S&W SD9 Trigger Pull

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vettelover2009: striker fired guns are roostered when the slide is pulled and released on a live round in the chamber...they are ready to go from there on...no noises except the bang out of the barrel

vettelover2009: I carry my Glock 23 with a 4# trigger pull...the safety plunger still retains its factory spring so I'm not worried in the least about it going off accidently or the trigger being snagged...I put a 3.5# connector and lightened Wolff striker spring, and got the trigger down to 4# on the nose. Granted it's still a long deliberate Glock trigger...but it's safe. The internals of the SD are so similar, I expect it to be no different

ArmedCivy: Hey I found it on there. I spent my tinkering money already for this month, but it's on the list for next go around. Hey I'm about to finish uploading a vid about the SD, you might check it out if you get a minute.

Bob Solla: try their website again under s&w sd pistols!

ArmedCivy: I watched bry33productions' video and also looked back through Apex's website, but couldn't find where they made that trigger for the SD. It kind of looks like he may have picked up the one for the M&P series and fitted it in the SD he has. No doubt it's a slick trigger though! Thanks for the heads up.

Bob Solla: you need to install the apex aek polymer trigger on your sd like this guy did!i bought a sd40ve and have ordered it for mine and like you already have their spring kit installed.this is his you tube channel:bry33productions.look for the video!

vapor83: My saftey is not having it roostered and no fingers near trigger. By not having it roostered you can let a intruder hear that and hopefully be scared off by then or say gnite

ArmedCivy: well this is an easy answer. I am absolutely comfortable carrying with no external safety with the Apex SD kit. I don't want an external safety! A gun is not going to go off unless improperly handled, or a human finger is purposefully manipulating the trigger. I carry this pistol ALL THE TIME! Good luck to you and enjoy your SD!

cha pi: 5 lbs trigger pull w/ no manual safety...is that safe to carry?i do hve an sd9 n planning to install a new trigger kit from apex...i want to know ur opinion bfor i replace evrything..

ArmedCivy: Thank you!

ArmedCivy: hope you watched my SD9 10 month update vid dude!

Christina Mancuso: very good review of the trigger pull

deke909: You really dont wanna carry a weapon that's having light primer strikes!

ArmedCivy: I'm glad you asked me that! I have discovered a few light primar strikes. I need to reinstall the factory spring and test it to ensure that the spring is the issue. I've been planning an update video, wanted several months of carry before I made it so look for that and I will discuss this very issue. Thanks for the question!

vabch82: Also, have had any problems with light strikes? I ask this because I'm aware that this trigger kit includes a striker spring. Thanks again and take care

vabch82: My father just ordered one of the new SD9VE pistols and I'm thinking he would love this trigger kit!! Good vid dude

koncept007: With the reliability problems that Glock has been having and the price of the Smith, I'm strongly considering the SD9.

CharlyRomeo2009: Awesome contender for G19 I wish someone is going to make a 357Sig barrel for the SD40

Kvjavs: I'd love to buy this gun, but I really do like the short trigger rest on the Sig or Glock :( Know if APEX will be releasing a trigger that will help reduce the reset even more?

ArmedCivy: I am no stranger to derping! If you saw my 'Friendly competition' vid, I just totally lose my mind! Oh well, it happens.

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S&W SD9 trigger pull 5 out of 5

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