The Flysky FS-GT3C Overview

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Richard Bourque: It says "Digital Proptional" instead of "Digital Proportional" Are these Chinese clones of the original?

Gavmeister: this any good in 2017.?

Tim inman Inman: will this be good for new B5M Lite racing indoor clay ?Is it as fast as like a futaba or spectrum.

PS4 Custom Gamer: Whats the speed/lag? Spektrum is 5ms and aitronics is under 1ms

openacanofwopass: What color should i choose? Heard the orange had power button issues. Is the green or silver the newest "edition"?

T&M Racing: Can i use one flysky gt3c transmitter for two flysky receivers? +HobbyPartz 

qusay alasi: hey ... i have a hsp 91148 pro with gt3b rc ... does the gt3c work on it .. does it have the same receiver   ... and is there any reason not to work on my rc ??
pls answer 

Bruno Silva: I'm thinking of buying a GT3-C, but my concern is the 3.7V 800mAh battery, this battery lasts as long, if you want to use the stand all day?

Jonathan Maciel: How long should i charge the battery for, its going to be the first charge for the batrery. @HobbyPartz

BIGGBULLxxx: How come most tracks will not let you race with a fly sky radio?

cashcow1981: Most track's will not let you race with fly-sky radio . Just F.Y.I

HobbyPartz: On a fully charged battery we left it on for about 10 hours and it still had some power left before the battery warning came on.

BIGGBULLxxx: How long does the battery last in this gt3c radio. Thanks

HobbyPartz: This radio has 10 model memory, No you cannot adjust throttle curve on the radio.

Maycon Pixioline: Hello! This radio stores up to how many cars? He has to adjust throttle curve?? Thank you.

MrHolesinmypants: They FIXED the issue on the green and silver models ;)

MrHolesinmypants: Is the trigger in the 50/50 position, or 70/30?

Syht 2: the aarma radios can be changed for left handed and there 30 bucks


MrHolesinmypants: Not the green one! :)

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The Flysky FS-GT3C Overview 5 out of 5

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