Rocktron VooDu Valve Demo

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MedmanMr: Is mosvalve good for voodu?

Reece113: Drake?

pdautg: this voodu unit, or older rocktron pro gap?, or the digitech gsp-2101, or something else for playing straight into a mixer (to mix with hip hop and electrofunk)? that's what i wanna do, and i'm researching. chime in ya all for your vote (and yeah, i have tried line6 stuff, and boss floor units, but i just don't know about those...something was lacking to my ears). what say you?

MrSandydillon: Your pretty good Love to have your fingers

raed666n: Whats up man,,,how do you download patches to the voodu,,obviously it doesnt have usb connection,,,how do you connect it to a PC?? and how would you recommend i hook up the voodu to a tube amp head?? Thanks

Flauta19: I ´ve got an Roland GP 100, but perhaps I´ll change it for this one... or add it What do you think? Nice video. Thanx

MesaMXR: What's wrong with the preamp in your boss? Do you not like the sound of it? Is the boss your pedal board, or do you have a pedal board with a bunch of stomp boxes?

MesaMXR: @ElijahEverhart28Nvbr The delay feature allows you to set a high frequency roll-off for the delayed signal which was probably put in there to mimic analog delay yeah...kinda.

MrHatefulgod: 3:00 Love It!! great sound!

MesaMXR: @korkkis It's a power conditioner. In case you're not familar, its pretty much a power strip for your rack case so you can leave your cables hooked up and so you can power all your devices with one plug.

xcody0622: Nice... Tool ;3

shredfreak83: One of the better vids. It's a shame all the stock presets blow hard. User friendliness definatly wasn't in mind when they designed this thing though, can't have it all i guess lol

MesaMXR: @pierrelaforge I adore the VV's clean sound (maybe I'm easily impressed), but I do agree with you on the distorted tones I'm actually trying to get rid of the thing for a DigiTech GSP1101 since all I do is play direct.

MesaMXR: Damn right. I like the Katatonia cover in your avatar. I'm going to see them next month with Opeth! :-D

ChristianLudwig: Im thinking of running a Voodu Valve into a Rocktron Velocity 300 and then into two 2X12 EVH Cabs stereo from the Voodu Valve between my two EVH 5150s. I like your demo. It is helpful. I am thinking should I just run a line from the Preamp out from the back of the 5150 or should I get a Voodu Valve or should I get a TC Fireworx or G-Force.. Im thinking the Voodu Valve should do the trick.

awesomejohnnet: Thank you once again for a very imformative demo. Yes the sound is better on this video. Finally a video where we can hear this unit clearly to evaluate it. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with your fellow guitarsits. Your playing sounds very good by the way keep at it your cause going to be a very good player. Keep up the good work youngblood.

HardVader: TOOL!! yeeeeeeaaaahhh!!

BlackEpidemic: I have been looking at this pre amp but how do you set the high, mid and bass? Also could you use the midimate as a channel selector? Like 1 is clean 2 is rhythm 3 is lead and so on? Could you make a video on this?

Sam DeLong: what company is that "Generic British Cab"

MesaMXR: You'd probably want to get an effects-only unit like an Intellifex, Replifex, Multivalve or Xpression instead since the VV can't have it's preamp eq bypassed. You can find the other units super cheap used, anyway.

Ana Beatriz Valle: Peeeeeeeerfect

MesaMXR: @dougjwhalen You can get a lot of different sounds out of this thing. If you know what you're doing with the EQ's you could probably get a Mark-esque tone. I've never played a Mark before, but you can get a tight bass response like a Mark by rolling down some of the bass in the pre-EQ. They have one on eBay right now, actually.

linoleum007: hey man, nice crunch. sounds a lot like my own. :) i use the voodu as well, but right now i'm not sure if i should keep it or sell it. cause i'm not sure if my distortion makes it's way through the mix onstage like it should. can you please give me the settings on your crunch sound? maybe it will help me figure out a new way to dial my tone. thanks

OFairlane: Very cool demo. As a Voodu Valve owner for about 10 years, I play in a corporate dance band and use mine with a Boogie TwoNinety power amp into 2 4x12 Marshall's with Vintage 30's and can't live without it. Not the absolute best tone I've heard, but combined with a tube power amp you should be able to dial in any tone you need in a quick pro setting. I've played everything from Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Motorhead with my touring rig.

ChristianLudwig: the 5150s have a (Preamp out) on the back so I could just run a line from there but the voodu valve does do so much more for just a preamp line so I was just going to get that lined up. For effects I was going to use what it does and I do want to get a TC G-Force or FireworX to run stereo with it. I like the delays your showing here too with the Voodu Valve.

pierrelaforge: The VOODU is wonderful for soloing with a big delay behind (high quality delay) & a fat compression. But... it shows its limits on crunches & clean sounds. Sounds are to cold.

