Mossberg 715T 22 Cleaning

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Definite E.Y: I thought that second song was Katy Perry's hot n cold

Bluepony08 Gaming: I just cleaned mine and what a pain in the ass. I'm glad I didn't pay retail price for this rifle. Thank you for the video. It helped guide me through the reassemble.

NeverEnuffGames: Thanks for the vid, it convinced me Not to buy this for my son, will be getting m&p 22

James Hernandez: I just picked mine up do you recommend I clean before firing?

Thomas Avila: WD40 is a water displacer (WD), its very good to use to get water out of all of the smaller areas but you should always use good gun oil after WD40. Just to clarify, WD40 should only be used supplementally. Good luck lilatino.

Thomas Avila: You never stick your cleaning tools in that end of the barrel, go from the chamber or you'll wreck the crown on of the barrel.

lilatino323: Wd40???

lilatino323: Can I put dw40 inside or no??

Watch Ryder: watch?v=yGnhCqTy2J0 & watch?v=QzcBe-8cIK4

copland1389: If anyone could point me to a guide for reassembling the trigger assembly I would really appreciate it......

Eduardo Reyes: IDIOT

eschnitger: I just purchased one of these, Thank you for posting these videos. The manual leaves a lot to the imagination.

Watch Ryder: Mine is the same on the safety, it only works when the weapon is roostered.

T Mills: thanks for the help also when i bought the gun my trigger saftey only works when the gun i roostered not sure if u know anything about it but any help would be great i will say that the little piece that u use to slide the pin back is different then urs so im not sure if mines a different modle then urs mine has the carry handle as well

Watch Ryder: Factory-state gunk? Or accumulated dirt? Soak it in gasoline then re-oil. It's not critical though, as long as it's lub'd

T Mills: my springs have gunk on them should i clean them at reoil them?

Syconess: Would it be possible for you to do a breakdown video?

MR-FLIP: ya im gonna have to imma add this video to my fav"s to help me thanks man

Watch Ryder: No alas. Just get that allen key and screwdriver out man!

MR-FLIP: over 3000 rds through it easy is there a way to clean it with out taking it apart

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Mossberg 715T 22 Cleaning 5 out of 5

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