Problem With Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker

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mynonsense: Peice of doodoo!!!!!!!!

leader562: you need to adjust the valves before you lock it up

SpeakerPolice: That is unfortunate. I suppose there is a chance the one you bought was old stock, still on the shelf, but still, this isn't promising.

187hoser: Go to the Ryobi website and check for a pdf of the manual. There are instructions in it for carb adjustment and for rocker adjustment. I just bought one and I hope it runs better than this one you found. It also mentions cleaning the spark arrester too when there is a loss of power.

Jonathan Oxlade: 2stroke petrol needs oil while the 4stroke runs on pure petrol

SpeakerPolice: WOW! 10 grand per engine?! Holy crap! xD I got the Pacman tool in today. I'm making an updated video soon; I now need new fuel lines and primer bulb! they deteriorated in the old gas for some reason!

SpeakerPolice: That's possible, even probable.

SpeakerPolice: Do you think if I went to Home Depot right now and purchased the current production X430 head, it would run better than this one? (Not saying I'm giving up on this one; I actually don't even have spare cash!) I just want to know if they've worked the 'kinks' out. :3

SpeakerPolice: I wish I could help you. I'm still stuck myself. xD (now it needs a new primer bulb and I can't seem to find one online)

Arnaldo Maldonado: Check to see if this trimmer uses a plastic timing belt. If it is there you will see that there is not a timing belt tensioner. If this is your case the problem is that the timing changes when you aceletate or desacelerate. This kind on trimmer is a piece of garbage ( sorry for the comment).

tony c: Well then I'll be looking up an authorized repair shop to see what they say. I got my Amazon receipt so hopfully I'll get some service! I sure hope then can help me! Thanks for the infomation TC

arabiantxn: @8191921 It almost sounds like a conspricy but, i think over the last 10 years american manufacturers have resorted to making low quality products that don't last long in the selfish interest of profitability. I have had similar experiences with Chrysler i had purchased within 4 years of purchasing a 33K new car its has become a garage queen. That said i still have full faith in Ford and craftman and their products

RANEYDOG: To tjcarita. Call a ruining service center and they will have you bring it in. Bring your purchase receipt and they will submit it to get you a replacement. I'm waiting on mine but should take about 2 weeks. I will let YouTube know how it goes with a video.

Steve Haller: I just purchased (July 2013) a RY34446 (S430 I believe it is according to the manual front cover) although S430 is not marked on it. Seeing the concerns about the S430 and plastic camshaft, I contacted Ryobi support and they assured me (in writing) that the S430 models have a metal camshaft. I have not inspected it close enough to confirm, and I suppose I would need to pull a head cover to do this, but based on my s/n and unit MFG date of 03-15-13, they confirmed that it has a metal cam.

SpeakerPolice: Sad, but believable. I wonder if they'd get penalized by the EPA otherwise. I went ahead and ordered the Pacman tool last night--still having trouble locating that blasted primer bulb! I'm beginning to think it might be right under my nose--nobody supplies compatible model numbers!

shadowman944: Remove housing then take off valve cover it's. 1 screw and look at the camshaft what do you see and let me know at

Steven Farago: My Ryobi exhibited the same problem: I opened the head and the camshaft -that was made of cheap plastic- totally disintegrated and did not lift one valve. Cheap junka nd poor workmanship. No easy fix or replacement, but total loss.

SpeakerPolice: Which did you buy, C/S430, or the X430? If you have the X model, it should be fine. I'd return the other two models.

Stanford Douglas: It's a pressurized system! Won';t run that way. Plus the carb is set for emissions not best running. A Pac Man tool (Ebay) is needed to adjust the high and low speed settings. Or you can use a Dremel tool to cut a slot in the 2 needles. You also cut through the carb housing around the 2 needles to do this.

FiveCentsPlease: Google seems to show some places to purchase the pacman screwdriver as well as the other shapes. There are also a few YouTube videos for rebuilding the carbs and these are a good reference.

SpeakerPolice: Thank you very much! I will hopefully have this engine running again at some point.

Derek Figueira: Glad you found one! I checked both of mine, neither of them have an air filter. Also note that near the oil filler cap, the instructions say to use 20W50 instead of 10W30!