Anti Law: $223 total is a STEAL at GC. I see there is an Identical Voodu Valve on Ebay right now for $400. Mine is like new but missing one knob that I can replace with original from Rocktron corp. I think many of the Ebay stuff is a rip off" when you can search GC or Music go round and buy direct for much less without the hassle of bids too.Pirahna"s on Ebay for $600+ now?..I got mine from GC Mint" for $400 shipped!...Cha Cha...

MesaMXR: I still use this thing for recording cleans direct on occasion, but other that that I mainly just use amp simulator VST plugins on my computer. Right now I'm using TSE 808 (tube screamer clone) into Lecto (free dual rectifier sim) into Recabinet 3 using Mesa Recto cabs with Audix i5 mics for tone. Occasionally I'll play through my buddy's Dual Rectifier at his practice space. I'm debating selling some organs for an Axe-FX.

MesaMXR: @Gavinsomethin2112 Damn right.

Lan2Wave: Nice job thank you!

pierrelaforge: I listened all my tracks with the Rocktron Voodu Valve:; very good for big lead sounds, with delay & verb, but too much compression from my point of view for nice distorsed rythmics.

Anti Law: ok so i got my 3rd voodu valve. the new version is definately superior than the american 18 bit version.and of course am playing through an actual all tube power amp.(HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!)these things DO have excellent TONE! and are for professional use".you can definately get the "Cleanest of cleans, or the downright Nastiest Smoulder you can ever imagine! It does take some time to figure how "True" tone is built and then expressed" from the poweramp to speakers.I vertually copied my 800.continu.

MesaMXR: Thanks. I just got a Mesa 1x12 Recto cab to replace the 4x12 since I'm in a dorm room right now. Im trying to get rid of the MosValve since it sounds too Marshall-y when used with the Mesa. I'm probably gonna get a Rocktron Velocity 300 soon. Damn, I love Rocktron :-D

unarmed1618: @brandon9271 Nope

Luke Rhodig: Dang, I'm gonna go see them next month in Tulsa!

MesaMXR: @MrSandydillon Nothing I do is even remotely hard. Go play along with some Deftones, Tool and Chevelle and you'll basically sound like me. Not that it's anything to strive for... :-p

Shomz: Lovely chorus sound! Damn, now I have to go and tweak mine! :) Keep it up, dude!

Guitarburt: Thank you for this demo. I have the Rocktron Chameleon which is the previous unit to this. I have since bought other guitar multi effects and have always found the Rocktron to beat them all in terms of CLARITY. You covered a lot of sounds and showed what the unit can do and do well. Thank you for also showing the MIDI implementation - another big factor in the Rocktron world. Nice work!

MesaMXR: @Lan2Wave No prob. Now go watch the follow-up I just uploaded! ;-)

MesaMXR: @minpinful Believe me, I'm working on it. To me, the MosValve only sounds good at really loud volumes, something I can't do in the dorm room I'm in with my 1x12 Mesa Recto cab. When I buy a Velocity 300 I'll make another video.

MesaMXR: Well you could use a Voodu in the return but the main issue is that you can't disable the preamp, unless of course you were planning on just using a 5150 as a power amp. If you wanted a unit just for effects you could track down an old Rocktron intellifex or replifex for dirt cheap. Or the other units you were talking about....

MesaMXR: @TheSoyuken I can't do high levels with the poweramp right now. I'm in a college dorm room with a 1x12 mesa cab and I can't crank it up that much. The MosValve colors my sound too darn much, so I'm gonna get rid of it one of these days

GIUSEPPE METALLIC: i am checkin for checkin a good pre amp model.... to connect trough my boss, i like my pedalboard.... but i don t know....which type of pre amp i can find

ChristianLudwig: Gnaw...the EVH Heads rule in many ways for what Im doing. But the ability to cascade a head with that Pre-Amp out in the back for running into another amp is what Im talking but. But Im thinking of using a Voodu Valve instead because i ttoo sounds really decent and it also has effects. But along with all this I want to run a TC G-force or a FireworX for just strictly effects. For digital delays I really liek the TC D2 digital delay. Your video here sounds very good! Good pre amp!

MesaMXR: @dewycatt2112 You could always buy mine...

TangeClown: awesome! thank you, about time someone responded to me about it lol

Clarckqui Qui: could show more heavy distortion in another video?

MesaMXR: @BlackEpidemic You set the high, mids and bass by using "function select" to select the patch EQ settings. Then you use the "parameter select" knob to select what you want to adjust. "Parameter adjust" tweaks the specific values. You can find this all on the manual on Rockton's website. You can configure the Midi Mate to do all that kind of stuff. It really just depends on where you put the patches in the VV itself. There aren't any "channels", only patches. You can put the patches wherever.

doug whalen: hey dude I have a mesa that I've been using for years it's a mark series and I've heard this is close to that tone... was wondering what your thoughts were on this. I'm in need of another amp to tour with because I'd like to preserve my mesa

brandon9271: you ever sell this unit?

Rocktron VooDu Valve Demo 4.7 out of 5

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