Tooth Preparation For All-ceramic Crown

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Elena Semenova: Why dentist does not use ruberdam?

weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped: I need a back molar crown cause I fractured my tooth in a bike accident I drink only water now and some juice here and there but that's mostly because I became a bit health conscious when I saw what soda does to kids and teens it's been known to cause diabetes cancer liver issues and anxiety and depression actually along with weight gain I swear I lost 5 to 15lbs by just drinking cold tap water that has fluoride in it and is made to keep teeth strong and i hardly ever eat veggies I mostly eat junk food and some fruits here and there

ItsZahra: I am getting a Crown in 10 days!! I’m scared, any advice?

Edit: but it’s gonna be silver

UnicornLover 2536: They did dat 2 me..... wow

Jan Tjaden: I went Thursday and had 3 teeth prepared for crowns. He gave me 3 shots on the top of my mouth and it didn't hurt. After the novacaine wore off my teeth were and are very sensitive, kind of a dull pain. It will be two weeks before the permanent ones are ready.

Swag Adventure: ima like my comment since no one else will πŸ˜₯

KounterMaze: Why are crowns nessisary tho?

Swag Adventure: guys if u have a temporary feeling like me u dont know whats about to happen WARNING DANGER

BLANK: So that dude did this to my teeth, 4 of them. All went well until my gag reflex kicked in.

Emily Rivera: I'm going to get on I'm scared!!!

Jayson Moriarty: its actuallly crazy how it looks exactly like a tooth like you were born with it

Razan: i want mine in gold

Ratus: Ok so I still have a chance to have a good smile. I came from a poor family, rotted my teeth when I was young. Tried to delay it's decay..but now I am 30 and I fked up when I removed my wisdoms and did not fix my bite for 2 yrs. The dentist told me I grinded them, cavities got into them, and needed caps for most molars. I have no insurance so that's 5k out of my pocket. I did a payment plan of course. better to pay it off monthly than all together.

KevinGaming: Did the dentist use a shot?

Fabricio Rodrigues: My mom has to do one today she's scared and she's 40

MobileDecay: Looks like this dude is in agony. Who's holding the camera. I hope it's not the dentist. Lol.

Mikayla AKA Tiny: I got a crown when I was littler but it HURT soon bad the next day it was just throbbing I stayed home all day

Stephan Peters: caries @21 m. there's even a cavity and it's being ignored.... just sayin'

RedChaosify Reviews: Get my root canal finished on Mon! so excited to eat foods again, crunchy foods again. hopefully I get my temp crown in after

Monique Lee: got this done today didn't feel any pain at all I was numb

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Tooth preparation for All-ceramic crown 5 out of 5

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