How To Refill Your Blu Cig Electronic Cigarette For Pennies

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Alain Angelos: thanks!

Eddie Mitchell: i just ordered by mail a south beach e-cig kit based on your statement that it will work with my Blu e-cig cartridge because the blu batterey is crap . i hope you are right

Ephesus RH: I prefer the vapes similar to analogs, smaller and way more familiar to them.

Katy Manzanares: hi mine does not have the one hole in the cap mine has 6 holes

Carrigon: Thank you! This works with Blu Plus tanks. Took me a few tries to get it right, but it works. The Plus tank's multi hole top comes off easily with a pin or paperclip. You just have to hold it right or the cap will fly across the room like a champagne cork. Just stab it in a hole near the edge with a sturdy pin. I used a new peach tank that had dried up on me.

Popped the top off. Took out the round cotton like wick (that is a wick). I washed it and let it dry for a bunch of hours. Washed the tank out and let that dry a few hours. There is a very small reservoir around the air hole. Dripped alittle ejuice in there and on the sides of the tank. Put the round wick in, dripped ejuice on it, let it soak in. Dripped alittle more on the wick, let it soak again. Put alittle more on top. Popped the cap back on. Rolled it a bit, blew into the bottom a few times to get any excess ejuice out of the air hole. Used tissues to wipe away any excess ejuice. There will always be a bit that will still come through the cap, but no more than what comes through them anyway. And it worked fine. I sat there vaping it and got a good amount of vaping from it. I actually tried to count the puffs, I lost count after fifty, but so far, I'd say I got over a hundred puffs and it's still going. I used a 20 PG/80VG ejuice. I used Mt Baker's Vanilla Butternut so the flavor would blend with any peach that might have still been in the tank. No problems. I doubt the inner coil will last for alot of refills, but it definitely works on Blu Plus tanks.

Julia Carlson: Thank you!! I actually went from using a mod box to a blu because it's smaller and easier to store when traveling. I have a 100ml bottle of ejuice that I thought was unusable but I did this and it was compatible! Whoo hoo! Plus, I can only find 2.4% blu carts in stores and I'm down to .3%

TunedCavityLasers: my neighbor just gave me a blu + kit and I must say that the "tobacco" flavor is horrendous! I wonder how many people this has turned off of quitting analogues? Out of the box new and the vappe tastes like baby powder!!??

Folks if you are trying to quit, get yourself a good tobac flavor such as 'cigar' and a proper vape stick or mod. These products are a complete waste of money. I quit smoking over 2 years ago with vaping after 25 years of cooking my lungs with 30 ciggs a day.

Roscoe Smith: Thanks for this video. I am currently buying the blu cartridges 3 pack for $15 bucks that last me about 5 days, have to quit that because it is hurting my pockets. I am going to try this for sure. Just wish I would have saved all of my cartridges before throwing them away. Aww well, you live and you learn, lol.

Fanatexeyahur: You're better off buying a Kanger Evod or Innokin iClear for $20 or under instead of wasting juice on your used blu cartridges. I used blu's for a week or so, and then discovered the legit vapes and i'll never go back to using Blu's. i'm a huge fan of Kanger products, I've yet to buy a single thing from them that didn't perform at top notch. You can pick up a Kanger blister kick for $15 if you're skeptical and just wanna try it out. I guarantee you won't regret it. But even if you are a Blu user that's still a major step up from smoking cigarettes, props to anyone who's switched from analogs to vaping! It's so much better it's insane!

StarfireSenpai Catastrophe: great video! but I recomd just upgrading to a nice kanger tank and battery you can charge with a standard micro? USB. :) it's simolier to fill. you van use cotton . modifying isn't hard. and you just have to worry about juice and cotton. great altertive. but this was a very good idea. :)

juneausucks: Mine are all metal on the inside

juneausucks: The new tanks for them are different.

Damon Packard: the South Beach Smoke website still sells starter kits, is this the same battery that you were mentioning that fits the blu? You're right the blu cig batteries are TERRIBLE, they hardly hold much of a charge and they barely last a week before dying completely. Thanks for the info, these damn things are so overpriced.

Tom Boshans: I don't like asking for anything, but I really believe that this wickless tank that I am making will be a game changer. I have the designs, I have done testing to make sure it works, I just need to get into the final stages and make it happen. If any of you could spread the word, I thank you. Any donation amount will receive a completed and finished tank when it is done, no matter how much you donate.

Watchman: I love you guys!!! Literally!!!! I'm a Respiratory Therapist. I became one because I was looking for a more secure job. When you guy's abuse your body I get more and more work and make more and more money!!!
Please keep putting out more videos like this and spreading the word.

benattack: yeah. nicotine. don't get it on your hands. safer to inhale. LOL

Patricia Waldun: Thank you for this info and your website!

Omega Princess: Thank you now that is a life hack 😀

Jamie Willman: Bruh think he is a stoner

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How to refill your Blu Cig Electronic Cigarette for pennies 5 out of 5

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