Lego Football Stadium

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Joseph Hardina: Holy hamsters!That's AMAZING!!!!!

nfl denver: That's horable

Edward Delacruz: Way awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santos Artiaga Reyes: That is so cool 

Francis Tran: Dude awesome dude and cool and Look likes compikplick park home of 49ers 

Jack Bazzani: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GmantheLegoGuy: Kristian when are you going to post new vids on your channel I'd like to know just post some new vids

brickkid785: 1st

GmantheLegoGuy: Lego vids dude you said you were going to post new vids like three months ago man

Tiffaine436: i thought u ment football as is USA football. but ur in the UK

tammycon1: are you going to make a game in the stadium?

coolbricks63: it is better than10000000000000000000000000000000000

animator8383: that is sick but the actual field is tiny

TheLazyDodos2013: Do minecraft and fifa! They are soooo cool!

GmantheLegoGuy: That would be great if you put up some new videos your really talented kristian know look at my vids

Luca Neuschwander: no!

budder1051: very cool stadium. one thing, explain the kits more, i dont know much about soccer.

rammstein01ful: thats not football its soccer

coolbricks63: omg its awsomer then the 50 bucks

damian tierney: 4.42 lol FAIL

zombie3nergy: But nice stadium

Ollie Elliott: Why is the floodlight facing away at 4:40 EPIC FAIL!

Nashika Anthony: are you baiscd

chacodrum: If you called it a football stadium why is there a soccer ball in the stadium?

RYANmac1011: are u gay

youthintransition69: ok

Dave Bell: Do u like it (Brickid)

GmantheLegoGuy: You posting any vids anymore svenchester

Dave Bell: I'll be putting vids shortly ;) I've got a lot of surprises !

zombie3nergy: That's not football thats soccer

Lazer Kirby 14: Cool stadium How long did it take to make?

111toushiro: ITS REALLY REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Bell: What about FIFA or minecraft ?

Ahmed Mukhtar: looks cool

carson11ful: your southern

Tess Domingos: make the field bigger

Comedy at it best: stop saying nice

KBzUtube: Sorry lads moved on to my new channel KBzUtube

Tanny Wilson: It cool but you should try using a different word than GoBsMaCkEd

Dave Bell: What type of vids ?

liverpool 123: Cool men

youthintransition69: stupid in diffrent cultures poeple call soccer "football" go to school stupid

Jeroen Capel: hahaha fail asshole

EnglandFootballer10: Best Lego Football Stadium I have EVER seen!!!

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Lego Football Stadium 3.6 out of 5

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Lego Football Stadium
Lego Football Stadium
Lego Football Stadium
Lego Football Stadium
lego football stadium
lego football stadium
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