Rocktron VooDu Valve Demo

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My Native Spell: I'm using a Mosvalve 962 also. Great power amp!

sboriandolo: the rocktron chorus LET ME CUM !!!!

James Price: Mosvalves are REALLY a good sound, don`t let the mosfets give u a bad taste! I`d use one in a heartbeat!

Принц Принц: продам такой преамп, москва 8 9263968671

einsteindrieu: You sound good ! Thank you !

MedmanMr: Is mosvalve good for voodu?

Reece113: Drake?

MesaMXR: No, Midi Mate.

Mario Makary: are you usig a midi raider??? 

TangeClown: awesome! thank you, about time someone responded to me about it lol

MesaMXR: You'd probably want to get an effects-only unit like an Intellifex, Replifex, Multivalve or Xpression instead since the VV can't have it's preamp eq bypassed. You can find the other units super cheap used, anyway.

TangeClown: would the voodu be good if i just want to use my B52 AT100 half stack, and this for some effects and fine touches on tone? id like to keep the head and cab and throw in a multi effects unit like this

Ana Beatriz Valle: Peeeeeeeerfect

MesaMXR: Good boy.

Luke Rhodig: Dang, I'm gonna go see them next month in Tulsa!

MesaMXR: Damn right. I like the Katatonia cover in your avatar. I'm going to see them next month with Opeth! :-D

Hard Vatore: TOOL!! yeeeeeeaaaahhh!!

Anti Law: side by side. i programed the VV to match the distortion-eq-punch-variac-compression-etc..even the reactance gives it the correct "Bounce" when plucking the strings....I will post a vid soon(in my brothers basement) to show this comparo, and also what this "Beast" can "Really" do!.some 70"-80"s riffing and hot licks to Boot! Very Awesome Preamp!

Anti Law: ok so i got my 3rd voodu valve. the new version is definately superior than the american 18 bit version.and of course am playing through an actual all tube power amp.(HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!)these things DO have excellent TONE! and are for professional use".you can definately get the "Cleanest of cleans, or the downright Nastiest Smoulder you can ever imagine! It does take some time to figure how "True" tone is built and then expressed" from the poweramp to speakers.I vertually copied my 800.continu.

Clarckqui Qui: could show more heavy distortion in another video?

Rocktron VooDu Valve Demo 5 out of 5

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