going to buy the Yamaha DGX640. Keep up with the postings. I enjoy them.

MrLifeWish: @1CAR1freak and how is the piano sound of the dgx640 when not linked to a pc?

M1tix: @1CAR1freak I saw it for 731 Euro, With pedal unit, A headphone And a chair. Is this a nice price?

Derp Derpia: How did you get the qauilty to be recoreded so good?

1CAR1freak: @Coolbas11 It's not something wich shows up regularly at yamha EP's, but it tends to happen with the old 630 after a few years (or a production error of course). Somehow I also had the feeling that they shipped me a "second hand" piano of someone who had returned it after discovering that problem when that 630 was still new. Generally they won't sell you a bad instrument in a music store, but there can always be a production flaw. Then the extra service of a nearby store comes out pretty handy.

1CAR1freak: @Coolbas11 I bought it in a (Yamaha specialized) keyboard and piano store in Zwolle. Back then this instrument was just released, so it was more expensive than now. Today, you should be able to get it for (less than) €900.

Adelber Dimaunahan: in terms of the look of the dgx series, which do you think looks better: the old 630/620 or the 640? i know that's purely a matter of aesthetics, but personally i really find the the 630 and the 620 more attractive than the 640, don't you agree? even if it's fake, i liked that wood part across the keyboard. i already have the 640 tho. i originally planned on buying a 2nd hand 630. so thanks for giving me a reassurance on the improved feel and action of keys which i thought are most important :)

WorldElegance: hi there! that is a very nice audio quality you have there! may i know which audio settings you are using on your dgx? i can't seem to get the right settings for good quality... :)

1CAR1freak: @kaputasri thanks! i don't use the pedal set for my 640. i got a loose pedal from roland wich is good enough for me. the pedal set is twice as expensive as a good, loose pedal, but i think will add something, so you could consider buying it

Muscle Bird: i got this keyboard a couple of months now, i dont like the sound. i payd so much for a "good" keyboard and it doesnt even sound like a real piano. with headphones it sounds even more worse,

1CAR1freak: @u2bdancer hes a still living componer, im doing more songs of him right now (like Birdsong, ill upload a vid of it in about a week or so) They re all pretty recent and i really like them. those 4 songs are part of the 4 seasons partitures

1CAR1freak: @hitman4777 a newer version of something is (almost) always better than the old one. the 640 is an evolution of the 630, so it has a bunch of (small) improvements, like less noisy keys, more instruments, dsp etc. just like all keyboards and E.P.'s the 640 got smooth plastic keytops. but it isnt worth bothering. the keys of the 640 feel even better than the keys of the yamaha piano i play on when i have music lesson.

Mat397: @1CAR1freak yes the sound is wonderful, do you like the hammered keys so far?

kaputasri: Do you have the three pedal set that for the dgx you think its worth buying the three pedal the way great playing.

mc269107: if anyone wants to see the dgx in action while playing a song to a backing midi drumtrack, check out my piano cover here. Its MUSE, Map of the problematique, this is a good keyboard

1CAR1freak: @MrLifeWish like i said before, onboard speakers are rubbish. especially compared to the sound quality of headphones or amplifier and propper speakers. when doing this the sound quality will be the same as in this video, or even better due to not having to use free recording programms.

1CAR1freak: @thatBeaukid thank you!! well, of course i don't know how the p95 feels, so you'd better reed reviews of both the keyboards / EP's. the p-95 is more a bassic EP, while the dgx-640 is a combination of keyboard and EP, which makes it perfect for people like me, who can't deside and don't have unlimited budget. The ACMP function is just fine, it works like all yamaha keyboards, with full chords or even with one finger. there are plenty of styles (background songs), but i hardly use that function.

Adelber Dimaunahan: but it would be awesome if the 640 retains the look of the 630/620 instead of just the side plates don't you think?, AND with the WALNUT accent! tho i think the 640 looks more professional and serious in a manner than the "keyboard-DP hybrid"-look of the 620/630, which to some, looked more like a toy. (does that mean i'm a kid for liking the 630? :) but anyway what i'm REALLY after in the dgx series is the best grand piano feel of the keys and the sound, and based on your review 640 wins!

MrLifeWish: how is the weighting of the DGX-640? Does it come close to a real Piano?

sethland: Finally bought this awesome Yamaha DGX-640C a few minutes ago and I'm excited. It says it should arrive between Oct. 5-7. Can't wait.............I'm finally going to learn how to play piano.

1CAR1freak: @sethland the dgx 640 is good value for money, and its suitable not only for beginners, but for advanced players as well. many features, options, instruments etc. you'll need to put time and effort in learning how to play piano, but if you got the patience and the drive to keep practicing, and if you like to have many options and some sorth of piano feel in the keys, the 640 might be something for you.

accidentalkill: nice dynamic control :P

Adelber Dimaunahan: BTW, is it true that the legendary/discontinued dgx-620 had a different BUT better sound sampling than the 640? coz that doesn't make sense since the 640 is supposedly an improvement of the 620 and 630. i'm talking about the main grand piano sound. i read a review claiming that on some forum. i hope they're just in denial. or am i? lol. thanks again for sharing your opinions re the 640. i absolutely love mine. is yours still okay? it's already been 2 years ithink. any stuck keys/issues so far?

November - Wolfgang Fuchs - Yamaha DGX 640 4.9 out of 5

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