Windows Phone 8 Vs. Android 4.1

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Professor Farnsworth: What news?
Why, the news that you’re dead.

GAME NET: Rosuard

Jon Erickson Chan: windows looks cleaner and less complicated. :D

bakry mahgob: :-)

ProMasonGuy Gaming: android is 100% better

SuperK677: few apps , wait windows phone has apps???

Jong-Jong Slownely: I've been through Android, but currently using Windows. If you "want" to do lots of stuffs, then go with Android, but if you just "need" to do stuffs, then go with Windows.

YONG VINCENT: 1.WP8系统手机通常配置不高但运行很流畅,而安卓系统发展到现在更多拼的是硬件系统,手机运行一段时间就会出现卡顿等现象,很影响使用。

1.WP8 phones usually configuration is not high but running smoothly, but Ann Zhuo system development to now more spell is hardware system, phone to run for a period of time will appear Caton phenomenon, affect the use.
2.WP8 mobile phone system since the source code is not open, on the market for the development of the system software and games less; and Android as an open source system, various applications are very rich.
3.WP8 system interface at a glance, it is very simple; and Android mobile phone interface to do a very fancy.
4 if you have a higher pursuit of mobile applications should choose Android system, if the pursuit of system fluency is no doubt that the WP8 system should be selected.

suppachai laobundiy: Support Window phone!!! Want to see Android improve.

suppachai laobundiy: As now I get used to my Window phone, I prefer it to samsung Andriod. I have one WP Nokia and Samsung Tablet. Both interface design are different. However WP seems to me more productive, but andriod is more friendly. But WP failure uploading is zero to none compared to regular andriod.

Tiflo 973: this great windows phone

Omesh Abeysekera: ANDROID!!!!

TiTanSKiZlz: 1-android
<3 them all

Æk Ta: R u from greenville delaware by chance??

BMoney Gaming: My opinion... Windows phone is better by far!

Amar Samp: android lags after using it  60 days my phone after using it about 70 days and just playing 1 game is so slow and lags lot of but my bro has the lumia 900 and it is awsome 

edgarbanyxd: Che.. y si me lo traducis?

Bravo Seven: @JimCid says the asshole who can't afford a modern smartphone or any kind of phone

Dyo Kasparov: Why the freak is it called xbox music?
Are they really into their console that they can't stop spamming it everywhere?

Vasil Balev: Android phones are much better don't hate me but windows phone is much better at the design I can't lie but they sucks because you can't make anything to them :) you can make everything with android phone with design and looking and there are so much free apps than windows phone :) I don't hate windows phone i like the block style like a brick android doesn't make it but i liked android because there is most free apps than pay apps and you can't download pirate games on windows phone :)

Windows Phone 8 vs. Android 4.1 5 out of 5

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