Problem With Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker

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Leigh Wirth: I like the bare feet myself

부흥익스프레스: i used it and it was a terrible experience with this one.. vibrated the hell out of me.

부흥익스프레스: well its a chinese doodoo.

Ryan Cavender: mine did this today, take the cap off, spray into the carb with carb cleaner very liberally, wait 2 mins for it to dry out and what ever is blocking the carburetor causing it to shrink and it will hopefully unclog the carb. I had blisters trying to get mine too start and then talked to my brother who works at a home depot and told me to try this. It worked the rest of the day with no problems. I think it started because I ran out of gas and something at the bottom of the gas tank was sucked into the carb.

james johnson: carb is full of oil they all did it

james johnson: make a catch can I made one from a nail polish remover bottle from the dollar tree

Steve Silz Carson: Even though it's obvious that your fuel cap is missing, you may be missing the point as to why it's vital for proper engine function. In this powerhead, It does more than keeping the fuel from spilling.

There is a diaphragm pump built into the carb, which uses the fluctuation of intake vacuum to pump the fuel "uphill" to the carb.
That pulsation, plus the rapidly varying pressure in the crankcase (due to the rise and fall of the piston altering the effective volume of the crankcase) is what pumps the fuel from the tank to the carburetor. The bottom line is that you need a properly sealed fuel cap for the engine to run properly.
Ryobi actually had a design flaw in their early models and if check, the new part number is different than the original. BTW, a complete fuel tank assembly with hoses, fuel filter and gas cap can be ordered for about 20 bucks. I retrofitted mine and the improvement in performance was immediate and significant. Good luck.

William Pippin: Also, remember that being a 4 stroke, it doesn't have the snappy acceleration of a two stroke. I only mention so if you are adjusting the hi/lo adjustments, you are targeting that quick response.

markallen484: No one seemed to mention this, but by the muffler is an anti static screen that gets clogged up and causes the trimmer to stall or bog down. Take it out and spray some carburetor cleaner on it and clean it up, and it will run like new again.

OldEngine61: Lol dumbasses ain't no gas cap gonna cause this problem that's a carb problem, and he fixed it

Greg Myers: Ok, thanks for the info

Greg Myers: Just watched it thanks. What part of carb needed adjustment

Greg Myers: Hello, im looking for your video of how you fixed your ryobi s430 weedwhacker, cant find it. Mine is doing the same thing, give it gas , it stalls. I subed btw thanks

Hunter Ton: You need to adjust the carb

Joe Cos: Just a thought, but don't think I am trying to be a smartazz, you have to have a gas cap that's in good shape and seals good. The tank has to be able to hold a small amount of pressure for this motor to operate correctly. Also if you're over 2000' the carburetor needs to be leaned out to run correctly, there is a kit for this or you can adjust the carburetor while running. Brand new these are ALL out of tune. Take your time adjusting the Carb at high and low speeds. I can see why this was in the trash but trust me they run great after tuning.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping: Try to clean the carb.

Cliff C: moron

glenc: I have about 35 years experience working with small engines. My son-in-law purchased one of the $430 X430 Ryobis a couple of years ago and it started doing what all of the ones mentioned in the emails are doing. I went so for as to purchase another carburetor, which was money thrown away. I have never met a challenge like this rascal has caused me. I even found a way to adjust the carburetor, but it makes no difference how you set it. I am retired now, and I may check out some of the things mentioned in the emails below about timing etc. Other wise, the units will make good trot-line wights.

Juan Mancha: I wish mine would start with or without a gas cap, bought mine at home depot 39days earlier and after their bad attitude,they wanted 20 dls. just to look at it. I just wanted to exchange it for another one the same , they said NO! so I called the factory and they gave me a local repair address,just take the proof of purchase......will see ! I will post the results. I was going to say don't buy any kind of tools from kreepot but nowadays there is no where to go for good service.

Problem with Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker 5 out of 5

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Problem with Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker
Problem with Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker
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