Tooth Preparation For All-ceramic Crown

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Dr.manoj rohilla: sir what is da black portion on crown

MsPauzii: Why is it okay to not remove everything that is black on the teeth? It looks sick when it's black... Won't it be worse under the crown later?

Dan Křepelka: may i ask what is the name of the instrument you use from 3:20 ? thank you! 

CFAO CadCam: Do you know the PAG concept for all-ceramic crown preparation ? A french revolution, go check out on my channel ! 

Ruby H: This is so beautiful and unbelievably realistic crown. Amazing job and props to the dentist! 

Николай Алтухов: Super. 

Sigma0283: It's ironic that I'm watching this because I got two temporary molar crowns put in today. Not exactly a fun experience.

Sriwanti: Can someone tell me about the maintenance? thanks

Sensha Abraham: Wow! That's amazing ... 

ampecsu: I have a crown on a front tooth but the back does not go all the way up to my gums. wassup with that. It was done 10 years ago.

KYR Genuis: The first part hurt me a lot and in 2 days i will have a temporary crown

testosterone6: Nice job! But how many time to do the prep?

CalanguteDentalClinic Goa: Preparation of Tooth for All Ceramic crown is as simple as it looks here and pain free. The after results are so much more pleasant as compared to any other type of crown.

Aya H: I love this video from YouTube. Powered by TubeMate

William Bee: Is it safe?

jeck siahaja: @jojo... he or she has a filled tooth with composit on the incisal area. that the point of view from the dentist ( i guessed) should do the crowning..

Ahmad Shakarnah: هو انت لسة شفت حاجة؟

abarahim tvk: I need. Your adrss or phone please

robotsexual: what is the name of the White burn?. thanks

ecobra169: just mess-up a good looking tooth to put in fake

Jen Y: cancel. The person called it the root part of the tooth (the inside part with the pulp is the part he think the dentist may broke). I am still looking for a very experience endodonist to tell me what he may think is causing the problem. This week no matter what I eat I feel sensitivie. The big crown on the front top jaw of my mouth wiggles when I floss.

Hyun-Kyung Shin: like a original...! perfect!

Drizzler H,: wow, very realistic, congratulation for a well done job Dr.

UCD2004: Nice

TheNumbaOneMiss: GREAT JOB!

fieryelf: lol, painting it to look like an old tooth >_<

monomanemusuko: Did you not use the rubberdum?

TheNumbaOneMiss: i got 2 crowns and a filling with my ins. the copay was $740. without ins you're looking at around $ 3000

chabelis de elia: IMPECABLE

emma tate: That looks 1) painful 2) unsafe 3) unhealthy

Cristina Scripnic: did u go fix it?!i need go but im scared

James Chua: lol I laugh at when they painted it with yellow to make it look like the others... XD

NormalPersonn: Looks like a finger nail lol

manyaramataz: Can you eat as normal, they don't fall of or anything do they?

hung tran: thanks!it's great.

peter serna: Maybe I missed it, but did the doctor utilize the cords to retract the gums or not?

Azcecenturkgeo fukarm: very good.

King Dave: Thank god there's no sound on this video!

mrsmac71: Just got told today i may need a crown on a very large filled tooth. Never had a crown to date so wondered what it was. This was very interesting. Dentists really don't get recognised for the job they do.

Ryan Saulus: I watched because I need it done. freak!

Frosty Reads: It doesn't hurt, but the gums will be sore. They put a temporary crown on to protect the tooth while the permanent one is made, so it might be sensitive to cold or heat, but no pain otherwise. :)

MSPAINT DIO: while watchin this, i was listenin to the rocky 4 war theme, lol. this video needs sound.

Joseph McCantry: No pain, but it tastes nasty sometimes.

brunetteangel7: yeahhh, I didn't know what veneers entailed when I got two on either side of my front teeth. They were perfectly good teeth, just slightly small. I can't believe i just watched it because it brought back the horror of the pain and the smell of them grinding my real teeth off. Also, nobody told me that veneers/crowns are a bad idea if your bite is messed up or if you grind your teeth at night :(

prateek kumar: Good job But plz mention the steps and materials used

onebrightlady: Good job!

Marcellius Tiongco: Why am I watching these videos!

BEAU CARRALL: Dam ! I don't think i should be watching this as i am about to get this done in 2hhrs time arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!

BeeNJaMiN915: floss

AlfaHanen1: Thanks, It is intresting how the work,

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Tooth preparation for All-ceramic crown 4.6 out of 5

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