Stanford Douglas: Once you have that set both the H an L needles at 1 1/2 turns out. Set the low needle, closest to the engine (look closely they are marked on the carb housing). Set the L by turning it in clock wise until the engine speeds up, then back off a1/4 turn. Note the position. Now turn it out counter clock wise until it slows way down. Turn it in a 1/4 turn. Note the position and split the difference. Now go to full throttle and turn the H needle clock wise until it speeds way up.

addii578: bro turn ur idle screw down its idling a bit high and invest in a gas cap that could be dangerous unles u were just running for a quick vid if u need any help on how to adjust anything feel free to send me a message or throw me a comment i can help out alot with small engines

SpeakerPolice: I am beginning to believe this is true...xD

SpeakerPolice: Looks like I will be forced to purchase a new X430. My father threw out the one I spent so much time on. >_<

speed10641: This is what you do go back to homedepot and get a replacement primer bulb kit it comes with new fuel lines and filter and primer bulb put them on and use non eth fuel mine runs like a scaled dog

01Commenter10: The C430 and S430 models all have a plastic camshaft… the exhaust lobe will get damaged and cause major problems… The X430 is the newest model with a metal camshaft and i have had it for over 18 months problem free..!!


SpeakerPolice: Everyone tells me that. xD I found it without one; it has one now, but now the primer bulb is shot. >_<

1oldarmyguy: I have the same model. And after 3 years of service it started to act up. Carb adjustment and added some sea foam gas additive, works great.

chett1983: You would think such an inexpensive component, that you would surely sell to the consumer many times throughout the duration of the product would actually be profitable

SpeakerPolice: You might be right!

Mykdee: Mine runs exactly like's a shame, cuz I like it other than not running...

1spaman: Carb needs adjustment.

SpeakerPolice: So, Home Depot actually sells a kit containing everything I need? That would be great!

Sean Leach: I too have experienced the same problem, but I've been able to 'tease' the throttle a bit to get through the stall. Non the less, it does stall often on a cold start. Another problem I've encountered is the priming bulb rotted away. I was able to replace it at HD though. All in all its been a decent machine. I wouldn't recommend it for landscape maintainers using it daily. It's not up to that quality. It's an affordable tool for home use with the benefits of being 4 stroke, and attachments.

bretts1stuff: hay i have the same one did the same thing i ript it apart the eqevlent to a car crank shaft is plastik and it was wore in flat im still trying to find it pless let me know how it gos

SpeakerPolice: Unfortunately, my father threw away this machine recently, before I was fully able to explore and explain the issues on a video for YouTube. D:

SpeakerPolice: Really?! People are putting these things in model aircraft?! They'd be HUGE in one of those, I'd think! I wanna see that! xD I will look into those part numbers, and see if I can't find the parts I need. Someone mentioned needing a special tool to adjust the pac-man screws on the carb--any idea where I would find such a tool?

Carloe Pereira: Anyone know if they make replacement metal camshaft for the S430?

Stanford Douglas: In the first place the Ryobi S430 pressurizes the tank. That's not going to happen without the cap on the tank. Second the S430 has the high and low needles set to pass emissions testing and is running too lean. In order to set the carb you'll need a "Pac Man" tool. Available on Ebay from $10 to $20. The needles are marked L and H on the carb body.

tony c: I got my Ryobi from May 10, 2010 . Are you saying take it to a service center and they will fix it for free even after having it for 2 years because it has a plastic camshaft?

photochick4u: @SpeakerPolice You are right; fetishes of the feet variety are popular. Just ask Rex Ryan, the coach of the New York Jets who posted videos of his wife's bare feet on youtube (in case you hadn't heard).

Corey Thiessen: @dt63944 I ready your post on a forum about adjusting the carb. do you think you could make a youtube vieo on it?

FoxyWolfProductionz: He has a cap on it now. See the updated video!

SpeakerPolice: It's on the back burner; I haven't the money or time to spend on it at the moment. Also, is it really any of your concern what I wear on my feet? If it bothers you, don't view.

Robert Hammond: Home depot is my favorite place to get "stuff". But it should make them a little concerned to be marketing such trash as this weed eater. It is he worst.

militarytrombone: @dt63944 Why do you have to be such a pickle about the gas cap? Ryobi four-strokes are crap!

dt63944: What a ridiculous video. User probably spent less than one second reading the owner's manual. Doesn't even have the gas cap on. I have an S430 that behaved badly; yes, I read the owner's manual and yes, they are supposed to have a gas cap installed and secured on the gas tank. I purchased a simple tool on eBay that fixed the problem, but it's way over this owner's skill level. Best to get a refund, whatever you buy next will have a problem, too.

Problem with Ryobi S430 Weed Whacker 2.6 out of 5

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