Sewing Machine Demo I Pam Cortese

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BestGuideable: Uh atleast understood some of the concepts of sewing machine. Thanks for the video you have helped many noobs.

LocalProfitGeyser: Very good video about sewing machines and selecting the right sewing machine for you. Thanks for posting.

luvmylobo: great information and presented in a pleasant manner. thanks for the tips and nowi understand so much more about serging. cant wait to get started. Thanks,

Dave Chapelle: I have a singer simple, I recently got it, and I went to make sure it was clean from lint, but the only thing I can take off if the bottom pannel. how would I take the rest of the machine apart? I have already taken the bobbin case out and cleaned all in there, and the light case out, cleaned all in there, but there is lint inside the machine and I can not get to it without opening the machine. help please.

Premi Louis: awesome

Garrett Mcfadden: o,m.G i need help lol iam learning

GreenAllSelections: good video for learning sewing machine

The DIY Effect: Thank you. Enjoyed it, and going to put your video on my website

cora kiceniuk: Ah I was watching and interested till you got to the Elna. I had a different brand but the same bobbin loading mechanism. I craft sew and that bobbin cosigning popped out and wrecked the machine. Good thing it was on warranty. I am looking for a new machine as I have a 38 year old Dial n Sew. It's a beast that has never quit. I am not sure what I am looking for.


LadyonKeys: I just got a White model 1418, and I've forgotten how to thread this machine. It's been awhile, Help me please!

Aka4512: @10bratzfan these machines can do almost anything. machines i would recommend the elna she has shown or the babylock crafter choice. they are a bit expensive but it's spending that much for a quality machine or get a nice brother sewing machine. (hope it's not too late)

Janice Axt: All of hers are excellent descriptions and good detail. Wish there were more, because she is a great on-going resource. Perhaps, going on with even more specific uses if the various sewing machines and up-dating as new Baby Lock/Elna machines come out. JanHelene

Kir Pope: Thank you! That was helpful : )

rockinbillyboy: Can you help me?...or anyone for that matter! I have aquired an old Husqvarna Viking 3240 (old, but good) The problem i have is, when i plug the machine in, after about 10 seconds it starts to run on it's own!! slowly at first, and then to full speed!! I have checked the foot switch and it seems to be ok. Any suggestions? Thank you.

MrLittleCub: This was really a great video. Too bad I live in Finland so I can't go and talk to this lovely lady. She seems so nice!

Linda P: Thanks for the video.

Celticswynd: Yeah, i thought people stopped making the drop bobbin. I loved my old Singer Redeye just because of the drop bobbin. I hate messing with the case bobbins. (still got the Redeye and it still runs but I think I need to oil it sometime since it sat idle for a while)

Maureen Hutchinson: neat. i have a 10 yr old machine. and i never knew about the needle threaders, or the auto bobbin stuff or the needle down (still can't figure out how that works!)

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Sewing Machine Demo I Pam Cortese 5 out of 5

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Sewing Machine Demo I  Pam Cortese
Sewing Machine Demo I Pam Cortese
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