20 Gauge Out Of A 12 Gauge Shotgun

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Shelby Cox: freaking stupidity

Essess Nine: This killed someone in an episode of Midsomer Murders and I was skeptical so I had to look it up

jon jon: wild and crazy guys

Gummy Dewitt: Thought it was gonna be a 20ga adapter for 12ga. Was disappointed but the cool video made up for that.

Paul Hibbard: That makes me sick

Preserving The existence: I see your KIA bracelet brother. I still wearing mine too . Since 2003 . OIF1

Kevin Keener: I miss when they did crap like this.

therugburnz: Gun goes BOOM and Straight effing back. I go laff my ass off..

BWANA BWANA: why don't you try filling up the front half of the barrel with concrete allow it to set and then shoot a 3.5. inch magnum buckshot round just to see what happens 😂

Fouling Piece: Just remember folks... This is a sample size of 1 kinda test. Not all shotgun barrels are equal. A thinner walled barrel in a gun with a different forcing cone geometry might split wide open on ya. Always keep an eye on your shells, 20 gauge is yellow for a reason folks.

Henry Stutman: Great love this channle

Dodge Mustang: WHY????? I would have bought that old gun from you...

Laura Scott: try putting a 12 gauge in a 20 gauge

Dantastic: That's a good way to break your arm.

Dawson Horne: And my parents worry about me putting a bottle on the end of a .22 for a suppressor

Rick Wells: Love the channel, are you guys still putting guns you've broken up for sale as once I've moved house I'd love to own signed items from you guys and the channel to complete my man cave, I live in England though

Cat Dakman: ??? I wonder....what if the 20 ga shell was pushed back against the 12 ga shell???    Because the way You guys did it,  PLUG UP THE barrel..... was STUPID !!!

Richard Hudson: had an older friend tell me he had a12ga and when he ran out of ammo he would take his buddies 28 gauge shell, wrap a 12ga hull around it (cut off top and bottom of spent shell and slip over 28ga shell and shoot out of his 12ga

Liberty First: Try a 12 gauge out of a 20 gauge.

Will Cubrich: you should do .243 win out of a .308 win

20 gauge out of a 12 gauge shotgun 5 out of 5

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